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The cold wrapping – refreshes, invigorates, cellulitis kills!

Wrappings as a type of the anti-cellulite and modeling therapy are directed on clarification, removal from an organism of products of disintegration and processing of fatty deposits, the preservation of elasticity of skin extremely actual during active reduction of weight (especially — if express programs are applied), restoration of a tone of mammary glands and fabrics of a forward belly wall, removal of surplus of liquid, puffiness removal, immunity strengthening. Wrappings happen hot, isothermal and cold. The cold wrapping from cellulitis as you already understood, became a subject for separate conversation.

The cold wrapping – refreshes, invigorates, cellulitis kills!

As indications to performance of wrappings are considered:

  • ginoidny lipodistrofiya of any degree (it "cellulitis");
  • surplus of fatty deposits;
  • flabbiness or puffiness of skin.

The standard course of wrappings includes 6-12 wrappings which are carried out from 1 to 3 times within a week, duration of each session — of 30 minutes till 1 o'clock.

In isothermal wrappings (if temperature of mix is equal to body temperature) the mineral modeling components where laminaria extracts, sea silt, a kaolin (cosmetic clay) enter are most often used. In the cooling wrappings which carry out in salons by means of special anti-cellulite mixes, structures with extracts of a fucus, klematis, green tea, sea salt and the main cooling ingredient — the menthol rendering also vazotonichesky and lymphatic drainage effect are applied.

The main advantage of cold and isothermal wrappings before the hot is that is strictly forbidden to carry out hot anti-cellulite wrappings at varicosity, a kuperoza and other vascular pathologies. Whereas cold wrappings are admissible even at very bad condition of blood vessels.

In house conditions it is also possible to carry out cold wrappings, and to apply to them the same components that are used and in salons.

For example, vodoroslevy wrappings.

The micronized seaweed or sloyevishcha of a laminaria will be necessary for you for them (it is possible to get online or in specialized shops). Seaweed should be killed in water of room temperature, not to heat, leave in water a minimum for half an hour at all. After that it is necessary to impose accurately seaweed on problem zones and for fixing to use not a film which will increase temperature, and wide bandage or a gauze providing air circulation and drainage effect.

The cold wrapping – refreshes, invigorates, cellulitis kills!

At desire it is possible to get the ready mix of the plasticizing wrapping containing menthol and seaweed.

Also wrappings with clay about which in more detail you will be able to read in article of the same name on our site belong to category of the cold. Strictly speaking, wrappings with clay can be both isothermal, and hot or cold. Here everything will depend on the accompanying components and a way of drawing.

So, if in clay mix to implicate caffeine (especially in ampoules) or to kapsika, and also essential oils with the warming effect, like cinnamon, and over a mask to impose a film and a warm blanket, such wrapping surely will appear in category hot.

But if to mix the same amount of the same cosmetic clay of any color with powder of seaweed, sea salt, essential oil of a peppermint, extracts of herbs , etc. substances, and to apply it on skin, without turning atop in anything, the wrapping with clay will pass into the category of the cold.

One more option of a cold wrapping is available to execution even in the most budgetary limited situations. For it you need vinegar, wine or apple, water and a gauze or wide bandage.

Water mix with vinegar in a proportion one to one, it is possible to add some drops of mint, orange, grapefruit or eucalyptus essential oils to mix. Wind a gauze or bandage round problem zones, and then carefully impregnate them (bandage or a gauze) with mix of water and vinegar. It is necessary to hold such wrapping not less than one hour if during this time bandage dry, moisten them again. Moisture, among other things, will provide the additional cooling effect extremely useful to narrowing of a time and reduction of puffiness.

The cold wrapping – refreshes, invigorates, cellulitis kills!

For achievement of the greatest efficiency at execution of cold wrappings it is necessary to execute algorithm of preparation previously:

  1. to clear skin in a bathtub or soul, using gel, cream or soap — on your discretion;
  2. to execute procedure of removal of the become lifeless cells of epidermis, in other words — peeling. It is preferable to use to this purpose or the ready srubs incorporating the anti-cellulite components identical to a wrapping, or prepared independently. We will explain — if in a wrapping which you intend to do, there is a sea salt and/or caffeine, it is quite good to add these components and to mix for peeling.

If you wish to combine peeling with anti-cellulite massage, do procedure for dry skin, slightly moisten hands with water. In case of too strong friction moisten also skin of problem zones not to injure epidermis.

  1. After you executed peeling and washed away the mix remains, it is necessary to wipe well skin, and on dry pure cold (it is important, skin should allow to cool down after a warm or hot shower) skin apply mix for a wrapping. It is possible to put with hands or the special pallet. Not bad the usual brush will be suitable for coloring of hair, it rather rigid and wide.
  2. Sustain mix on skin the put time, wash away its water warm (not more hotly), and apply anti-cellulite oil mix on moist skin.

In order that the effect from procedures was not simply "noticeable", but greatest possible, try to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Regularity and sequence. If the course consists of 10 procedures executed two times a week means — within five weeks you consistently and carefully you do all necessary.
  2. Observance of the drinking mode. Perfectly, if for an hour - one and a half to a wrapping you are able to drink about 500 ml of pure drinking water. It will accelerate outflow of excessive liquid, having increased effect from procedure.
  3. Combine external anti-cellulite procedures with increase in physical activity and correction of food habits.

And finally — the traditional offer. If you, your acquaintances or relatives already did cold wrappings from cellulitis, share with us how it was and what effect to them managed to achieve.


Pay attention to other methods of fight against cellulitis and problem skin:

  • Many factors confirm efficiency of can massage: responses the women who completed a course of massage and enthusiastic views of men, ease and excellent mood.
  • Exercises - an effective, available and reliable tool for successful fight against cellulitis in house conditions.
  • Vacuum masseur - the modern adaptation, the blood circulations and to break excess fatty deposits on various sites of a body allowing to make stimulation.
  • Cellulitis at thin women arises because of a variety of reasons: genetic predisposition, smoking, inactive way of life, stress, narrow clothes, hormonal influence, irrational food.
  • The mesotherapy is among the most effective methods applied at treatment of cellulitis and fight against extensions and wrinkles.

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