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Can massage from cellulitis in house conditions

Pathological changes in structure of a hypodermic and fatty layer of skin are called cellulitis. As a result of developments of stagnation in fatty tissues blood circulation and outflow of a lymph is broken, there is a puffiness. It is shown in the form of noticeable dense hillocks on hips, a stomach, buttocks, and at women with an excess weight on hands and feet.

The name of this phenomenon more habitual and familiar to all – an orange-peel. And its emergence is influenced a little by existence of excess weight or age. The problem with an identical frequency is found both in young thin girls, and in mature ladies.

The reasons of formation of violations can become:

  1. hormonal failures,
  2. low-active lifestyle,
  3. addictions,
  4. improper feeding.

In the started cases because of infringement of the nervous terminations pain arises congestions of knots of fatty cages.

For disposal of cellulitis there is a set of methods which purposes are:

  • blood circulation normalization;
  • activization of a metabolism and cell regeneration;
  • ensuring outflow of excess liquid and slags.

It is considered one of the most effective ways can massage from cellulitis which can easily be carried out in house conditions.

Thanks to vacuum influence deep fabrics are mentioned, consolidations that promotes the accelerated synthesis of proteins and collagenic fibers break.

Pluses and minuses

The main plus of massage by banks is considered that it isn't obligatory to do procedure in salon at all. And it means that many means and time are saved. It isn't necessary to run, hurry, look for a leisure hours in an operating schedule anywhere. And after a session it is possible not to go outside, and it is simple to lie down and have a rest on a favourite soft sofa.

Except the low price of cans, it is also worth noting also other indisputable advantages of massage:

  • improvement blood circulation;
  • removal of liquid and removal of hypostasis;
  • smashing of fatty deposits;
  • stimulation of exchange processes;
  • the toning effect of all organism;
  • elimination of muscular pains and increase in elasticity of muscles;
  • increase of production of the collagen which is responsible for regeneration of cells of skin;
  • pulling up and lifting of covers;
  • strengthening of a lymphatic drainage;
  • clarification from pollution and grease deposits of a time;
  • alignment of hillocks and orange-peel.

The main minuses of procedure – severe pain, risk of emergence of hematomas and a vascular grid.

Independently to make massage by banks on buttocks and other inaccessible sites, it is necessary to make every effort. Therefore with a low pain threshold it is better for people to trust in the expert.

The master surely carries out all movements, besides knows how to reduce unpleasant feelings and probability of side effects. However, procedure of vacuum massage at the cosmetologist will cost a pretty penny. And achievement of results will require not less than 5-10 sessions.

How to choose banks

Banks of various diameter can be ordered on the Internet or to buy in a drugstore.

Producers three look is issued:

  • the rubber;
  • the silicone;
  • the glass.

The first two versions without efforts fasten to skin by pressing. They create strong effect of vacuum therefore perfectly are suitable for a zone of buttocks and outer side of hips.

Rubber material easily absorbs in itself the remains of oil which is difficult for washing up that creates the environment for reproduction of microorganisms. Therefore such banks are considered outdated, but nevertheless didn't disappear from sale yet.

In salons prefer to use silicone banks. They are well cleaned, are safe, differ in low cost.

On hands, closer to a groin it is better for internal area of hips to use glass jars. They are completed with the rubber pear providing dense suction to a body. If such adaptation isn't present, the bank should warm from within the lit match or the alcoholized cotton wool that isn't always convenient.

Advantage of glass that extent of suction is regulated even after an attachment to covers. It will allow to reduce probability of developing of hematomas and bruises. It is easy to wash such banks, they don't absorb oil, but fragile and demand care.

It is possible get the special device for house vacuum massage (for example, Tsellyules). Modern devices are equipped a set of nozzles for various sites of a body. And adjustment of power allows to make procedure by the most comfortable.

Video: Equipment

Basic rules

To minimize unpleasant feelings and not to do much harm to skin, it is important to be prepared for massage carefully.

For this purpose follows:

  1. To warm covers – to take a heat bath of minutes 10–15 or to stand under a hot stream of a shower, having pounded an epithelium a rigid bast or a brush.
  2. To open a time – to use a srub. It is possible to apply as purchased products, and to prepare useful structure independently. For example, from shower gel, sea salt and ground coffee. Or from the crushed oat flakes, honey and olive oil.
  3. Dry to wipe skin and plentifully to oil any cosmetic that banks well slid. Jojoba, wheat germs will approach from grape or peach seeds. It is possible to add to it radio at the rate on 10 ml of 3-4 drops.

Against an orange crust a citrus, a lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, a geranium, a juniper, a cedar help. In a drugstore the special anti-cellulite warming thermoactive oils, for example, with pepper or mustard are on sale.

  1. That bank I didn't slide in a hand, the remains of means need to be removed from palms.
  2. It is desirable to stock up just in case with bruises ointment (geparinovy, Troksevazin) as after procedure there are hematomas, especially at the beginning while skin didn't get used.
  3. In a groin, on a breast, an internal surface of hips, under knees, around heart, kidneys, ovaries, lymph nodes, along a backbone massage by banks isn't done.

Can massage from cellulitis in house conditions You look, popular technology of massage by banks from cellulitis in house conditions.

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Technology of performance of can massage from cellulitis in house conditions

The result can achieve only if correctly to do everything. After all it is necessary to adapt to equipment in the beginning. If it is simple to drive a can on skin, no effect will exist. It is much simpler when the person who will help to make massage is near.

In the beginning the bank needs to squeeze, and then to put to covers and to press down that she properly stuck. Skin has to enter inside banks somewhere on 1,5 cm, no more.

It is important to watch reaction. If the strong pressure and pain is felt, it is better to remove to bank and to attach it anew.

When the site after massage reddened, so influence was sufficient. For the first time experts recommend not to tighten procedure more than for 10 minutes for each problem zone. At emergence of intolerable pain it is better to stop manipulations earlier.

The technology of massage by banks from cellulitis in house conditions means the following operations procedure:

  1. It is necessary to drive a can slowly and carefully.
  2. Standing the movements strictly vertical on massage lines it is obligatory from below up.
  3. On buttocks – circular clockwise and against, then on straight lines from a tailbone to hips.
  4. On a stomach – round a navel strictly on the course of hours, then serially in the parties.
  5. On hips – from a tailbone to sides straight lines, and then zigzag.
  6. On a back – wavy, direct, circular, the eight, from below up. The only thing governed – it is forbidden to affect a backbone.

To remove to bank, it is enough to squeeze of it and to force out air from a cavity. Surplus of oil should be wiped a napkin. After end of a session it is useful to lie or doze, having taken cover a warm blanket, 30–40 minutes.

For strengthening of effect advise to wrap up feet and a stomach food wrap that skin properly propotet, and fabrics left excess water. And for acceleration of process it is possible to drink a cup hot grassy or green to tea. The jar should be washed up and dried up.


Efficiency of procedure is caused by vacuum impact on fabrics. Thanks to strong pressure cages leave the collected moisture. And together with surplus of liquid the toxins, salts and other harmful substances promoting formation of developments of stagnation are removed.

Under pressure blood flows to skin, and fatty cages are split.

Gradually fabrics are updated, hillocks break, and the orange-peel disappears.

Course and duration of procedure

Judging by responses of the girls who tried vacuum massage by banks on themselves the effect is swept up in 2–3 weeks. Nevertheless, everything depends not only on a pathology stage, but also and on correctness of performance of equipment.

To repeat procedure advise every 1-2 day. The recommended duration – 10–25 minutes.

The maximum quantity of sessions – 20. 2–3 times a year for maintenance of lasting effect are desirable to repeat a course.


As well as many contraindications have all cosmetology procedures, can massage.

Treat them:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity of covers;
  • heart diseases;
  • oncology;
  • allergy in the period of an aggravation;
  • sharp infections of skin – fungal, virus or bacterial;
  • dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the urinogenital sphere;
  • the increased body temperature, fever;
  • varicose illness of veins;
  • high pressure;
  • thromboses and thrombophlebitis;
  • close located vessels, capillary grid, asterisks;
  • existence of a pacemaker;
  • tuberculosis;
  • badly prolonged seams after operations in an influence zone;
  • blood pathologies, bad coagulability;
  • large number of birthmarks, nevus and pigmentary spots;
  • open damages of covers – grazes, scratches, wounds;
  • period of periods.

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Opinion of experts

Experts confirm efficiency of vacuum massage against developments of stagnation in fatty tissue and cellulitis.

It is possible to find videos where doctors allow even use instead of special cans usual jars from under baby food in the Internet.

Special attention is paid on individual feelings during procedure. It shouldn't be felt severe pain and discomfort, differently it will lead to developing of bruises, and also can do harm to close located vessels. For the same reason it is impossible to do the sharp movements or strongly to press on skin.

Experts don't advise too to warm and steam out an epithelium before procedure.

And also to use aggressive oils with pepper or mustard. It many times increases risk of emergence of a vascular setochka. First of all these rules concerns people with close located capillaries.

Preliminary manual massage will help to be saved from bruises. It is strictly forbidden to mention a zone of inside of feet and area of a groin. There skin very thin and gentle, and under it settles down a neurovascular bunch therefore there is a high probability of injuries.

Though procedure is also very effective, but to think that massage by banks – panacea from cellulitis not correctly. Vacuum influence will help to restore blood supply of pathological sites of skin, to clean developments of stagnation, to remove toxins and excess water.

But for maintenance of result it is important to play sports, properly to eat, get rid of addictions – alcohol and smoking, periodically to carry out manual massage, to take a contrast shower, to do srubs. Only on condition of conducting fights on all fronts it to turn out to win a victory and to simulate ideal outlines of a figure.

Photo: Before and after