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Clarification of intestines from slags and toxins in house conditions

Clarification of intestines from slags and toxins in house conditions

Each person respecting himself has to clear intestines, the cleared organism is the same, as a healthy organism. Through a stomach of the person together with food there passes the set of harmful substances, in particular, of toxins, nitrates, chemical stimulators. They settle in a digestive tract, thereby the organism becomes filled with slags. It in turn very badly affects the general condition of the person and functioning of separate bodies, in particular intestines.

It is simple to carry out clarification of intestines in house conditions, it is available to each person. Folk remedies, ways help in this perfectly. If the person wants to revitalize the body, to begin healthy nutrition, etc. that is to begin sense with cleaning of an organism, intestines. At the same time it is important to understand that toxins are very harmful to intestines. Settling in intestines, they can lead to intoxication sharp, subsharp and chronic. At sharp and subsharp intoxication the health worsens at once and quickly if not to turn into time for this attention, then there can come instant death. Clarification of intestines and other bodies is required at chronic intoxication which develops in case long and constantly harmful substances inside arrive. Toxins have properties to accumulate in intestines, are soaked up in blood through its walls and arrive to other bodies. Clarification is not only an opportunity to get healthier, but also an excellent way to lose weight.

Zashlakovannost signs

If in intestines there are no slags and toxins, then it smoothly works, independently copes with viruses which get inside. But emergence in an organism of slags leads to the fact that the amount of poison increases, on an orgasm there is a constant negative impact. Even the small disease can become the real problem subsequently. And as the reason for that serves the fact that medicines because of a zashlakovannost interfere with normal digestion of medicines.

That intestines intoxicated, will be told by the following facts:

  • The increased irritability
  • Frequent headaches
  • Bystry fatigue
  • Periodic breakdown
  • Emergence of spots on skin
  • Skin inflammations
  • The splitting hair and fragile nails
  • GIT diseases, in particular, gastritis, ulcer, colitis.

All these signs say that intestines need clarification, all bodies are hammered with slags and toxins and it is urgently necessary to start cleaning again to adjust functioning of all bodies.

Contraindications to cleaning

Cleaning of an organism from slags and toxins in house conditions is shown not all. In certain cases it can be forbidden. Cleaning has to be carried out without harm, at some diseases it, on the contrary, can negatively affect a condition of the person.

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The following indispositions belong to contraindications of the procedure:

  • Dysbacteriosis which is change of balance of intestinal microflora. Because of it diarrhea develops, and also there are violations in the course of digestion. Means of cleaning together with slags and toxins can remove also useful bacteria that leads to a bigger dysbacteriosis.
  • Damages of walls of intestines, for example, cracks, fistulas, sores. If to clear intestines, then it can lead to an infection and suppuration, and owing to leads to peritonitis and perforation.
  • Worms. They can migrate on all bodies during cleaning of intestines. Because of it they can lodge in a throat, a gullet, in some cases even in lungs and heart.
  • Sharp hemorrhoids, oncological diseases of intestines, ulcer colitis, disease Krone. When cleaning these diseases amplify and lead to a complication.
  • Existence of pathogenic bacteria.

During pregnancy before cleaning it is necessary to consult with the expert, consultation is necessary to also feeding mothers, people who underwent operation GIT recently, and also at such diseases as a hypertension, diseases of kidneys and hearts. Anyway before cleaning everyone should consult to purge an organism without unpleasant consequences and to reveal the latent diseases.

Procedures before cleaning of an organism

The organism before the procedure needs preparatory activities. Here everything is directed to removing slags, but in softer way.

Practical advice: Cleaning to an organism is applied also and to weight loss. For couple of days prior to the main actions it is necessary to normalize food, to make it balanced.

The sizes of portions are for this purpose reduced, and the frequency of meals increases. It is necessary to carry out meal at the same time. You should not forget also physical exercises which need to be carried out regularly. It is necessary not to accept refractory fats, canned food, sweets, smoked products, fat in food. It is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages and aerated. It is impossible to smoke and take medicine without appointments of the doctor. It is important to pay attention to the drinking mode. For more effective cleaning of an organism it is necessary to drink about 2 liters of water a day. Best of all in day before procedures to descend in a bath or a sauna then it is necessary to take a contrast shower. It will allow to increase the speed of exchange processes, and also cleaning of an organism of toxins and slags will begin.

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Clarification of an organism products

Cleaning of intestines folk remedies is possible, for example, products which to achieve desirable effect much quicker, not only cleaning of an organism, but also weight loss belongs to those effects.

Treat those products:

  • Dried fruits. Dried apricots, raisin and a fig mix up on 250 grams and are presoaked in boiled water, passed via the meat grinder. Too most to make with Senna's leaves. To mix everything and to accept in the evening on one tablespoon. The course lasts 7 days, mix is stored in the refrigerator.
  • Bran. They need to be eaten on two spoons and to wash down with water. They are capable to process a mucous membrane of intestines due to increase in volume. If in food fibrous food is not contraindicated, then bran can be used without breaks.
  • Broth oat. For it it is necessary to cook in two liters of water 200 grams of porridge within 45 minutes. It is necessary to drink broth four times a day on 100 ml.
  • Vegetables salad. It is necessary to use vegetables with the high content of cellulose, in particular, cabbage, carrots, beet, a celery. The main thing, salad do not need to be salted and filled. To optimum accept it in the morning.
  • Grain. They can be any buckwheat, wheat, oat or rice. Grain is capable to strengthen an intestines vermicular movement, also the organism gets rid of kalovy stones. Kashi cannot be salted, but it is possible to add vegetable oil.
  • Fermented milk products in the form of fermented baked milk, kefir, natural yogurt. It is important that these products were fresh.

The use of these products normalizes work of intestines, will promote a conclusion of harmful substances from it. Thus, also other bodies will begin to be cleared, adjusting a condition of all organism in general.

Clarification by broths

Well purify broths of herbs. They need to be used for the night, for the morning there is a soft clarification of intestines.

Several medicinal broths which help to clear intestines of slags:

  • It is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of the dried-up Senna's grass, 2 tablespoons of a plantain. We fill in 200 ml of boiled water, we add an immortelle – 4 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon of a camomile. All these herbs can be bought in a drugstore. Broth is boiled a couple of minutes, filtered and cooled.
  • Broth consists of 1 tablespoon of a plantain, a camomile and a sushitsa. All herbs need to be put in a pan and to fill in 200 ml of warm water. Broth is boiled 1 minute. After that it infuses with the closed cover.
  • In a glass of water 4 tablespoons of cones of an alder are boiled. It cooks 14 minutes then it is cooled.

If there was diarrhea, then it is necessary to make concentration of broth less. If for the morning does not occur depletion of intestines, then a dose a grass it is necessary to make more, on the contrary.

Clarification by an enema

Nothing so well clears intestines as enemas. It is a bystry and effective way which are also demanded by knowledge and abilities of holding this procedure. It is necessary to be careful and accurate, incorrectly checked procedure can lead to dysbacteriosis, around an anus irritations can appear. For this reason during such cleaning to recommend to drink a probiotics.

It is necessary to process a tip of an enema and leather in the place of its introduction vegetable oil or children's cream. It is important to use boiled water or broths, such as chistotet, camomiles, a yarrow, birch leaves. It is also possible to use salt solution in a proportion on water 2 liter teaspoons. Holding a procedure assumes existence of a mug of Esmarkh.

Attention! Sterilize its tip before the use.

Liquid has to be neutral temperature, hot and cold water will irritate intestines walls. The procedure on all fours is carried out, the tip is accurately entered into a back opening on 5 cm. We hang the head and we wait until all liquid is included into intestines. After that at once it is not necessary to empty intestines, try to keep 5-7 minutes.

Other ways of clarification

But there are methods of clarification and without enema. These ways for those who do not know how to clean intestines without enema. It is possible to do it by means of medicinal laxative medicines. Such way clears promotes clarification of both thin department, and thick.

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Perfectly will be suitable for this method of clarification:

  • Dyufalak
  • Lavakol
  • Forlaks
  • Castor oil
  • Magnesia
  • Senna's grass and all medicines which part the grass is.

It is better that depletive was picked up by the doctor, the risk that it will do harm is so excluded. That toxins and slags were removed better, it is possible to do regular physical exercises. For example, in a standing position of a leg it is necessary to put at shoulder length, and to pull hands up. We bend to the right and to the left serially. Attacks by a leg too perfectly stimulate clarification of intestines.

Basic rules of cleaning of an organism

You should not hurry to begin cleaning of an organism hasty. It is necessary to approach this procedure responsibly and know that it is important to study more information on this subject, to get acquainted with contraindications of the chosen way. It is necessary to study technology of cleaning, to find out what side effects can follow. In the course of cleaning of an organism it is necessary to watch the state if the state is sharp to worsen, then it is necessary to stop cleaning. It is important to understand that cleaning process long and result will not appear at once, it is necessary to have patience and to move to the purpose.

Pay attention: all Internet ways of bystry cleaning of an organism are extremely harmful. It is better to choose ways of gradual and long cleaning. They more effective and sparing for an organism.

It is worth to remember about an internal spirit, it is necessary to be prepared for such procedure not only physically, but also morally. Believe that at you everything surely will turn out. Clarification of intestines – an important complex of actions which is directed to improvement of health of the person, increase in his mood and vigor, to improvement of a condition of skin and a hair. Not to mention good functioning of all internals.