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5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

Advantage of cottage cheese casserole

Dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour one of the most useful. It perfectly will suit both the child, and the person with digestion problems. This dish will become irreplaceable in the menu of the person having hepatitis as, in fact, it is very easy dietary dish. Low-calorie cottage cheese casserole is good also for those who adheres to the Kremlin diet.

One name - cottage cheese casserole returns us in the far childhood, this that dish which by all means should be returned to the diet.

Dietary cottage cheese casserole can serve as an independent dish or to be an easy dessert.

Recipes of dietary baked pudding:

All recipes are simple in preparation and don't demand neither special expenses of time and means, nor any culinary skills. Ingredients are simple: cottage cheese, eggs, kefir and raisin. In total! To diversify a dish, some add to it prunes and dried apricots.

Caloric content of cottage cheese casserole is very small - only 90 Kcal on 100g.

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

It is known that dietary cottage cheese casserole plays an important role in development of a children's organism. Cottage cheese is rich with calcium, protein and is one of the best products on the nutritious properties, and the raisin is a well of mineral salts, vitamins and organic acids. Therefore it is the ideal recipe for small kids aged even about one year.

Options of preparation of dietary cottage cheese casserole

Today the set of recipes for preparation of cottage cheese casseroles without flour is used. But the main components usually at all are identical: cottage cheese, eggs. By the way, at preparation of this dish it is possible to add to dough not only fruit which became traditional for cottage cheese casserole, but also vegetables, first of all pumpkin.

For preparation of low-calorie cottage cheese casserole it will be required:

  • 2 eggs,
  • 250 g of cottage cheese,
  • 2 stol.lozhka of low-fat kefir,
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar (or to taste),
  • raisin handful.

Shake up eggs, mix 250 g of cottage cheese with two tablespoons of kefir. Then connect two weights in one and add sugar and raisin there. It is also possible to use apple, prunes or dried apricots.

In the form oiled spread curds and send to an oven for 30-40 minutes. Such baked pudding can very simply be prepared and in a double boiler. Be for this purpose convinced that at a set there is a special pan for rice, baked puddings and other liquid products.

The recipe dietary cottage cheese casserole in the crock-pot

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

It is required to us:

  • The cottage cheese fat-free (3 packs ~ 600 grams)
  • Yogurt white / it is swept away 15%
  • 1 egg
  • Sakharozamenitel / fructose (to taste)
  • Semolina (5 tablespoons)
  • Fruit / berry (to taste)

Properly we knead cottage cheese a fork, or by means of the blender. We add egg, yogurt or sour cream (~ 4 tablespoons), sakharozamenitel / fructose (~ 5 tablespoons), to a decoy (~ 4-6 tablespoons), and carefully we mix. To taste it is possible to add any fruit or berries, however you remember that because of them cottage cheese casserole can turn out thinnish, not dense as fruit and berries give a lot of liquid.

Having kneaded uniform dough, it is necessary to lay out it in a bowl. Cottage cheese dietary casserole in the crock-pot turns out very well on the mode pastries. We oil a crock-pot bowl that baked pudding didn't burn a little, and evenly we spread dough. We close a cover, we include the mode pastries for about 50 minutes, and we leave to go about the own business.

Dietary pumpkin cottage cheese casserole

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

It is required to us:

  • pulp of pumpkin — 300-400 g
  • cottage cheese — 200 g
  • eggs — 3 pieces
  • apple of 1 piece
  • sugar (it is possible without it) — to 0,5 glasses,
  • raisin — a handful,
  • salt — a pinch,
  • bag of vanilla sugar at will.

And zmelchay pumpkin and apple or we rub them on a large grater and we add to them other ingredients. We put sugar to taste, at addition 0,5 glasses baked pudding turns out rather sweet therefore it is important to consider sweet of pumpkin. Everything is well mixed to a uniform state. We spread the turned-out dough in a form (at me with a diameter of 19 cm) and we bake in an oven at 180C about 30 minutes. We allow to cool down a little in an oven and then we spread on a dish.

Cottage cheese casserole with dried apricots and raisin

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

  • Low-fat cottage cheese – 500 g
  • Eggs – 4-5 pieces (depending on the size)
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp (it is possible to use its substitute)
  • Dried fruits or fruit – to taste
  • Soda — a pinch

Beat whites with sugar. Connect yolks to the pounded cottage cheese, the soda pinch which is steamed out by dried fruits or with slices of fruit. Mix curds. Accurately connect cottage cheese and proteins, lay out in the greased form and bake at 190-200 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Dietary cheese and greens cottage cheese casserole

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

  • Cottage cheese – 250 g
  • Eggs – 2 pieces.
  • Kefir – 2 tbsps.
  • Soda – 0.5 tsps.
  • Low-calorie cheese – 100 g
  • Bran – 2 tbsps.
  • Chopped greens

Shake up eggs in a bowl, add to the wiped cottage cheese and well mix. Extinguish soda in kefir, add to curds together with bran, the cheese grated on a small grater and small cut greens. Pour out the received weight in a silicone form. Bake baked pudding at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. At desire, you can add a cheese crust – for this purpose in 5 minutes prior to readiness strew baked pudding with a small amount of grated cheese.

Yogurt cottage cheese casserole, pear and banana

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

As in this recipe sweet fruit is used, sugar can be not added.


  • Low-fat cottage cheese – 250 g
  • Yogurt – 30 ml
  • Egg
  • Banana
  • Pear

Turn banana into mashed potatoes. Connect it to cottage cheese, egg and yogurt. Shake up the blender. Clear a pear of a peel and a core, cut in cubes, put in curds. Shift dough in a silicone form (it needs to be greased slightly) or in a metal form (grease it and strew with crackers). Bake baked pudding in an oven of 40 minutes at 180 degrees or in the microwave oven under a cover (5-6 minutes at 100% of power will be required). At preparation in the microwave oven leave a dish in it for 10-15 minutes.

5 recipes of dietary cottage cheese casserole without flour

Dietary cottage cheese casserole is loved for speed of its preparation and a set of options for experimenting. This dish requires a minimum of products and only half an hour of time that is powerful argument for busy hostesses.

Besides, low-calorie cottage cheese casserole — is dietary, very gentle and tasty product which perfectly will approach as an easy dinner in case there is a strong wish to regale late evening without harm for a figure. If you care of the figure, we recommend a diet magicians cottage cheese option.