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Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

Hi, girlfriends! Literally this Sunday I saw in a ban of young ladies who did themselves can massage from cellulitis, but did it absolutely incorrectly, and here therefore now I will tell one thing thanks to which this massage really works.

Let's consider, this procedure from the different parties, we will try to manage by own efforts and we learn how to make it in house conditions.

Advantage of vacuum massage

This method is available to each person. Since ancient Rome and China, medical banks are widely used in medical practice for treatment of "poor blood". This technique is also known in the Arab countries. In Russia banks catarrhal diseases treated.

With development of medicine and cosmetology it became known that vacuum can massage is also useful in fight for beauty and health of skin.

Vacuum massage happens manual (can) and hardware. As a result of this massage in a human body blood circulation, circulation of a lymph, interfabric liquid improves, developments of stagnation disappear, skin breathes better, to become elastic, it is easier for it to transfer mechanical and temperature influences, puffiness decreases.

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

From where cellulitis undertakes?

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance Cellulitis is formed as a result of hormonal failures. Many consider that "the orange crust" appears only at people with an excess weight, and thin this problem doesn't disturb. Unfortunately it not so.

Problem not in the fat, and in connecting fabrics. Conditionally is a grid which holds fat closer to muscles.

If "cells" of this grid extend, fat as if appears through them therefore there are roughnesses of skin.

This problem can comprehend everyone, because the reason not in number of fat, and in exchange processes of an organism. That is the reason in health of the person.

From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that procedures for improvement of elasticity and smoothness of skin have to be followed by a healthy lifestyle, and also disposal of addictions, such as smoking, alcohol intake and junk food.

As massage by banks works

Vacuum, adjoining to skin, works with a certain irritant for fatty tissues. Thanks to it we can mass as if from within ourselves, splitting and breaking all hillocks.

There are two types of vacuum massage – hardware and can. The principle of influence hardware the same, only instead of banks is used a certain bowl which is connected through a hose to the vacuum device which serially forces and exhausts air.

Salon or house conditions?

According to reviews, if this procedure to do houses, it is possible to save very well. The result from it will only be better.

You will be able to find more time for yourself and not to risk, trusting the body to others hands, not to spend time for the road to salon. You shouldn't crowd in the subway or to stand in a minibus after procedure which so weakens and calms.

Houses you completely will have a rest, a body and soul having dismissed all ideas and cares for later. Responses of clients of salons also say that this procedure quite expensive, especially if demands repetition. In house conditions, using the minimum expenses, you have an opportunity to carry out massage several times.

Preparation for procedure

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance To derive pleasure and not to do much harm to itself before doing vacuum massage, it is necessary to prepare skin well. It is necessary to clear and warm it.

It is for this purpose best of all to take a heat bath about 5-7 min. or to stay under a hot stream of a shower, and then "to prodrait" a little a body about the help of a srub.

It can be both a ready professional tool, and made in house conditions.

The house srub can be made from:

  • coffee thick
  • honey
  • olive or essential oil.

Properly we pound this srub problem zones — usually it hips, feet and a stomach.

Than to grease skin before massage

After poskrabit, we are washed under a shower and we moisten skin special with oils. You don't carry out procedure on dry skin at all, it can do much harm (there are bruises and unpleasant feelings). What it for special oils and creams? And here...

  1. Anti-cellulite cream. For strengthening of effect when performing massage by banks it is recommended to oil skin not, and anti-cellulite cream or other special cosmetic. Do as the pro: mix it with massage oil as in itself it is too quickly absorbed and doesn't allow vacuum banks to slide.
  2. Purchased massage oil or massage cream. It is possible to find special oils from cellulitis in sale. According to reviews, oil with pepper perfectly helps.
  3. The massage oil made in house conditions (Alya hand-made). Such means consists of basic oil — it is possible to take olive or oil of grape, apricot, peach seeds, and anti-cellulite effect is provided with essential oils. Proportions such: on 10 ml of basic oil — some drops radio.

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

Anti-cellulite action all citrus, cinnamon, black pepper, rosemary, a lavender, carrot seeds, a geranium, a vetiveriya possess.

Geranium oil is very effective. It is capable to intensify outflow of a lymph, and also removing excess liquid, does skin more elastic and tightened.

Juniper oil improves a metabolism, removes slags and removes puffiness.

Cedar oil oxygenates cages and improves krovoobmen in skin.

It is recommended to change periodically players of anti-cellulite oil because skin gets used, and influence of components decreases. But everything depends on how often you use it.

Don't forget:
— components have to be compatible with each other;
— essential oils have to be entered in basic, but not in which case not on the contrary;
— the ware in which you mix components, has to be pure and dry.

Some words about banks

It is impossible to do similar massage by simple banks, it is necessary to get special banks for vacuum massage in a drugstore (better if it are silicone banks). Though in salons most often apply massage banks with a vakuumator.

And now it is possible to start massage. For this purpose you need to squeeze to bank, having put it to a body. Then to press down, she has to stick to skin.

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

Doing massage, you observe how your skin reacts.

Doctors recommend the first time to carry out procedure no more than 5-10 min. Having seen that the massed zone reddened, it is necessary to stop massage and to continue it on other site of a body. Reddening means that at the moment it is enough this influence.

We remove to bank in the same way – squeezing it, forcing out air. On end of a session the best decision will be to take cover something warm, completely to relax, having allowed to have a rest a body.

Technology of massage

There now it is also the main secret of massage. Look and read attentively!

All the matter is that if it is simple to drive banks on a body, it won't bring any result. Let's consider each part of a body separately, and we will designate how correctly to do and as — it is impossible.

1. Feet. Doing massage standing it is necessary to remember two rules:

  • It is impossible to mass internal part of a hip.
  • The movements have to be from below up and only vertical massage lines.

2. Buttocks. At first we do roundabouts, and then up and down.

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

3. Stomach. First of all roundabouts clockwise, and then from a navel in the parties become.

4. Hands are massed from a brush to a shoulder by direct massage lines.

5. The back — here is some different ways. You watch drawing

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance

Experts of this type of massage recommend to use any ointments: venotoniziruyushchy and antiedematous, putting them before procedure.

It is desirable to have in the arsenal and bruises ointment. As the body didn't get used, the first procedures can be after all problem.

Anti-cellulite massage is recommended to carry out every other day or at least three times a week. The good result requires 10 – 20 sessions.

And now watch video — perhaps, I missed something:

Electric assistants for carrying out massage

Can massage from cellulitis: secrets of technology of performance The detailed review of manual masseurs can be found on this page, but here it is worth paying separate attention to these devices. These are massage jars of Tsellyuless and a vacuum anti-cellulite masseur for a body.

Who shouldn't do can massage from cellulitis

Yes, this way of fight for beauty there is a lot of useful. But all of us are very individual and each of us has features.

If you decided to try this type of massage, we recommend to consult to the doctor previously. This procedure has a number of contraindications. At some diseases anti-cellulite massage by banks can do much harm.

  • If you have a skin very sensitive or there are many birthmarks, it is better to manage easier procedures and not to resort to vacuum massage.
  • With the increased arterial pressure this method isn't recommended to people.
  • If you have weak vessels or at varicosity, vacuum massage, as well as a wrapping, will make only worse, asterisks and veins will become more noticeable, there can be new.
  • Also badly similar massage at pregnancy influences an organism, at acute infectious diseases and in the presence of a tumor.


Now you precisely know all secrets and the basic rules of performance of vacuum massage. I hope that it was interesting to you, and you learned for yourself a lot of the new.

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Good luck also you love yourself, after all decoration of this world! Remember that!