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Diet at diabetes: that is possible, and that it is impossible

What is possible, and what it is impossible to use on a diet at diabetes? Use a diet at diabetes and follow the table — that is possible, and that it is impossible to eat!

Diet at diabetes

Diabetes – a dangerous disease and to trifle with its treatment — a big mistake. The illness can provoke damage of other vitals. And the only solution of this problem, that is normal health and a habitual way of life, accurate observance of a special diet and recommendations of the doctor, depending on diabetes type is.

Diet at diabetes: that is possible, and that it is impossible

The reason of diabetes is considered a lack of insulin and a surplus of glucose of blood. The illness can be hereditary and acquired as a result of the wrong way of life, etc.

Diabetes can be divided into types:

  1. The first type is connected with a lack of insulin and the people suffering from diabetes need to enter insulin to avoid such illnesses as a hyperglycemia and ketoacidoz. As a rule, this type is characteristic for young people (till 30 years).
  2. The second type, unlike the first is characteristic development of enough insulin or even a surplus. Is more characteristic for elderly people with an excess weight.
  3. Gestational diabetes – intolerance of glucose develops at pregnancy and vanishes after the birth of the kid.
  4. Other types which are caused by various genetic diseases, as a result of reception of certain preparations, an infection, food violation.

How to define harmful products?

To deal with the list of the forbidden products it is necessary to know an indicator thanks to which it is possible to make it, namely a glycemic index. It shows glucose level in blood after the use of these or those products. The index, the worse for the diabetic is higher, that is the product is very harmful thanks to the high content of sugar and other substances that negatively influence glucose level.

Types of food on a glycemic index:

  1. With a low glycemic index – the indicator makes to 40 units;
  2. Average glycemic index – fluctuation of figures from 40 to 70 units;
  3. With a high glycemic index – index figures from 70 to 100 units.

The people suffering from diabetes need to eat products which belong to the first type (with a low glycemic index).

Exactly thanks to this indicator any diabetic will be able to regulate the food itself. After all it is necessary to adhere to a diet all life, and it is very important that the person didn't feel to himself limited in food. The knowledge of a glycemic index is also necessary for those who wishes to grow thin.

Products with a low glycemic index

Sheets of salad10
Pepper green10
Cabbage of broccoli10
Bran rice19
Dry soybeans20
Fresh apricot20
Dark chocolate (70% of cocoa)22
Lentil green22
Tinned soybeans22
Fresh plums22
Pearl-barley porridge22
Doctor's sausages28
Fruit jelly berry without sugar, jam without sugar30
Soy milk30
2% milk30
Peanut butter32
Chocolate milk34
Fresh carrots35
Dried apricots35
The yogurt fat-free35
Natural yogurt35
Vermicelli Chinese36
Spaghetti from flour of a rough grinding38
Fish sticks40
Wheat grain bread, bread rye40
White beans40
Apple juice without sugar40
Fresh green peas40
Porridge from cornmeal40
Juice from orange without sugar40


Apparently from the table, there are many products which glycemic index doesn't exceed 50, and it means that it is authorized to people to eat them with diabetes. Also we will consider tables of products with average and high glycemic indaksam:

Products with an average glycemic index

Tinned Turkish peas41
Color haricot42
Lentil soup or mashed potatoes44
Tinned pears44
Bread from bran45
Pineapple juice without sugar46
Fruit bread47
Grapefruit juice without sugar48
Grape juice without sugar48
Tinned green peas48
Bread and pancakes from buckwheat flour50
Cheese tortellin50
Macaroni and spaghetti50
Brown rice50
Buckwheat cereal50
Tomato soup52
Ice cream52
Sweet yogurt52
Fruit salad with cream55
Butter biscuits55
Oatmeal cookies55
Cakes and pies59
Sweet tinned corn59
White peas dishes60
Cheese and tomatoes pizza60
Gamburgerny rolls61
The baked biscuit63
Black beans in the form of soup or mashed potatoes64
Black bread65
Orange juice65
Cream of wheat65
Vegetables tinned65
Potatoes in a uniform65
Sweet melon65
Mashed potatoes and soup on the basis of green peas66
Porridge and muesli on its basis66
Wheat flour69
Milk chocolate70
Chips fruit with sugar70
Sugar of any kind70
Chocolate bars70
Sugar jam and fruit jelly70
Boiled corn70
Sweet carbonated drinks70


Products with a high glycemic index

Wheat porridge71
Water-melon, pumpkin, vegetable marrows75
Unsweetened wafers76
The muesli containing raisin and nuts80
Cookies cracker80
Chips from potatoes80
Fodder beans80
Instant instant mashed potatoes83
Rice bread85
Simple white loaf85
Corn from popcorn85
Carrot dishes85
Corn flakes85
Instant rice porridge (on water)90
Honey and products of beekeeping90
Liquid mashed potatoes90
Tinned apricots91
Grain rice95
Potatoes dishes95
Parsnip and products on its basis97
Rich products on the basis of white flour100
Cornmeal dishes100
Any kinds of beer and kvass110


What it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat at diabetes?

Incorrectly food can lead to very sad consequences –
to aggravation of an illness and even coma. As already all know, forbidden products with
high amount of carbohydrates are:

  • Passion of all sweet teeth – sugar and food with its high content;
  • Bakery products, to be exact – white loaf (rich flour products);
  • Fat meat and fish – mutton, pork, beef, fat, a duck, a goose;
  • Smoked products, stewed meat, canned food, caviar;
  • Vegetables with high content of starch – potatoes, carrot, beet;
  • Marinated vegetables;
  • The dishes prepared in fast food;
  • Sweet fruit – bananas, peaches, water-melons, tangerines.
  • Fruit juice as producers I add to them a lot of sugar.

What it is POSSIBLE to eat?

In each supermarket there are separate show-windows with products which are intended for diabetics therefore problems with search of goods with a low glycemic index won't arise. So that has to be in your diet:

  • Bakery products – diabetic bread from whole grain, with bran;
  • Various porridges – buckwheat, brown rice, porridge, pearl barley;
  • Soups, of course, the lunch has to be full and not to do without vegetable broth.
  • Dietary meat – chicken, a turkey, meat of a rabbit. Boiled sausage and sausages is allowed even;
  • Eggs;
  • Low-fat fish – a cod, a pike perch, a flounder. Seafood, because of availability in them of polynonsaturated fatty acids (a squid, a crab). Fish canned food without oil;
  • Dairy products – natural yogurt, milk, fermented baked milk, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • Practically all vegetables and greens;
  • Unsweetened fruit and sour berries – apples, bilberry, pineapple, a cranberry, a citrus;
  • Fats of a vegetable and animal origin.

As it is correct to prepare products

It is better for the people suffering from diabetes to prepare products in house conditions, using all available methods for reduction of a glycemic index.

For example, to enrich them with cellulose, to add tomatoes and greens to macaroni or rice, to eat more crude vegetables. Thanks to such ways carbohydrates to be acquired more slowly, and less sugar will get to blood.

It is important to replace sugar with a stevia. In many shops sweets for which preparation use a stevia, the main thing are already on sale, attentively to read structure.

Put the menu for every day at diabetes

 BreakfastSecond breakfastLunchMid-morning snackDinner
MondayPortion of salad from fresh carrots, a butter slice, a plate of Herculean milk porridge, small loafs from bran, tea with a sakharozamenitelApplePlate of vegetable soup or borsch, portion of roast, salad from fresh vegetables, a bread slice from bran, compoteOrange, cup of teaBaked pudding with cottage cheese, green peas, rye bread, green tea, kefir
TuesdayPortion of cabbage and apple salad, couple of slices of boiled fish, 2 slices of rye bread, tea with a sakharozamenitelVegetable pureeVegetable soup, chicken fillet on couple, small loafs from bran, appleCottage cheese cheesecakes, dogrose brothBoiled egg, meat cutlets with cabbage, small loafs from bran, tea without sugar
Wednesday Buckwheat cereal, low-fat cottage cheese with milk, black bread, tea with a sakharozamenitelFruit compoteVegetable borsch, boiled beef, stewed cabbage, couple of slices of rye breadAppleMeat meatballs on couple, stewed vegetables, fermented baked milk
ThursdayPortion of boiled beet, milk porridge, processed cheese slice, 2 small loafs from bran, cocoaGrapefruit or orangeFish soup, marrow caviar, boiled chicken, rye bread, tea with a sakharozamenitelSalad from cabbageBuckwheat cereal, salad from fresh cabbage and carrots, a glass of tea without sugar
FridayCarrot and apple salad, low-fat cottage cheese with milk, small loafs from bran, tea without sugarApple and mineral waterVegetable cream soup, boiled meat, bread rye, kisselSalad from fruit, teaWheat porridge, fish on couple, hleyu from bran, tea without sugar
SaturdayPorridge, rye bread, vegetable salad, boiled eggOrangeVermishelevy soup, pearl-barley porridge, liver, small loafs from bran, compoteSalad from frut, mineral waterChicken fillet on couple, buckwheat, tea with a sakharozamenitel
SundayGerkulesovy porridge, slice of low-fat cheese, stewed beet, rye bread, teaAppleBean soup, pilaf with chicken, stewed eggplants, cranberry drinkCottage cheese, broth from a dogrosePumpkin porridge, salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, steam cutlets

Alcohol and diabetes

Any addiction (smoking, abuse of alcohol, sweets) – slowly kills you. The person has to understand that at diabetes it isn't recommended to accept alcohol, perhaps, fast violation of activity of vitals.

Before holidays completely to refuse alcoholic beverages very difficult therefore try to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Don't drink alcohol on a hungry stomach, only in the course of meal;
  2. Very hard liquor (it is higher than eight degrees) – not for you;
  3. Sweet cocktails, fruit liqueurs can't be used;
  4. Don't drink much (no more glass of wine).

At a hypoglycemia of the patient reminds the drunk person, but it can be deceptive impression, and medical care can urgently be necessary for it!

Diabetes of the second type

When insulin is produced by an organism in very small quantities it is necessary to keep to a diet which will support the constant level of glucose.


  • Sweets and sugar;
  • Salty products;
  • Very high-calorie food;
  • Alcohol.

It is necessary to fight against excess weight – frequent meals; easy, but nutritious breakfast; a dinner not later than nine o'clock in the evening. The main goal of treatment of diabetes of any type – to reduce sugar level in blood and to balance all types of an exchange in an organism.

Video: a diet at diabetes

You remember, diabetes is the diagnosis for the rest of life and it is very important to observe healthy nutrition which will become guarantee of good health and full-fledged life. If you faced a similar disease, simply delete harmful products from the life and try to derive pleasure not from food.