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Set of exercises in a gym for girls for weight loss

Weight loss or drying – important and inevitable process in life of any sports girl. Someone wants to get rid of extra kilos, and someone it is simple to be dried and receive a treasured relief. Before starting this process, it is necessary to make an individual set of exercises in a gym for girls for weight loss taking into account features of an organism.

Also it is worth remembering, what even the program from the eminent trainer won't be effective if not to adhere to healthy nutrition and not to limit itself in food. The quantity of the consumed calories has to be less, than amount of energy which you spend for training.

Kardio of training

First of all, define, what type of a constitution you treat – эktomorf, a mesomorph or эndomoforf. In other words, as far as your organism is inclined to a weight set and as quickly you lose extra kilos. If weight loss for you is difficult process, besides power sets of exercises it is necessary to add kardio. In an ideal, it is better to do it since morning, having had a bite protein cocktail or amino acids, and after completion of occupation it is possible to have breakfast fully. Kardio of session should be seen off on average speed, fast walking or slow run will approach. Such occupations can be carried out successfully, both within the walls of a gym, and on the street. Performance time – from 30 to 80 minutes.

Of course, not all is convenient to train since morning therefore it is possible to do kardio after power training or in any other convenient time. The number of such occupations in a week is established individually depending on a form of the girl and a deadline of weight loss. Optimum quantity kardio trainings – from 3 to 5 in a week.

At weight loss one of frequent mistakes of girls in a gym – to spend too much time on a racetrack, forgetting about power exercises and healthy nutrition for weight reduction. Training to exhaustion, it is only possible to worsen own metabolism and to bring an organism into a condition of a stress. In total has to be moderately, and kardio too!

Set of exercises in a gym for girls for weight loss

There are two approaches to power complexes in a gym to grow thin. The first – to be engaged at former speed and not to lose workers weight, and – to reduce the second workers of weight, but to increase intensity of training, that is to do more repetitions in approach and to reduce rest time. If you are afraid to lose muscle bulk, easily you grow thin and you carry yourself to ektomorfa, it is better to adhere to the first way. And to girls who hardly lose the gained kilograms, it is worth building training in the second way.

Also at weight loss it is useful:

  • to carry out circular trainings
  • to use the principles of a superset, triset
  • to carry out in the last approaches a delay on a negative phase, that is in tension phase
  • to train in pampingovy style, causing a rush of blood to a target muscle
  • emphasis on problem zones and to train them 2-3 times a week
  • to involve a set of insulating exercises

Set of exercises at power speed for weight loss

It should be noted that there is no universal set of exercises for weight loss. Girls should remember that for the greatest efficiency on each occupation in a gym it is necessary to carry out not less than 1-2 general exercises and 3-4 insulating.

At the end of each training press of 5-10 minutes. An upper body it is possible to train once a week, simply varying complexes on every week.

Set of exercises for weight loss – (reduction of scales and increase of intensity)

For training it is necessary to carry out 4-5 circles at fast speed, in one circle rest minimum – 10-30 seconds, only after performance of each circle it is possible to have a rest 3-4 minutes, be guided by the feelings. Number of repetitions in each circle – 15-20 therefore weight it is necessary to take averages. Training duration: 50-60 minutes.

You can replace exercises from one complex with others, add something special or pay attention to concrete muscular group. Adhere to these principles, train with the maximum return, eat properly, and the result won't keep itself waiting long!

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