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Diet for 2 blood types,-3 kg, 7 days. Responses

Diet for 2 blood types,-3 kg, 7 days. Responses

Weight loss to 3 kg in 7 days.
Average daily caloric content is 900 Kcal.

Owners of A(II) blood are called "farmers". Historically it is connected with that about 20 thousand years ago agriculture started developing, and at people agrarian skills were shown. As the statistics says, now nearly 38% of people have blood of the second group. "Farmers" differ in a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, rather strong immunity, easily adapt for new conditions, and the best way of removal of a nervous tension for them is the calm. Today we will acquaint you with the rules of food recommended for observance to people in which veins blood of the second group flows.

Requirements of a diet for 2 blood types

At first we will pay attention of "farmers" to lists of the products conducting to reduction or increase in weight.

To food which can lead to accumulation of extra kilos, such production belongs.

  • Meat production. Exclude meat from a diet better. It badly is digested and isn't up to the end acquired by your organism that leads to accumulation of fat and toxins.
  • Dairy products. Your organism badly copes with digestion of proteinaceous food, quickly turning it into fatty deposits. The use a milk promotes delay of the exchange processes proceeding in an organism.
  • Lima and vegetable haricot. These bean gifts of the nature badly "are on friendly terms" with digestive enzymes and can slow down a metabolism.
  • Wheat. This cereal culture worsens effect of insulin that can lead to problems with health of various character.

And here people of the second blood type will be helped with weight loss by existence in a diet of the following food.

  • Soy. This representative of family of the bean - one of the most ancient plants which people started cultivating. Soy is very popular product and at vegetarians because of nutritiousness. Its use allows to cope quickly with hunger without "bonus" in the form of excess calories. Soy products are well acquired by an organism of "farmers" and accelerate digestive processes.
  • Various vegetable oils. Use in food of vegetable oils improves digestion, promotes the correct assimilation of dishes and reduces puffiness.
  • Pineapples. Juicy fruits of pineapple include valuable vitamins B the big range. This fruit promotes acceleration of a metabolism. Bromelayn, a unique component of pineapple, perfectly splits proteins and weakens inflammatory processes of an organism.
  • Vegetables. Practically all gifts of the nature contain rather small amount of calories, but well help saturation and disaccustom us to eat the superfluous. Also vegetable production normalizes activity of intestines and positively influences metabolic processes.

Now let's consider the main food groups and we will define what of them help to grow thin or support weight and bring to an organism of "farmers" the maximum benefit.

From meat products one-two times a week you can use chicken fillet, meat of a turkey and chicken. And here absolutely you shouldn't afford mutton, rabbit flesh, pork, beef, duck's flesh and such offal as a liver and heart.

Among seafood it is recommended to "farmers" to place emphasis on a mackerel, a sardine, a carp, a cod and an iridescent trout. It is also possible to eat sometimes a shark, a pike, a tuna, a smelts, a grouper. The beluga, a herring, an eel, oysters, a catfish striped, a sole, a salmon and a lobster aren't recommended for the use an anchovy.

From dairy and sour-milk products of the most useful to a figure and health of "farmers" soy milk and cheese are. Neutral production nutritionists call natural yogurt, cheeses feta and a mozzarella, kefir, cottage cheese, goat milk and cheese, various processed cheeses. It isn't desirable to use the firm cheeses (which aren't mentioned above), butter, buttermilk, whole milk, blue cheese, ice cream, a dairy water-ice, food casein and whey.

Extremely seldom people with the second blood type should eat any eggs.

Among fatty additives olive and linen oils are useful. It is recommended to use them for gas station of salads as often as possible. Use rape oil and the fat made of cod liver slightly less often. Exclude sesame, peanut, corn and cotton oils from a diet.

Among cereals in a diet for "farmers" as the best are recognized a shchiritsa and a buckwheat. Also you can enter barley, oat and rice bran, rice, millet into a diet, a little oat and cornmeal. "No" It is necessary to tell wheat.

Speaking about bread, experts advise to eat that is made of soy flour, germinated wheat or rice. Neutral products are a cornbread, a spelled, bread from rice or from a gluten. Completely it is recommended to exclude grain and white bread, bread from rye meal and wheat matzo. Also don't afford flour food in which the raised maintenance of a protein is observed.

From nuts and seeds, according to rules of this diet, it is necessary to include a peanut (sometimes it is possible to indulge himself and peanut paste), pumpkin sunflower seeds and nuts in the menu. From time to time use walnut and pine nuts, poppy, sunflower sunflower seeds, a filbert, edible chestnuts. The use of the American nuts, pistachios and cashew is forbidden.

Among bean lentil, radiant haricot, black beans are considered as the most useful. Neutral beans - siliculose peas and haricot, fodder beans, green peas, white peas and haricot. And at all peas are better not to use chick-pea, beans copper, red and dark, Lima haricot.

Place emphasis on such vegetables and greens as spinach, carrots, chicory, a parsnip, red onions, parsley, sheet beet, a kohlrabi, onions the Spanish and yellow, edible hibiscus, a girasol, chicory, leek. It is also possible to include a celery, green olives, pumpkin, an asparagus, a radish, a cauliflower, beet, caraway seeds, green onions, onions shallot, leaves of young mustard, a swede, Brussels sprout and avocado in the menu. To you all types of olives (except green), yellow and green pepper, the Chinese and white cabbage, eggplants, hothouse mushrooms, burning pepper, tomatoes are considered harmful.

The most useful berries and fruit for owners of the second blood type: raisin, fig, grapefruit, blueberry, cherry, pineapples, plums, cowberry, blackberry, apricot, lemon, cranberry. The water-melon, pomegranate, a melon, dates, a persimmon, nectarines, peaches, a lime, currant red and black, apples, black grapes, strawberry, pears, a kiwi are considered neutral. Bananas, coconuts, tangerines, a muscat melon, a papaya and oranges aren't recommended.

Spices and spices with which it is possible to season dishes is a ginger, black molasses, soy and garlick sauce, barley malt. Also not under a ban mindalevy extract, tarragon, horse-radish, caraway seeds, cardamom, basil, anise, cinnamon, curry, turmeric, bay leaf, Spanish paprika, rosemary, thyme and fennel. You shouldn't be fond of edible gelatin, black and ground white pepper, wine, apple cider, balsam vinegar, capers.

From sauces mustard is useful. It is possible to use a little and various jams, jelly, marinades, a pickles. Refuse mayonnaise, ketchup and juicy soy sauce.

Among drinks juice from an apricot, blackcurrant, sweet cherry, plums, carrots, grapefruit, a celery, pineapple is especially useful. Also perfectly your organism suits water with addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice, natural coffee, green tea. Apple cider, vegetable juice from the recommended gifts of the nature, apple and grape juice are considered as neutral drinks. From alcohol, at desire, it is possible to afford a small amount of white or red wine. It isn't recommended to use absolutely juice from tomatoes, orange juice, black tea and hard alcoholic beverages.

Infusions from a dogrose, a camomile, a St. John's Wort, a valerian, an ekhinatsea, a hawthorn, a burdock, a ginseng and a lucerne are considered as the useful. It is also possible to drink drinks on the basis of elder, a sage, hop, leaves of wild strawberry and raspberry, kidneys of a silver birch, a dandelion, a shepherd's bag, a root of a glycyrrhiza, coltsfoot, a thyme and a linden. The red clover, Cayenne pepper and a cat's kotovnik are undesirable a rhubarb, corn a rylets.

As well as it is recommended to combine any other technique of decrease or maintenance of weight, a diet for the second blood type with physical activities. "Farmers" most suit sport of not really strong intensity. For example, it can be swimming, the yoga, aerobics which is carried out at slow speed, the exercises aimed at an extension of muscles.

The offered diet can be observed always. Simply at desire to send weight we cut down caloric content and we do portions by less volume, and at need of deduction of the existing body weight or a set of missing kilograms we increase these indicators.

The menu of a diet for 2 blood types

Diet diet example for the second blood type for a week

Breakfast: 150 g of cottage cheese with prunes slices; green tea.
Having a snack: pulp of one grapefruit.
Lunch: a drinking bowl of pumpkin cream soup and 150 g of the fish fillet prepared by means of a grill.
Mid-morning snack: 50 g of nutlets.
Dinner: buckwheat cereal (till 200 in finished form), and also the carrot and cabbage salad which is slightly filled with vegetable oil and freshly squeezed juice of a lemon.

Breakfast: buckwheat cereal; carrots in Korean and green tea.
Having a snack: apple.
Lunch: 150 g of boiled chicken breast and 3 tablespoons of asparagus haricot in a boiled look; couple of slices of fresh pineapple.
Mid-morning snack: a little chernoslivin.
Dinner: salad from pineapple, grapes and a pear (about 300 g).

Breakfast: buckwheat small loaf; handful of dates; glass of carrot juice or green tea.
Having a snack: couple of apricots.
Lunch: 150 g of rice porridge and about 200 g of vegetable stew.
Mid-morning snack: handful of dried fruits.
Dinner: 200 g of the fish prepared on a grill; salatik from fresh carrots and a celery; glass of kefir.

Breakfast: boiled buckwheat; grated carrots; glass of cherry juice.
Having a snack: 4 plums.
Lunch: some tablespoons of boiled brown rice plus a slice of the baked fast fish; glass of carrot juice.
Mid-morning snack: apple.
Dinner: to 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese with slices of fruit; cup of herbal tea.

Breakfast: salatik from cabbage and carrots; about 150 g of grapes and green tea.
Having a snack: the baked apple.
Lunch: drinking bowl of vegetable soup; 150 g of the boiled or prepared on a grill fish; a glass of juice from grapefruit.
Mid-morning snack: kefir glass.
Dinner: 150 g of cottage cheese with a couple cut chernoslivin; herbal tea.

Breakfast: buckwheat toast and 50 g of dates; coffee or tea.
Having a snack: apple and plum salad.
Lunch: boiled chicken breast (to 150 g); 2 tablespoons of boiled rice (it is desirable brown); shabby carrots.
Mid-morning snack: couple of apricots.
Dinner: the fish baked on a grill and a fresh cucumber.

Breakfast: 2-3 rye small loafs and glass of carrot and apple juice.
Having a snack: couple of slices of pineapple and handful of blackberry.
Lunch: a slice of steam fish and ragout from vegetables; persimmon.
Mid-morning snack: apple in the baked look.
Dinner: steam fish or the fast meat prepared without oil addition (about 150 g); greens; tea or, at desire, a glass of red dry wine.

Contraindications of a diet for the second blood type

  • If there are no the features of health demanding special food, contraindications to observance of a diet for people with the second blood type aren't present.
  • It is natural if you have an allergy to any food product, or its consumption causes in you discomfortable feelings, it isn't necessary to eat it. Listen to the organism.

Diet advantages for 2 blood types

  1. In your organism, at competently made menu, all components necessary for its correct functioning will arrive.
  2. You will be able tasty and variously to eat, choosing from a set of the offered food that, which to you to taste.
  3. The diet is universal. With its help it is possible both to send weight, and to keep weight, and even to recover.

Diet shortcomings for the second blood type

  • Not all will be able to remember easily everything diets recommendations at once. Print out lists of the resolved and forbidden products better and you hold them near at hand.
  • You, perhaps, should change some food habits in a root. After all, in an amicable way, it is worth adhering to this technique constantly.

Repeated carrying out a diet for 2 blood types

If you feel well if you treat breed of "farmers", live by rules of this diet always. Or at least try minimum will deviate the basic principles of food with which we acquainted you.

To add a response

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