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The clearing diet

The clearing diet – for weight loss as at the correct approach it helps not only to lose weight, but also health is essential to improve ideal option and to put the appearance in order.

Clarification is a basis only. No technique or procedure will exist effective without preliminary cleaning of all organism or concrete body.

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The clearing diet

Under modern ecological conditions any person, irrespective of his way of life or a diet is exposed to "pollution". Harmful substances arrive in an organism together with food, water, air. Thus even the most healthy secretory system of the person isn't capable to remove completely the processing products, slags, toxins which are formed as a result of his activity. Therefore in intestines, blood, a lymph, joints, fabrics all this "freight" which leads to excess weight, considerable failures in work of all bodies for years accumulates. Thus, the clearing diet for weight loss which assumes the use of products, performance of exercises, carrying out the procedures promoting removal from an organism of all superfluous, helps to normalize quite easily weight, to get healthier, become more vigorous, younger, more attractive.

We begin with intestines

The most large number of all unnecessary for an organism accumulates in intestines. Therefore effective clarification and noticeable weight loss is impossible without targeting of purity in a digestive tract. Not to subject an organism to a stress, cleaning of intestines needs to be begun after carrying out the preparatory activities assuming gradual refusal of some "harmful" dishes:

  • prepared by method of frying or smoking;
  • too fat, salty or sharp;
  • various konservation, fast food, semi-finished products.

Also it is necessary to exclude sweet aerated water, alcohol, instant coffee. The diet needs to be made of useful products mainly of a phytogenesis, boiled, pair or crude.

Products for cleaning of intestines

Having ensured the food which is positively influencing a gastrointestinal tract it is possible to begin cleaning. The clearing diet for intestines assumes the use of products with the maximum clearing action which treat:

  • vegetables, fruit;
  • the fat-free fermented milk products;
  • fish, beef, rabbit flesh, fowl;
  • porridges without oil addition;
  • products from wholegrain flour.

Indispensable condition of any clarification is providing an organism with enough clear water – not less than 2 l a day. Otherwise harmful substances and products of disintegration won't be able normally to be output.

Weight loss by means of such food happens due to disposal of slags and improvement of a metabolism that makes positive impact on work of intestines, and also promotes splitting of fats. The main rule of similar diets – the use only the resolved products. It is possible to combine or interchange the position of them in the menu.

The menu of the clearing diet for intestines

At cleaning food it is possible to take the following week menu as a diet basis:

1st day:

  • breakfast – a cheese toast, natural yogurt;
  • lunch – soup without gas station, cutting from vegetables, 100 g of boiled beef;
  • mid-morning snack – boiled vegetables, orange;
  • dinner – the chopped crude vegetables, 2 baked potatoes.

2nd day:

  • breakfast – porridge with a peanut, a grapefruit half;
  • lunch – chicken broth, a toast, cabbage salad;
  • mid-morning snack – fruit and berry milkshake;
  • dinner – salad from beet, fruit.

3rd day:

  • breakfast – porridge with honey watering, banana;
  • lunch – the ground boiled vegetables, cutlet, vegetable cutting;
  • mid-morning snack – two slices of cheese, kefir;
  • dinner – vegetables boiled, 2 apples.

4th day:

  • breakfast – 2 eggs, yogurt, apple;
  • lunch – porridge from pearl barley, vegetable stew, a slice of fish;
  • mid-morning snack – kefir with a fruit and berry filler;
  • dinner – 2 baked potatoes, carrot juice.

5th day:

  • breakfast – hot cheese sandwich, egg, green tea;
  • lunch – vegetables soup, boiled beef, kefir;
  • mid-morning snack – a fruit and cottage cheese dessert without sugar;
  • dinner – boiled vegetables, kefir.

6th day:

  • breakfast – fruit cottage cheese, apple juice;
  • lunch – stewed fish with potatoes, vegetable cutting;
  • mid-morning snack – apple, a toast with cheese;
  • dinner – a vegetable omelet, tomato juice.

7th day:

  • breakfast – fruit salad, a toast, kefir;
  • lunch – porridge from buckwheat, a portion of boiled rabbit flesh, apple;
  • mid-morning snack – fruit yogurt;
  • dinner – baked vegetables, berry cottage cheese.

For having a snack natural yogurt, kefir of 0%, fruit or vegetable juice is recommended.

Intestines it is possible to purge once a month. The exit from such food has to be gradual. It is necessary to add to a diet the products forbidden during a diet in the small portions that the gastrointestinal tract could pass without problems to a new operating mode. As a result you receive:

  • visible loss of weight;
  • disposal of an abdominal distension;
  • harmonious work of a stomach, intestines, liver;
  • raising of a vitality, emergence of activity;
  • disposal of spots;
  • treatment from an allergy.

In general you will feel much more fine, feel cheerfulness inflow, you will notice appearance improvement.

It is necessary to put in order intestines before any clarification as to clear blood, a lymph or all organism at a zashlakovanny digestive tract it won't turn out – it will continue to poison all bodies.

Except the specified technique, for the purpose of weight loss it is possible to apply other diets of different duration to cleaning. If it is necessary to carry out fast effective cleaning, having lost thus some extra kilos, it is best of all to resort to three-day cleaning on vegetables, fruit, juice or with the use only of one apples.


The express options for 3 days

The fast diets directed on clarification for weight loss are usually calculated not less than on 3 days as for shorter time (1-2 days) it is simply impossible to execute cleaning. The best efficiency can be reached at food only by fruit vegetables which due to existence of a large amount of cellulose most effectively clean all "deposits", and thanks to availability of vitamins and mineral substances provide to an organism necessary food. There are two options of such three-day cleaning techniques – fruit and vegetable and apple.

Cleaning on fruit and vegetables

Different fruit vegetables, and also the juice extractor are necessary for this diet. The menu for 3 days looks as follows:

  • the first day fruit – it is necessary to use only fruit: five times a day on 200 g at one time, and also clear water or unsweetened herbal tea;
  • the second day vegetable – can be eaten only vegetables in any useful kind (crude, boiled, baked, stewed) too five times on 200 g at one time and to have water or herbal tea;
  • it is best of all to spend the third day on fruit or vegetable juice, but in the absence of the juice extractor it is possible to repeat the first or second day.

Thus it is necessary to follow two rules:

  • to avoid excessive physical activities;
  • to drink not less than 2 liters of water or unsweetened herbal tea.

If there are problems with work of a gastrointestinal tract, before a diet it is necessary to consult with the expert.

The apple

Apples possess the excellent clearing properties, they low-calorie, have low cost, are available all the year round. Also it is considered that apples slow down aging, remove hypostases, inflammations, clean a greasy luster of skin. From all set of apple cleanings of the most effective cleaning on apples and water is considered.

The three-day apple clearing diet is quite simple in application:

  • it is possible to eat apples beyond all bounds;
  • it is necessary to drink only clear water.

In three days loss of weight has to make 2 kilograms. Also this system has some contraindications. It is impossible to feed on one apples in the presence of gastritis, an ulcer or problems with acidity of a stomach. In such cases it is recommended to resort to more sparing cleaning mode by means of the seven-day clearing diet.

For 7 days

The clarification for weight loss calculated on 7 days is less stressful for an organism, than an express diet, and as responses growing thin testify, yields steadier results.

Within a week it is necessary to eat according to such schedule:

the first, third, sixth day – drinking, is allowed to use only clear water, unsweetened herbal teas, fresh juice divorced half water;

the second day – vegetable:

  • breakfast – salad from cabbage with olive oil;
  • lunch – a cucumber;
  • lunch – the baked beet, cutting from fresh vegetables;
  • mid-morning snack – a cucumber;
  • dinner – vegetable cutting;

the fourth day – fruit:

  • breakfast – apples;
  • lunch – grapefruit;
  • lunch – baked apples, oranges;
  • mid-morning snack – apples;
  • dinner – grapefruits;

the fifth day – proteinaceous:

  • breakfast – a glass of yogurt;
  • lunch – boiled egg;
  • lunch – a portion of boiled chicken fillet;
  • mid-morning snack – a handful of shrimps;
  • dinner – a piece of the fish steamed.

seventh day:

  • breakfast – two boiled eggs;
  • lunch – apple and banana salad with grapefruit;
  • lunch – chicken or veal broth;
  • mid-morning snack – apple and banana salad;
  • dinner – vegetable cutting.

It is necessary to leave the clearing food gradually. As only the food, favorable for it, came to an organism of 7 days in a row, the sharp use of "heavy" products can do essential harm digestive and to other systems.

Of course, in 7 days of 10 kg to dump it won't turn out, but high-quality clarification and disposal of 2-3 kg can achieve. That cleaning was maximum, and loss of weight really essential, experts recommend to carry out clarification not less than 10 days.

For 10 days

The ten-day clearing diet for weight loss promotes release of intestines from slags, and also well cleans all organism that can lead to more real loss of weight. The approximate menu for 10 days looks as follows:

First two days:

  • breakfast – herbal tea with honey;
  • lunch – unsweetened herbal tea, apple;
  • dinner – herbal tea with honey.

Third or fourth day:

  • breakfast – porridge, boiled carrots;
  • lunch – 200 g of boiled low-fat fish or boiled egg;
  • dinner – 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.

Fifth or sixth day:

  • breakfast – porridge;
  • lunch – the baked potato, cutting from vegetables;
  • dinner – rice porridge.

Seventh or eighth day:

  • breakfast – 200 ml of yogurt;
  • lunch – 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • dinner – 200 ml of the fat-free kefir.

Ninth or tenth day:

  • breakfast – 200 ml of the fat-free kefir;
  • lunch – cutting from vegetables, 100 g of boiled low-fat fish;
  • dinner – herbal tea with honey.

As having a snack between the main meals it is recommended to use on 1 green apple. Also it is necessary to drink clear water – not less than 2 liters in a day. Instead of herbal tea it is possible to take special drink – the clearing tea of an enerdzha of diets which, according to much growing thin, has very good effect.

On porridges

Porridges are considered as one of the most useful dishes. In fact, it is the razvarenny or steamed-out grains which have not only high nutritional value, but also positively affect work of a gastrointestinal tract, perfectly clear an organism, normalization of weight promote. Diets on porridges are simple and very effective as the carbohydrates which are a part of grain long are digested, keeping feeling of satiety within several hours after meal.

Rules of clarification on porridges

The clearing techniques are usually calculated by porridges on 1-2 weeks during which it is possible to clean well an organism, having lost 4-8 kg of excess weight (depending on duration). Moreover, after such diet at the healthy further nutrition weight usually doesn't come back.

Clarification for weight loss can be carried out by means of different porridges:

  • the millet;
  • the buckwheat;
  • the wheat;
  • the pearl-barley;
  • the rice;
  • the oat;
  • mixes from the specified porridges.

Thus it is important to follow some basic rules:

  • for cooking only water without addition of salt, sugar or fats is used;
  • during a diet it is impossible to starve;
  • it is possible to drink only clear water or unsweetened herbal tea for half an hour to or after the use of porridge.

That porridge had the clearing action, it is very important correct to prepare it. For this purpose in the evening of a croup it is well washed out, filled in with hot water at the rate of 1:3 (or 1:2 for buckwheat), it is carried to boiling and it is maintained on small fire of 5 minutes. Then it is wrapped up till the morning for steaming. By a breakfast porridge will be ready to the use.


Such diets are attractive not only the productivity and lack of hunger, but also simplicity of preparation of dishes, more precisely, one dish – porridge. Thus depending on quantity of types of the used grain there are diets on different porridges or on some one, for example, on porridge, rice, buckwheat or any other.

In the first case on each meal other look is used. It is possible to select grain voluntarily. Restrictions by the size of portions aren't present. It is possible to add to porridges:

  • cinnamon;
  • fruit;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • vegetables.

Thus the quantity of such additives has to be minimum – only for improvement of taste of the porridge. Besides water and unsweetened tea it is allowed to drink the fat-free kefir.

The clearing monodiets on some one type of porridge are considered as more effective, but they it is slightly more difficult for observance as to eat one type of porridge some days in a row much more difficult. But such clarification yields really tremendous results for quite short time. Three such monodiets – buckwheat, rice, on porridge that is caused by special characteristics of this grain are especially popular.

The clearing buckwheat diet

Diets on buckwheat cereal happen several types:
the strict buckwheat – it is possible to eat only a tired buckwheat;
the buckwheat and kefiric – on porridge with addition of kefir;
facilitated buckwheat in the following options:

  • with dried fruits – on 2-3 pieces of dried apricots or prunes for a portion of porridge;
  • with fruit, vegetables, cheese – it is allowed to add fruit (except bananas, dates), boiled or vegetables on couple, no more than 30 g of cheese of 20% of fat content;
  • the strengthening – is added to the previous diet cottage cheese (100 g), boiled veal (100 g), fresh vegetables.

At the facilitated option of food no more than three main meals per day are recommended.

Besides, on duration the buckwheat diet can be 3, 7 or 14 day. Irrespective of complexity and duration all options yield excellent results – high-quality clarification with loss of weight from 2nd to 12 kg.

Buckwheat diet for 3 or 7 days

Three - or the seven-day buckwheat clearing technique most often is based on the strict use only of one buckwheat tired on the way stated above in a proportion 1:2. Food is limited to the following rules:

  • nothing can be added to porridge;
  • it is possible to eat in any quantity;
  • the last reception – in 4 hours prior to a dream;
  • it is necessary to drink not less than 2 pure l.

If on one buckwheat it is difficult to sustain, it is possible to try buckwheat and kefiric option, having added 1 l of the fat-free kefir to a diet. The use of unsweetened coffee or tea is allowed.

Such quite strict technique will allow to clear an organism and to reduce weight a little. It is possible to repeat it only in a month.

The 14-day clearing technique on buckwheat

Two-week clarification on buckwheat is more sparing for an organism. The diet besides buckwheat can include:

  • unsweetened fruit;
  • fresh not starchy vegetables;
  • eggs;
  • the fat-free kefir or yogurt;
  • greens;
  • honey (1 h. l. in a day).

These products will help to diversify considerably a diet and more softly to purge an organism, having got rid thus of 6-7 extra kilos. Porridge can be eaten three times a day, every time adding to it one of the specified products. The others, it is necessary to use for having a snack.

The rice

Rice – the unique grain capable to absorb slags and toxins and then to bring them out of an organism, promoting clarification and weight reduction. From a set of techniques of weight loss on rice it is possible to allocate two most effective – lasting 10 and 14 days.

The 10-day rice clearing diet

The diet on rice calculated on 10 days promotes loss of 3-5 kilograms, helps to clear blood and intestines. The principle of food is quite simple – it is necessary to eat 100 g of rice each two hours, adding to it one of products of the specified list:

  • tomato;
  • 2 cucumbers;
  • apple;
  • 30 g of nuts;
  • pear;
  • kiwi;
  • 20 grapes;
  • peach;
  • banana;
  • half of chicken breast;
  • 30 g of cheese;
  • 100 g of boiled fish;
  • 100 g of a boiled squid;
  • 100 g of shrimps;
  • 150 g of the fat-free kefir;
  • 150 g of skim milk.

It is impossible to pass meals. An indispensable condition – 2 pure l. Unsweetened green or herbal tea is allowed. Thanks to existence of various additives such diet is transferred very easily, and process of clarification happens quite softly.

The 14-day rice clearing diet

This peculiar technique enjoys wide popularity as very effectively removes salts and harmful substances, adjusts work of kidneys and a liver, normalizes exchange processes and allows to get rid of excess 4-5 kg. Its requirements are quite simple:

  • in 20 minutes prior to a breakfast to drink a glass of water;
  • to have breakfast porridge from the soaked rice;
  • after a breakfast not to drink and there are no 4 hours.

It is very important to prepare rice correctly. The soaking allows to remove the connecting component in the absence of which they are capable to absorb all unnecessary in intestines from grains.

It is necessary to prepare rice the next way:

  • to fall asleep in a cup with water of 3 spoons of rice;
  • next day to wash out rice, having replaced water, and also to put the second cup with the same portion of the filled-in rice;
  • every other day to wash out and change water in two cups, having put the third cup with the killed rice;
  • still every other day to repeat procedure with three cups and to kill rice in the fourth.

For the fifth day the next cup with rice is filled in, and rice from the first cup is washed out, worn out boiled water and 10 minutes are drawn. This porridge is used for breakfast.

In 4 hours it is possible to eat everything, having excluded sour, salty, hot dishes. Alcoholic beverages as effect of rice will be directed only on removal of alcoholic toxins are also contraindicated.

On porridge

Oat diet – one of the most effective and harmless power supply systems who promotes cleaning of an organism, reduction of weight, improvement of health and appearance, especially skin. Rules of a diet are simple – it is necessary to eat only porridge or to diversify a diet with kefir, fruit, berries a little. Porridge can be cooked (only on water) or to fill in with water (cold or hot), and then to insist 8-10 hours.

Thus it is necessary to observe some recommendations:

  • to use porridge 4 times a day;
  • between receptions it is possible to eat unsweetened fruit or dried fruits;
  • not to use instant flakes;
  • to drink not less than 2 pure l in a day.

Duration of such diet shouldn't exceed 14 days.

Porridge perfectly sates, helps to avoid feeling of hunger or a breakdown. But it is necessary to apply such technique time in half a year as porridge isn't capable to deliver to an organism all substances, necessary for it.

Porridge from porridge is considered one of the best for face cleansing but only when problems are connected with bad work of a digestive tract. Teenagers in whom rashes are caused by age changes, need to adhere to the diets containing a large amount of vitamins.

So, the system of healthy food founded on various products with the clearing action and which is surely including fruit and vegetables will be the most suitable diet for the girl to clear face skin.

That any clarification was the most effective, it is necessary not only to follow rules of food, but also to carry out the special physical exercises promoting more active work of gastrointestinal and secretory tract.

Physical exercises for clarification

Skin – the largest body of a human body. Through it together with the considerable part of harmful substances is output then. But sweating demands intensive occupations for which it is necessary to receive a lot of energy from food whereas the majority of the clearing techniques give not enough such energy. Therefore they demand performance of special exercises. And it is best of all to cause sweating by means of bathing procedures.

Exercise 1

To put feet on width of shoulders, to raise hands over the head palms up and to weave fingers into the lock. To inhale, rise on toes, to look up, to hold the breath as far as it is possible. To exhale, fall and relax. To repeat 4 times. Exercise speeds up work of a stomach and secretory system.

Exercise 2

It is carried out similarly, but at a look it is necessary to make deep lateral inclinations up – on 8 times in each party. Exercise improves an intestines vermicular movement.

Exercise 3

Feet are wider than shoulders, hands are divorced on each side. To turn in one party, to bring both hands as it is possible further for a back, to look through a shoulder – on 8 times in each party. Exercise masses a small intestine.

Exercise 4

To lay down on a stomach, widely to part feet, to raise a trunk on tiptoe and straight arms. To turn the head together with a trunk in one party to see an opposite heel, then in another – on 8 times. Exercise masses a rectum, improving depletion process.

Exercise vacuum

To make a deep breath, then a full exhalation and at once strongly to pull in a stomach, having held the breath for the greatest possible time. It is possible to take small breaths to increase retraction duration. To exhale, relax. To repeat 4 times. Exercise improves a metabolism and strengthens a cross muscle of a stomach.

This set of exercises should be carried out daily in the mornings on an empty stomach. For bigger efficiency they can be combined with practicians of yoga.

Tea of an enerdzha of diets for fast clarification and weight loss

"Enerdzhi Diyet" is, in fact, the whole program directed on cleaning of an organism and disposal of extra kilos. This line of production includes the cocktails intended for providing good nutrition during weight loss and excluding the receptions of any other products, and also the teas reducing appetite and increasing activity of an organism. And if it is undesirable to replace traditional food with synthetic cocktails for an organism, the clearing tea of an enerdzha of diets with useful natural structure can be applied as an additional tool to acceleration of process of weight loss on the clearing diet.

Contain in such collecting:

  • green tea;
  • buckthorn bark;
  • leaf of Seine;
  • glycyrrhiza root;
  • caraway seeds seeds, etc.

All components of unique natural structure of this drink are picked up clearing an organism of slags and toxins, to provide it with vitamins and microcells, to fill with cheerfulness and energy. The combination of vegetable elements is created in such a way that they supplement and strengthen action of each other. Tea is packaged in bags, is ready the same as a traditional type of this drink.

At reception of the clearing tea of an enerdzha of diets it is necessary to adhere to one of the diets stated above. Also excellent results are yielded by the use of such vitamin drink with cleaning on porridges.

Clarification of an organism by means of yogis – Shank Prakshalana

This very effective way of clarification practices yogas throughout several millennia. It is based that the water drunk before performance of asanas passes through intestines and brings out of it in the natural way all kalovy deposits, slags, toxins. Procedure is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. It is previously necessary to prepare 3 l of water, having added to it 3 tablespoons with top of coarse salt. The amount of necessary water depends on an organism zashlakovannost (3 l – the maximum dose). Usually 4-16 glasses of such salt solution are required.

At first it is necessary to drink one glass and to execute all 4 exercises, then the second – again to repeat all complex. There have to be desires in a toilet. After its visit of exercise it is necessary to repeat until at depletion clear water doesn't start leaving. All exercises are carried out on 4 times in each party, thus tension of a forward belly wall surely has to be felt.

Exercise the first

Feet on width of shoulders, hands are above linked in the lock. To carry out inclinations to the right-to the left that the basin remained motionless.

Exercise the second

Feet on width of shoulders, one hand is taken aside, the palm of the second lies on her shoulder. To turn back, as much as possible to get the taken-away hand for a back, without bending it. The basin and a stomach remain motionless or move to the opposite side.

Exercise the third

Lying on a stomach, to lift the top part of a trunk, to rest straight arms. As much as possible to turn the head in different directions, without moving shoulders to feel stretching of a forward belly wall.

Exercise the fourth

Having squated, to execute serial turns of a trunk aside, bending down a knee of one foot down and pressing a hip of the second foot on a stomach.

In completion of all procedure it is necessary to drink 2 glasses of clear water, then to cause vomiting. It will close everything a sphincter that will stop desires to depletion (differently they won't stop). Within the next 40 minutes it is impossible to use food or water. Then it is necessary to eat a little boiled rice that it absorbed the salt remains. It is possible to drink in 20 minutes after food. For days it is impossible to include crude vegetables fruit, milk, alcoholic beverages, coffee, meat, white loaf in a diet.

To cause sweating which will make clarification for weight loss the full, all specified diets and exercises should be combined even with one procedure – visit of a bath. But it has to be not single action, but correctly organized system.

Clarification of an organism in a ban

Simple visit of a bath is only a pleasant hygienic procedure which doesn't help to get rid of extra kilos and effectively to be cleared. To start such processes, it is necessary to prepare an organism for disposal of harmful substances. At first it is necessary to adjust healthy nutrition. All cleaning diets described above therefore the first campaign in a bath should be dated for completion of clarification or at least by its third day are directed on it.

The second requirement – plentiful drink. This condition is obligatory for any full clarification of an organism. It is necessary to drink clear water, unsweetened herbal teas or compotes from dried fruits. Reception of enough water in a ban will provide active clarification and will protect skin from dehydration.

To receive the maximum advantage of a bath, to clear all organism, to grow thin and get healthier, it is necessary to implement some important recommendations and to work step by step:

  • to take a warm shower without detergents;
  • to come into a steam room for 5 minutes that sweating only began;
  • to leave, slowly to drink a glass of warm herbal tea without sugar or honey;
  • to have a rest 10 minutes, again to come into a steam room, to take a broom, to take a little it over the head, slightly stirring up to heat;
  • it is easy to stroke all body a broom from below up, having three times walked from feet to a neck;
  • further to start pressing serially a broom to different parts of a body, at feeling of heat it is possible to sprinkle it cool water;
  • to pass from prizhimaniye to lungs, but to intensive postegivaniye is the main stage at clarification of an organism;
  • procedure comes to the end with a pokhlestyvaniye.

Before the second calling a steam room it is useful to be covered with honey that will provide the best food, clarification, moistening of skin, will relieve of small inflammations. Soap shouldn't use as it pulls together a time and reduces an exit of harmful substances.

High temperature in a ban promotes blood circulation strengthening that leads to activization of cleaning processes. Thus kidneys and a liver can "have a rest" as in a ban from them the part of secretory function is removed. Also positively high temperature influences an intestines vermicular movement, helping it to be exempted from slags.

The correct clarification for weight loss with use of the techniques stated above will promote strengthening of health, normalization of weight, disposal of many diseases and considerable improvement of appearance. The best confirmation of efficiency of the clearing diet – responses of those who used one or several such techniques and procedures.

Responses and results of the grown thin

Marine, 27 years, Volgograd

Some years I use a clarification technique on rice, and also periodically I "go" on any diet for cleaning and disposal of several extra kilos. I give preference to vegetables and fruit. With result it is very happy – I consider such actions in the best way to support myself in shape. For the first time loss of weight made 5 kg in 14 days, now I don't bring myself to such state, and simply I am engaged in prevention.

Galina P., 32, Moscow

I practice yoga therefore practice Shank Prakshalana is known to me not by hearsay. Very much I recommend – really there is an organism all sewage. Thus it is very important to purge also food. I prefer kashevy diets and surely I visit a bath during this period. In an organism – ease improbable, and skin becomes, as at the baby.

Victoria, 20 years, Krasnoyarsk

By means of a diet on porridge the sister managed ochistx skin, having got rid of juvenile spots. However, we alternated days to one porridge and to vegetables fruit which give to an organism the necessary vitamins. The result was noticed in a week. Now both periodically we sit down on cleaning diets not to gain excess weight and to keep beautiful skin.

Alyona, 45 years, St.-Petersburg

Together with the husband regularly we arrange cleaning of an organism, and according to all program. As constantly we play sports, during this period we pass to less intensive exercises. Very much I recommend – it is possible to lose in a week in the weight of 5-6 kg and if further to observe healthy nutrition, they don't come back.

Svetlana Vasilyevna, 50, Khabarovsk

On the advice of the girlfriend I got enerdzh of diets the tea clearing, I drank it during observance of the clearing buckwheat diet. Even I didn't expect so noticeable result – left for a week of 6 kg. 4 months later weight didn't return, however, I carry out periodic cleanings on rice.