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Set of exercises in a gym for women

Gym – an ideal place for complex trainings of various groups of muscles which will be suitable for occupations not only to men – heavyweights, but also fragile ladies.

Women are engaged in a gym to grow thin or, on the contrary, to gain muscle bulk, to improve natural forms or to get these most magnificent forms by means of diligent trainings. It is no secret that occupations in a hall not only model a figure, but also improve an organism in general, improve mood, promotes development of useful hormones, and also temper endurance of an organism.

Set of exercises in a gym for women

Set of exercises in a gym for women

At first sight it seems that can be simpler than trainings in a gym where there is all necessary base: exercise machines, instructors, the qualified trainers. But everything isn't so simple. The most important delusion of all women who for the first time get to a gym: it is more than exercises on various exercise machines – the result is better.

Actually, running from the exercise machine to the exercise machine, changing shells, alternating weight, you not only won't be able to achieve desirable results, but also you can do much harm to the health the wrong technology of performance of this or that exercise, too big weight, excess loadings.

Preparation for occupations in a gym

Before buying the subscription in a gym, be not too lazy to pass medical examination to exclude a serious illness, to pick up optimum loading according to your physical development.

Underestimation any insignificant, in your opinion, can lead diseases to serious consequences. For example, the therapist can not allow the woman to occupations if the level of hemoglobin is much lower than norm that can cause a preunconscious state, loss of consciousness during serious physical activities.

Even if you have any diseases, the doctor and the trainer will be able to define an optimum level of loadings during trainings, and also to develop the individual program of exercises excluding load of this or that part of a body.

The organism is capable to prompt to you, whether physical activities when it is necessary to stop by means of pain are necessary to it. As soon as the woman feels pain during training, it is necessary to stop immediately it and to organize rest. It is also necessary to study localization of pain, to learn its prime cause, having made necessary tests and having passed inspection in medical institution.

Development of the program of trainings

After the desire to get the subscription coincided with opportunities of a female organism, time came to decide on the program of trainings, that is whether there will be it independently picked up exercises or the help of the personal trainer is necessary. If the woman for the first time appeared in a hall, of course, without the assistance of the trainer not to manage. He competently will approach any problem, will help to make the plan – the program of trainings with the emphasis on the desirable end result, will put the correct equipment and will trace the course of performance of exercises by the woman.

Golden rule of the beginning of trainings – study safety measures, study exercise machines.

Of course, to the girl who for the first time appeared among heavyweights and I decided to make independently to myself the plan of occupations, it will be hard to deal with mission of this or that shell and technology of work with it. For this purpose in a hall always there has to be a duty trainer or qualified fitness – instructors who will help the woman — to the beginner to deal with mechanisms of shells, to study technology of performance of this or that exercise to gain from it effect and to exclude injury-causing situations.

Further it is necessary to define, for what purpose the woman started trainings:

  • to lose excess weight;
  • to gain muscle bulk;
  • to support weight at the certain level;
  • to improve power indicators and endurance;
  • to improve shapes of a body.
Set of exercises in a gym for women

It is necessary to define the campaign purpose to the sports hall

At once it is necessary to dispel one more myth concerning female trainings. Often in halls such picture – kardio is visible – the zone is overflowed by female persons, they for hours twist bicycle pedals, racetracks and ellipsoids torture, expecting fast effect. But without power trainings kardio – exercises for persons interested will be inefficient to grow thin. As a rule, kardio – trainings allow to develop endurance, are good for a warming up or, on the contrary, after the main training.

In order that after weight loss of a muscle didn't lose a tone, the beautiful relief of female forms was created, it is necessary to combine kardio – exercises with feasible power loading of general exercises.

Set of exercises for women

It is important to consider that in one day it is possible to train no more than two groups of muscles.

It is possible to alternate them at discretion. And, it isn't obligatory to train every day, it is possible to break all set of exercises directed on study of various groups of muscles, for three days:

  • 1st day: hand / back;
  • 2nd day: buttocks / hips / gastrocnemius muscles;
  • 3rd day: press.

Day the first: training of muscles of hands and back

Any training begins with 10 – minute warm-up which can consist of general exercises of aerobics or kardio – exercises.

Further we start power exercises.

Exercise 1: depending on physical development take in hand dumbbells or a signature stamp (empty or with weighting). Feet on width of shoulders, elbows are pressed to a body. Shake hands to a breast so that their internal surface looked at you. It is necessary to make 3 approaches on 10 – 12 repetitions.

Exercise 2: we change technology of exercise 1 a little: feet also on width of shoulders, elbows closely to a body, it is only necessary to reap not two hands at the same time, and to alternate raising of hands. It is necessary to make 3 approaching on 10 repetitions on each hand.

Set of exercises in a gym for women

Exercises for hands

Exercise 3: you will need a bench. Lay down on a bench, having taken dumbbells in hand. Raise hands over yourself, without cramping them, on the contrary, you part on width of shoulders, turn their internal surface to the person. Press dumbbells to a breast, slightly parting elbows. It is necessary to make 3 approaches on 10 – 12 repetitions.

Exercise 4: lay down on a bench, raise hands with dumbbells over yourself. You part dumbbells in the parties, you will feel at once tension in axillary hollows, in a biceps and muscles of a breast. If tension isn't present, replace the weight of dumbbells with heavier. Make 3 approaches on 10 – 12 repetitions.

Exercise 5: in this exercise it is involved and the triceps is perfectly studied. Lay down on a bench, extend hands with dumbbells over yourself, having connected them. Record dumbbells at one height, balance by means of fingers of hands. Then lower hands for the head down. Only don't tear off a waist from a bench, don't curve it. Make 3 approaches on 10 – 12 repetitions.

Exercise 6: giperekstenziya. Adjust exercise machine height for a giperekstenziya so that your hips were recorded, and the waist is mobile. Hands for the head, you watch breath. Fall down and slowly rise. You watch amplitude of movements: don't rise too highly that the waist wasn't curved, and don't fall against the stop down. Make 3 approaches on 15 repetitions. For bigger effect it is possible to take in hand and to press metal "pancake" to a breast.

Set of exercises in a gym for women

Occupations on a giperekstenziya

Exercise 7: training of hands and a back for lat – the car. Lat – the car represents a crossbeam with the returnable mechanism which can be made heavier according to the level of physical preparation. You sit down in lat – the car so that knees were densely recorded in the exercise machine. Having chosen optimum weight for weighting, pull a crossbeam to a bottom. And it is possible to pull in two ways:

— to a breast (thus you can work a biceps);

— for the head to shoulders (back muscles are more studied).

It is necessary to make 3 approaches on 10 – 15 repetitions.

Day of the second: training of buttocks, hips and gastrocnemius muscles

Always pay to training of these zones of the woman prime attention. It is considered that the best exercises for study of these groups of muscles are general exercises: a squat with a signature stamp, a squat with the weight, attacks with weighting, moves feet.

Exercise 1: a squat with a signature stamp. In a squat the main thing – to put technology of performance. Correct the signature stamp weight, and also its weighting according to recommendations of the trainer or own specific features. Put feet more widely than shoulders, having slightly developed a foot in the parties. Place a signature stamp on shoulders, be careful that it didn't press on cervical vertebras. Squat, having slightly bent the case forward so that knees didn't drop out, there were at an angle 90 degrees from a floor. You watch also that knees in a squat didn't clench, on the contrary, you part them in the parties. Make 3 approaches on 15 repetitions.

Set of exercises in a gym for women

Over time it is possible to add weight

Exercise 2: a squat with the weight. It is most convenient to do this exercise, having placed feet on a step – platforms. It will allow to increase depth of a squat and will exclude possibility of contact of the weight with a floor. The same equipment, as in exercise 1, only you watch that there was no additional load of a waist, don't curve it. Repeat this exercise in 3 approaches on 12 – 15 times.

Exercise 3: attacks with weighting. Take in hand dumbbells with your working weight. If you are allowed by the size of a training zone, it is better to do attacks, walking forward. If it isn't enough place, do attacks on a place. Serially throw out a foot forward, squatting on a knee, only you watch that the knee didn't drop out, at the same time raising against a shoulder that hand from dumbbells, on what foot you do attack. You, respectively, create effect of weighting. Make 3 approaches on 10 attacks on each foot.

Set of exercises in a gym for women

Attacks with weighting

Exercise 4: moves feet. Take a training rug, become on hunkers, push a foot back, pull a sock above and above. And so on 10 – 12 times on each foot during 3 approaches. If in a hall there is a special exercise machine for moves feet, execute serially exercise on an internal and external surface of hips during 3 approaches.

Day the third: training of muscles of a press

Exercise 1: lay down on a gymnastic rug, record feet, hands for the head, do deep raising of the case during 3 approaches on 20 – 30 repetitions.


Exercise 2: lay down on a rug, densely record shoulders and a waist at opportunity. Raise feet over a surface of a floor and do "scissors" during 3 approaches on 20 – 30 repetitions.

Exercise 3: on a bench for training of a press. Lay down on a back, hands you hold a hand-rail, raise feet to a breast at first together, then separately, imitating a driving by bicycle.

Having studied features of own organism, having made the program of trainings, having distributed loading and having put technology of performance of exercises, the woman who is engaged in a gym quickly will achieve desirable results, her body will take a healthy form, forms will become more magnificent that won't remain unaddressed persons of an opposite sex.

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