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Carrot diet

At a choice of the program of weight loss the excellent result, simplicity and availability most often are considered as the main requirements. The carrot diet answers all to the listed advantages: vegetable costs not much, from it it isn't necessary to prepare difficult dishes and the main thing – it is possible to dump to 11 kg in 7 days.

The technique is effective in fight against extra kilos, but in addition the similar menu:

  1. Speeds up work of a gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Improves a metabolism.
  3. Removes slags and toxins.
  4. Sates an organism with vitamins (And, B3, C, D, E, K) and the mass of useful elements, among them sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium.

The root crop contains also folic, ascorbic and pantothenic acids. Are registered in its structure in a large number the cellulose normalizing work of intestines and removing cholesterol, and also iodine which promotes the correct functioning of a thyroid gland.

To Curtail the contents

Carrot diet

Main recommendations:

  1. Use only fresh and young vegetables, in them the maximum content of cellulose is noted.
  2. Drink not less than 1,5 liters of liquid – water, green tea. It is also authorized to drink in day no more than one glass of milk or kefir.
  3. The use of a root crop possibly with a citrus (grapefruit or orange), pomegranate, apples.
  4. Add a tablespoon of olive oil as without fats carrot beta carotene isn't acquired to dishes.
  5. You leave a diet gradually, entering proteinaceous food (low-fat meat, fermented milk products, etc.) and cereals into a diet.

There is a rule: it is necessary to leave a diet as much days, how many you practiced it.


The technique is considered one of the most rigid monodiets. For this reason it is very important to consult previously with the expert. It is forbidden at gastrointestinal tract diseases even if earlier it wasn't observed problems with a stomach, we advise carefully to chew food as it is considered quite rough. Pregnant women and the feeding women should refuse such way of weight loss. Anyway it isn't necessary to practice a carrot diet more often than once in 4 weeks.


The monodiet can last 3, 4, 7 or 10 days, in dependence that of desirable result. Differences aren't present, what duration of a carrot diet you will choose, the recommendations given above will help to achieve bigger effect.

For 3 days

Duration of the shortest program of weight loss on carrots – 3 days. During this time disappears to 3 kilograms. During the specified time it is necessary to feed only on an orange vegetable. It is possible to use it in a crude or boiled look in an unlimited look, and also to accept enough liquid.

For simplification of work of bodies of a digestive tract carrots are recommended to be grated.

The use of vegetable juice is allowed, however it contains less cellulose, than in the whole fresh root crop. At desire it is possible to bring a variety a boring diet of a carrot diet and in one of meals to eat salad for which preparation for kilogram of polished carrots add slices of favourite fruit (apple, grapefruit, orange etc.) and sprinkle lemon juice. That all elements which are a part of vegetable perfectly were acquired by an organism, it isn't forbidden to combine its use with a tablespoon of olive oil or couple of tablespoons of sour cream of low fat content.

Minus, as well as at the majority of monodiets, one – leaves not a fatty layer, but water which over time if not to observe the mode and to use junk food, will return. Often this option is chosen by those girls who shouldn't send kg, and to bring the collected slags out of an organism. The menu of a carrot diet unbalanced therefore extension of the program more than for 3 days, threatens with unpleasant consequences.

For 4 days

The three-day marathon can be prolonged for one day in which it is necessary to add a slice of rye bread and the baked potatoes to carrots. For all action it is possible to get rid of 4 kilograms. Don't forget to observe the drinking mode – use water, green or herbal tea. In the fifth day it is possible to pass to the habitual menu, having limited consumption fat, flour and sweet.

For 7 days

Not many are solved on the week program of weight loss, after all to sustain it not easy. However responses of those who chose it once can become incentive and got rid of 5-6 kilograms, and some speak about result minus 11 kg at all in 7 days. The menu, besides a root crop, include fruit, vegetables and soups from them, low-fat fermented milk products (no more than a liter per day). It is necessary to refuse alcohol, sweets and farinaceous food.

Approximate menu per day



  • carrot and cabbage salad with apple.


  • vegetable carrot, paprika and white cabbage soup.

Mid-morning snack:

  • carrot and orange mix.


  • boiled carrots and beet.

Before going to bed:

  • 250 ml of dairy drink.

For 10 days

And wants to dump those who is adjusted resolutely to 5 kg, the carrot diet calculated on 10 days will approach. Is within one and a half weeks of this program of weight loss it is allowed the carrot salad filled with a small amount of low-fat sour cream. It is possible to train him not only from a crude root crop, but also for a change from the boiled. It is desirable to drink water or green tea, and also it is necessary to drink about a liter of orange juice.

Diet options

The monomenu suits not all. To eat one carrots even 3 days, not to mention a week or at all about 10 days, only the most patient will be able. For those who dreams to grow thin and looks for more various, but not less effective diet, nutritionists developed some techniques. Naturally, we hurry to present them to your attention.

Morkovno — apple

Lovers of apples will estimate the carrot and apple menu. It is called first of all, to clear an organism of toxins and slags, and leaving of kilograms is a pleasant addition. Detoks-meropriyatiye can last from 3 to 10 days. That it was easier to have this time, we advise to limit physical and intellectual activities, and also to avoid stressful situations. For fixing of result it is necessary to watch strictly in the next 2-4 weeks behind food, differently can return not only left, but also additional kilograms.

There are contraindications! The similar power supply circuit at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, individual intolerance of carotene, an allergy to fruit and vegetables isn't recommended, during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast. Consultation with the doctor is obligatory!

For 3 days

Unloading consists in the daily use of 500 grams of polished fresh carrots and kilogram of the crushed apples. Mix ingredients, fill with lemon juice. Divide the prepared portion into equal portions and eat during the day, doing breaks, equal on time, before meals. For the best result daily drink not less than 2 liters of water. Foot walks and visit of a bath will do good.

The carrot and apple diet quite often provokes diarrhea. At emergence of symptoms of an illness reception of vitamin and mineral complexes is obligatory.

For a week

Version of the menu per day


  • 2 green apples fresh or baked.


  • 100 grams of boiled fast fish / chicken breast, or same amount of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • the polished carrots flavored with olive oil.


  • 1 big apple.

For 10 days


  • 2 green apples fresh or baked.


  • 300 grams of carrot salad with olive oil.


  • 200 grams of cottage cheese with the minimum percent of fat content, white meat, or fast fish.

Morkovno — beet

Program duration – 10 days, for this period it is possible to say goodbye from 5-7 kilograms. If in some days after the beginning of detoks-action you understand that isn't able to continue weight loss any more, stop, don't torment yourself.

Approximate menu per day


  • mix is fresher than some carrots and boiled beet, filled with sour cream or olive oil.


  • vegetable soup to which besides root crops it is possible to add onions, tomatoes, a vegetable marrow;
  • the salad from vegetables with garlic flavored with oil.

Mid-morning snack:

  • juice from vegetables.


  • the salad from root crops with garlic filled with sour cream;
  • vegetable juice.

It is undesirable to drink freshly squeezed undiluted beet juice. Wait at least hour, the substances capable to cause vomiting during this time will disappear. It is possible to dilute it with usual water or broth of a dogrose.

The carrot-beet combination possesses powerful cleaning action. For this reason it is possible to arrange periodically fasting days on these root crops. Consider that the gross weight of the vegetables eaten in a detoks-day shouldn't exceed 1 kg.

Morkovno — cabbage

Paul Breg — the propagandist of a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, called salad from cabbage and carrots a brush for a gastrointestinal tract as these vegetables perfectly are suitable for clarification of an organism from harmful deposits. Having called this dish to the aid when burning fat, you will be struck by effect. No more than 3 days are recommended to keep to a diet, but it is enough this time to dump 2-3 kg.

The cabbage and carrot menu is contraindicated at colitis.

The essence of a technique consists that for breakfast, the lunch and a dinner need to be eaten salad from the specified vegetables. Add the first meal with one toast from whole-grain bread and a cup of green tea, the second – a 200-gram slice of boiled chicken and tea, the third – the cooked soft-boiled egg. Don't forget to drink a lot of liquid and don't overtire!

How to prepare salad

Take 500 grams of a white cabbage, 200 grams of carrots and as much green apples. Small chop everything. Fill with the small amount of vegetable oil and juice which is squeezed out of one lemon. Add a pinch of black pepper, it is better to refuse salt.


Morkovno — egg

Effective the program for fat burning made for 3 days in its basis is considered only 2 products – carrots and eggs. Only 3 days are enough to lose to 5 kg. The scheme suits even to what organism is in the state weakened by an illness. After a diet try not to lean at once on high-calorie food, differently together with the lost kilograms still the couple of the new will return.

For breakfast and a lunch make "dish" from one egg cooked in cool, 1 carrots grated on a small grater and a tablespoon of sour cream. From the specified amount of ingredients one portion therefore every time you should cook fresh food turns out. The full-fledged dinner is absent, it needs to be replaced with a glass of water or a cup of green tea.

Morkovno — cucumber

As well as the majority of the diets presented in this article, the carrot and cucumber program of weight loss lasts week. At strict observance of recommendations it is possible to become 4-5 kilograms easier, but not the fatty layer, but liquid leaves, slags and toxins are also removed.

Plan of food for week



  • 2 cucumbers;
  • slice of rye bread.


  • mix from cucumbers and carrots;
  • apple.


  • the vegetable salad with greens flavored with oil.



  • bread slice;
  • cucumber.


  • cutting from cucumbers and carrots;
  • 70 grams of boiled low-fat red meat.


  • green salad.



  • same, as well as in the first day.


  • 100 grams of the baked fish;
  • cucumber;
  • garnish – 80 grams of rice.


  • salad from vegetables.



  • the same that was authorized in the second day.


  • 80 grams of boiled brown rice;
  • 30 grams of Dutch cheese;
  • cucumber.


  • cucumber and carrot salad.



  • menu of Tuesday.


  • 150 grams rubbed carrots and cucumbers;
  • orange or grapefruit.


  • green salad.



  • small loaf;
  • cucumber.


  • the cooked soft-boiled egg;
  • vegetable salad;
  • apple.


  • the crushed cucumbers and the greens sprinkled by oil.



  • diet of the first day.


  • vegetable soup;
  • avocado.


  • salad from vegetables with olive oil.

On the Korean carrot salad

Carrots in Korean in combination with proteinaceous food (eggs, fast meat, dairy products) will become the excellent assistant in fight against extra kilos also. The essence of a technique is that daily it is necessary to eat about 300 grams of carrots-chi and proteinaceous products. Surely drink not less than 2 liters of liquid. It is possible to adhere to such system till 2 weeks, the plumb makes from 3 to 6 kg.

The general caloric content of a daily diet shouldn't exceed 1200 kcal.

Approximate plan of food


  • 100 grams of skim cheese or 2 proteins;
  • cup of green tea or black coffee without sugar.

Lunch and dinner:

  • 150 grams of salad;
  • 150-gram slice of low-fat meat or fish;
  • glass of dairy drink.

Lunch and mid-morning snack:

  • favourite fruit or 20 grams of nuts.

Recipe of carrots-chi

On the Korean grater rub 500 grams of a root crop. Salt to taste. Leave for half an hour. At this time in 30 ml of the warmed oil fry 3 passed through a press of a garlic glove and the chopped bulb. Add a vinegar tablespoon to mix. Without waiting for cooling of structure, fill in with it carrot. Well mix. Vsypte of a little red pepper. It is ready!

Carrot fasting days

For those who doesn't suit long monodiets, there are effective options of orange fasting days.

The carrot and kefiric

During the day it is necessary to eat a root crop, and to drink kefir. Schedule of the use the any. Vegetables can be eaten separately, and as having a snack to drink dairy drink, from them it is easy to prepare the salad filled with kefir and even vegetable cocktail, in a word, a diet is limited only to your imagination.

On carrot juice

Productive will be also an unloading on orange juice. Daily norm – to 7 glasses. Such product contains less food fibers, than in a fresh vegetable therefore it is easier processed by a stomach.

Responses and results of the grown thin

The carrot program for burning of weight is considered one of the most difficult, but also effect from it impressive. Depending on the chosen diet some lose to one and a half kilograms in a day. Especially motivated and aimed at result representatives of a fine half of mankind achieved also really enormous figures – minus 11 kg in a week. Everything depends on the chosen plan of food, recommendations, the initial weight and specific features of an organism were how strictly observed.

Ekaterina, 25

The orange carrot diet is a real miracle! Last month three days I ate only crude carrot and drank 1% kefir, it was difficult to hold on more long, there was a strong wish for normal food. For such short period I managed to dump 2 kilograms. Excess weight was succeeded by tremendous feeling of ease, the condition of skin considerably improved. I recommend such technique to all who needs fast result.

Sabine, 30 years

I looked for effective system of clarification of an organism on the Internet. On one of forums of the girl shared reviews of a carrot diet. I thought that it is excellent option – both clarification, and dumping of excess kg. However knowing itself, I couldn't sustain a poor diet therefore decided to arrange once a week fasting days within several days. During the detoks-day I alternate reception of a crude and boiled root crop to bring though some variety, and I have green tea. Very much it is pleasant to me. There is a feeling of ease, skin becomes better, there are no problems with digestion.

Svetlana, 32

Till the child's birth I was sure that diets is a nonsense, to eat rather only properly and not to neglect physical exercises. However the weight gained in 9 months didn't want to leave in spite of the fact that I completely excluded junk food and for days on end turned as the bee. Mummies of little children will understand me. The option remained one – to go on a diet. The girlfriend advised a carrot diet. You know, in only 3 days I changed the skeptical relation to detoks-actions, after all for such short term I dumped 2 kg. I plan to repeat a marathon to return a former form.

Natalya, 41

I eat carrot nearly an every day, since the childhood when mother convinced me that vegetable is useful to eyes. When it was necessary to dump some excess kilograms gathered for New Year's vacation long I didn't think and I chose a carrot and proteinaceous diet. I ate fast boiled meat, I drank the fat-free kefir and I ate carrots in Korean. In 7 days I became 4,5 kilograms easier. Now, if it is required to grow thin quickly, this plan of food – my lifesaver!