Body care » Cellulite » Advantage of honey at cellulitis, massages and wrappings, recipes of srubs and other means for weight loss, video about equipment and responses

Advantage of honey at cellulitis, massages and wrappings, recipes of srubs and other means for weight loss, video about equipment and responses

Cellulitis doesn't admit physicians for a disease. But, despite "naturalness", cellulitis looks not esthetically. Young and adult, thin and stout women are subject to this problem. But will get rid of it to everyone in power. Honey wrappings, massages and other procedures with honey will be the best means.

Than honey from cellulitis is effective

Of course, honey isn't magic substance. Its use won't relieve you of addictions, and the excessive use will lead to fat accumulation. But at moderate local and internal application he is capable to solve a set of problems.

  1. It perfectly reduces stress. When we are in a condition of a stress, we always want sweet. Honey too sweet, but it is much more useful than the usual refined sugar. Also he is quicker and easier brought by kidneys. And still it has soft soothing effect.
  2. In addition, nicotinic acid expands vessels and brings cholesterol and toxins out of blood and fabrics. Therefore it is so effective at local application.
  3. It contains the mass of microcells and vitamins for a thyroid gland. And it, in turn, influences all exchange processes in an organism. Including on development of an estrogen and other sexual hormones. During the faulty work of a thyroid gland fatty tissue collects, skin becomes flabby.
  4. Honey contains B2 vitamin which is necessary for collagen creation. Enrichment of an organism this vitamin improves a condition of skin and nails.
Advantage of honey at cellulitis, massages and wrappings, recipes of srubs and other means for weight loss, video about equipment and responses

The daily dose of the honey accepted inside makes 50 ml

At last, if to speak about local application, a wrapping, massages and masks, it is necessary to mention several important qualities of honey. It possesses an ideal consistence for drawing up various mixes. It not too liquid and not too viscous, is ideally applied on skin and doesn't flow down. Honey is stored very long, for house procedures it is possible to buy it for the future? and it won't deteriorate. It has no small firm particles therefore at massages and scrubbing skin isn't injured. At last, the smell of honey turns procedure into pleasure.

As it is correct to choose

For procedures it is necessary to choose natural, qualitative honey. Good honey of amber color, can have various a shade from bright yellow to the brown. There are more rare grades having greenish and other colors. But nevertheless amber color is the most widespread. Qualitative honey has strong tart taste and a smell. Honey with impurity or spoiled can have sourish or bitter smack. Also it isn't necessary to buy the product having sweet taste, but not possessing tart smack.

Upon purchase ask a spoon for the seller, prevent honey and get it. Undiluted and fresh honey flows down slowly, when falling in lump forms a peculiar ribbon. If you are afraid to buy low-quality goods, you can find the become candied honey. To forge it much more difficult, and all additives are visible at once. The become candied honey can't be heated on fire. To achieve a liquid state, it is necessary to place to bank with it in warm, not hot water. Process long, water it is necessary to change repeatedly, but such way keeps all useful properties of honey.

Procedures for fight against cellulitis

Advantage of honey at cellulitis, massages and wrappings, recipes of srubs and other means for weight loss, video about equipment and responses

Pay attention: unripe honey won't give due effect!

Honey massage in house conditions

  1. It is impossible to start massage right after a bathtub or a shower. Skin for this purpose shouldn't be steamed out.
  2. Also before massage it is necessary to warm muscles usual grindings and strokings. The massage movements are carried out by strokings or pats.
  3. Heat honey to body temperature, but it isn't above 40 °C. At such temperature all useful substances in it collapse. And if to heat it to 60 °C, in it it is formed oksimetilfurfurol — dangerous toxin, it can strongly injure skin.
  4. Apply it on palms and accurately rub in skin the wavy movements.
  5. If a cellulitis place small, you can increase the area of massage to 4–5 palms, so it will be more convenient to you.
  6. Later time honey will change color and will become more dense. Then pass to the second stage of massage.
  7. Replace the wavy movements with "otlipaniye". Press with small effort a palm to skin and sharply tear off it (a palm, but not skin). It is better to do these otlipaniye also by waves, at first you tear off a palm, and then fingers.
  8. If all of you do correctly, after its termination of honey on a body almost doesn't remain. The remains can be removed in soul. Clarification of skin after massage very important, the after all all removed toxins will be on its surface. If not to wash away them, all process will go back.

Technology of performance on video

Anti-cellulite wrappings

They are divided on hot and cold. At hot blood vessels and skin pores extend. Active agents of honey get deep into fabrics, forcing cages to regenerate. Toxins are removed from an organism through skin. At a cold wrapping blood vessels are narrowed, outflow of a lymph from fabrics amplifies. Toxins in this case are removed through internals. Differences in efficiency between hot and cold wrappings aren't present therefore it is possible to choose on subjective feelings from procedure.

  1. For a house wrapping it is necessary to clear skin at first. In ideal option it is necessary to take a hot bath and to make massage and a peeling of a problem site. It is possible to do and without it, but efficiency from procedure will be reduced. Try to steam out at least skin hot water from a shower.
  2. After that apply honey on problem sites of skin and wrap up a site food wrap.
  3. In 20–30 minutes it can be removed, and to wash away the remains of honey in soul. At a cold wrapping increase time till 1-1,5 o'clock.

After procedure it isn't recommended to go outside, better to do it in the evening before going to bed. For improvement of effect try a honey wrapping with mustard. For this purpose mix honey and powder of mustard in equal shares. Mustard irritates skin, forces vessels to extend more strongly. Therefore the effect from procedure increases, but be ready to easy burning. Time of such wrapping has to make no more than 20 minutes. After procedure carefully wash away structure water.

The recipe with honey and mustard (video guide)

Srubs with coffee, salt or nuts

They influences not only a skin surface, but also deeper layers. Also it is desirable to apply a srub before other procedures: wrapping, massage, masks. The good srub against cellulitis consists of three components.

The first is the basis, that sticks together other particles together, doesn't allow them to spread on a body. Also the basis protects skin from excessive injuries as a result of action of abrasives. The firm smallest parts which are scratching off the become horny cages from skin become the second component. As abrasives the processed stones of nuts, ground coffee, salt can act. The third component are active agents, they restore on skin, remove toxins, stimulate cell regeneration. The role of the first and third component easily assumes honey. As an abrasive ground coffee or salt is widespread.

For procedure of a part of an abrasive have to be the smallest. It is better to take salt top-class if you prefer coffee, carefully crush it in the coffee grinder. Mix becomes in the ratio 1:1. It is quite enough two components for a srub, but at desire it is possible to add some drops of citrus oil. The turned-out mix can be stored some days. Therefore it is better to train her in small amounts sufficient for single application.

Coffee and honey option (video)

Mask for a body

Honey contains a huge amount of useful ingredients for skin. For a mask in it it is possible to add and to use nothing it fresh. Of course, if you want to improve effect, you can add some drops of essential oil of orange, whether lemon of grapefruit. Before a mask clear, steam out skin, make small massage easy pats. It is necessary to hold the put mask 7–10 minutes, then to wash away the honey remains. After a mask it is desirable to moisten skin with any tonic.

Frequency of procedures for achievement of effect

For achievement of effect in the shortest time don't give preference to one procedure, and alternate them everything.

  1. Massage. The session lasts 15–20 minutes if to do it accurately, according to all recommendations, it is possible to carry out it every other day or time in three days. For achievement of effect massage should be carried out at least once a week. At a regularity of procedures it is possible to get rid of cellulitis in 1–2 months.
  2. Wrapping. For full disposal of cellulitis it is required from 5 to 15 procedures. The full course is taken within 3–6 weeks, in a week becomes from 1 to 3 wrappings. First of all it is necessary to look at reaction of skin. If your body reacts positively, wrappings can be carried out though every other day. If there are undesirable reactions or feelings, do wrappings 1–2 times a week. At normal reaction conduct a course from 10 procedures in 1–2 days. After passing of a course let's skin month have a rest and repeat it again.
    Advantage of honey at cellulitis, massages and wrappings, recipes of srubs and other means for weight loss, video about equipment and responses

    Don't forget: at pregnancy of a wrapping are contraindicated

  3. Srub and masks. The srub even at the most careful carrying out slightly injures skin. Therefore 1–2 times a week are recommended to carry out it. The honey mask doesn't injure skin, but renders very strong effect therefore it is advised too to do 1–2 times a week. Not more often, but also at least. After a month of procedures it is recommended to do a break in 2–3 months after that it is possible to repeat a course.


  • At fear of an allergy to honey before procedure apply slightly on a small site and wait. If on skin there are signs of allergic reaction, it is necessary to refuse procedure.
  • All above described procedures are contraindicated at the increased fragility of vessels. It isn't connected with honey, simply procedures of a travmatichna for skin in any way.
  • It is impossible to carry out procedures, using the deteriorated or substandard honey.
  • It is desirable to wait a little with them at injuries of skin: wounds, ulcers, reddenings, rashes.
  • In general, before procedures it is better to consult with the doctor and to get his permission to them.
  • The wrapping isn't recommended at hormonal failures, pregnancy, diabetes, tumors.


Unique thing! Extensions vanish, there is no effect of "orange" skin. After application skin soft and gentle. Simply super! I advise to try! Won't regret!


If you still never tried honey massage — very much I recommend! Procedure effective and useful, but painful. Despite the last, be not afraid to try and you will be pleasantly surprised with result.


Such massage simply something! I am very happy with procedure, a body after procedure very soft and silky! Also there is very pleasant aroma! With pleasure I will continue to do this procedure!


Photo before and after

Honey well helps with fight against cellulitis. Use only qualitative honey. Follow instructions when performing procedures and alternate them among themselves. If you make all correctly, the result will be in a month.

  • Author: Boris Mikhaylovich