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Chemical diet

Chemical diet Let doesn't frighten the one who read the name of a diet, application of chemistry in its diet. No chemistry will exist. This diet that from the offered diet and a combination of products, in an organism there will be certain chemical reactions is simply based.


They also form the basis of a diet which thanks to these most chemical reactions, yields unknown results. In a month, namely such period should be spent for it, it is possible to get rid of 20, and even 28 kg of excess weight. The diet will be suitable for any age and weight. But who has a weight over hundred, especially.


This diet is considered strict. Not because it is necessary to watch the caloric content of the diet. It will be necessary to watch accurate vypolneniye of rules and a diet. It is impossible to change, for example, a diet of one day for another or to confuse products which are recommended for a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner.


Rules of a chemical diet


The diet should be begun strictly since Monday. As the menu which will be described below, is distributed on days of the week. If for any reason it was necessary to recede from a diet, it is necessary to start everything anew, it isn't dependent on in what day of a diet it happened.


Products which are painted in a diet, it is impossible to interchange the position. If there is a strong feeling of hunger, it is possible to make, so-called, having a snack. But after the main meal of 2 h has to pass, it isn't less. Cucumbers, carrots or lettuce leaves will be suitable for "having a snack". Try throughout all diet, to fill the refrigerator with the necessary products for the future, and forbidden not to buy better at all.

One more rule which it is impossible to violate – to change quantity of products if it is specified precisely. In those cases where it isn't present, it is possible to eat before full saturation.


Dishes should be prepared on water. The use in the menu of oils and fats during a chemical diet isn't recommended.


Implementation of one more rule - the water mode is very important. To drink waters for all four weeks, it will be necessary to 2,5 l a day. Only to do it between meals, but not to wash down food. It is possible to include in the diet teas (green, black, grassy), coffee, even sparkling water.


Menu of the first week


Breakfast of all seven days of the week the, almost, identical. We eat an orange floor (it is possible grapefruit) and one egg (it is possible two) welded in cool.


Lunch and dinner every day the different. Not to mix and then not to start everything anew, it is better to write out the menu for one week or even for every day.


And so, Monday of the 1st week - a lunch: in any quantity one of the resolved fruit (practically everything, except grapes, a fig, mango, dates and bananas);

- dinner: meat any, except mutton.                          

Tuesday – a lunch: chicken meat without skin;

- dinner: salatik from fresh vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper). Eggs (2 pieces) welded in the cool. For a dessert – grapefruit (orange).

Wednesday – a lunch: the cottage cheese or any other cheese fat-free white (200 g), tomatoes, a toast (1 piece);

- dinner: meat fried (an integral piece or in the form of forcemeat). We remind, any, except mutton.

Thursday – a lunch: useful vitamins fruit (any, except forbidden), and in any quantity;

- dinner: meat fried, salad (sheet).                                                   

Friday – a lunch: the boiled vegetables, eggs cooked in cool (2 pieces); 

- dinner: the boiled fish (it is possible shrimps), lettuce leaves, a citrus.

Saturday – a lunch: any fruit (except forbidden);

- dinner: salad (leaves), meat.                                

Sunday – a lunch: the meat of chicken boiled the tomatoes, vegetables boiled grapefruit (orange);

- dinner: in the boiled look vegetables.


Menu of the second week


The breakfast doesn't change – one or two eggs chicken, besides, welded in cool and a half of the real burner of fats – grapefruit (it is possible orange).


Monday - a lunch: we fry meat or we boil and we supplement the menu with lettuce leaves;

- dinner: we cook in cool eggs (2 pieces), and for a dessert – orange (grapefruit).

Tuesday – a lunch: the boiled or fried meat plus lettuce leaves;

- dinner: eggs (2 pieces), grapefruit (orange).

On Wednesday – a lunch: meat in the fried or boiled look + cucumbers fresh;

- dinner: the eggs cooked in cool (2 pieces), orange or grapefruit (1 piece).

Thursday – a lunch: two eggs chicken, welded in cool, white cheese any fat-free and in any quantity, the vegetables boiled;

- dinner: 2 eggs.

Friday – a lunch: the boiled fish or fried without fat;

- dinner: the eggs (2 pieces) boiled in cool.

Saturday – a lunch: meat to fry or boil, tomatoes fresh, citrus (1 piece);

- dinner: salad fruit (apple, peach, melon, tangerine, orange).

Sunday – a lunch: the boiled vegetables, the boiled or fried meat of chicken, tomatoes fresh, one grapefruit (it is possible orange);

- dinner: the same dishes, as well as for lunch.


Menu of the third week



The diet changes. Every day we eat one or two types of products.


Monday – we eat for all day fruit and only. It is possible to mix any, except banana, dates, a fig, mango and grapes.

Tuesday – vegetable day. Vegetables can be used and in boiled and fresh as separately, and doing salads.

Wednesday – the mixed day. It is possible to eat fruit and vegetables in any kind and quantity.

Thursday. It is possible to designate this day fish. We cook it, we fry, we bake, we add to it the boiled vegetables or salad (sheet) and with pleasure it is eaten before full saturation.

Friday – day meat. With it it is done too, as with fish – we cook, we fry, we bake + the boiled vegetables.

With an ubbot, and behind it and Sunday – unloading. We eat the whole day only fruit. And, we choose a look what be, one. For example, pears, or apples. Generally, any, except forbidden (grapes, mango, dates, a fig, banana).


Menu of the fourth week


The task a little bit becomes complicated as the products listed per day, it will be necessary to distribute evenly for all day.



- meat (400 g), except mutton;

- fish boiled (200 g) or canned food from a tuna (1 jar without oil);

- vegetables (a cucumber - 4 pieces, tomato – 3 pieces);

- fruit (citrus 1 piece);

- toast (1 piece).



- meat (200 g), any, except mutton;

- vegetables (a cucumber – 4 pieces, tomato – 3 pieces);

- fruit (apple one, either pear, or orange);

- toast (1 piece);



- cheese (any fat-free white - 1 tablespoon) or cottage cheese (1 Art. of l);

- the vegetables boiled (any 200 g) + fresh 2 cucumbers and 2 tomatoes;

- fruit (citrus 1 piece);

- toast (1 piece).



- meat (a sex of the chicken boiled without skin);

- vegetables (fresh tomatoes of 3 pieces, cucumber);

- fruit (1 citrus) + something one of the resolved;

- toast (1 piece).



- the eggs cooked in cool (2 pieces);

- vegetables tomatoes (3 pieces), salad (leaves);

- fruit (1 piece of a citrus).



- the chicken boiled (2 breasts);

- vegetables (tomatoes – 2 pieces, cucumbers – 2 pieces);

- turned sour – dairy products (cottage cheese or sheep cheese of-125 g, curdled milk – 1 Art.);

- fruit (1 citrus);

- toast (1 piece).



- fish (canned food from a tuna - 1 bank without oil);

- the vegetables boiled (200 g) + crude (cucumbers – 2 pieces, tomatoes – 2 pieces);

- fermented milk products (cottage cheese – 1 Art. of l);

- fruit (1 grapefruit or orange);

- toast (1 piece)

Exit from a diet


When passes four weeks, and time will come to leave a diet, the first that it is necessary to make is to measure all the parameters. If you achieved the objectives, it is possible to pass to the usual food allowance. One but – to limit sweet and farinaceous dishes in the diet.


If result, such as there was a wish, won't reach, it is possible to repeat the first and last week.


During a diet and after its termination, lead active lifestyle. Walk in the fresh air, visit the pool, a gym or dancing studio. And then no excess weight will return to you any more. Be harmonous.


And what results at you on this diet?