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Diet for 3 blood types (type B)

They possess such features:

  • nervous system balanced.
  • strong immune system.
  • the developed gastrointestinal tract.
  • demand combination physical and cerebration.
  • use a large number of dairy products.
  • the balanced food is characteristic.

By drawing up a food allowance to a diet for the third blood type, it is necessary to consider products which promote increase or weight reduction. We will consider in more detail.

Products which increase body weight:

  1. Corn. Slows down a metabolism and causes a hypoglycemia. Slows down production of insulin.
  2. Peanut. Slows down exchange processes in an organism and in activity of a liver. Promotes a hypoglycemia.
  3. Lentil. Reduces a metabolism in an organism and slows down process of digestion of nutrients. Reduces concentration of glucose in blood.
  4. Buckwheat. Reduces digestive and exchange process in an organism. Causes reduction of concentration of glucose in blood.
  5. Sesame seeds. Provokes a condition of a hypoglycemia. Slows down exchange processes in an organism.
  6. Wheat. Reduces production of insulin. Reduces digestive processes in an organism. Promotes accumulation of fats. Slows down a metabolism.

The products which are intensively reducing body weight:

  1. Meat. Improves a metabolism.
  2. Green vegetables. Promote an active metabolism.
  3. The fat-free dairy products. Activate exchange processes in an organism.
  4. Glycyrrhiza root. Interferes with reduction of concentration of glucose in blood.
  5. Eggs. Improve a metabolism.
  6. Liver and liver. Promote an effective metabolism.

For competent drawing up the menu of a diet for the III blood type, it is necessary to know and consider productsvery useful to an organism, neutral and harmful.

We will consider each category of products in more detail.

Meat products for a diet with the third blood type:

  • useful products: crawl meat, mutton, venison, meat of a lamb.
  • products neutral: veal, beef, turkey, liver, meat of a pheasant and buffalo.
  • to exclude from food: curia of meat breeds, pork, heart, meat of a duck. Goose, partridge, chicken, quail.

Diet for 3 blood types (type B) Seafood for a diet with blood type (In):

  • very useful products: sardine, halibut, pike, horse-mackerel, cod, flounder, salmon. Mackerel, grouper, sturgeon, black caviar, haddock, sea angel.
  • neutral products: herring, scallop, striped catfish, whitefish, croaker. Trout iridescent, squid, tuna, carp, perch yellow, shark, silvery perch.
  • it isn't recommended to use: crawfish, sea pike, lobster. Anchovy, edible frog and snail, eel, turtle sea. Smoked salmon, crab, perch stone, shrimp, mussel and other mollusks. Octopus, beluga.

Eggs and dairy products for people with the 3rd blood type:

  • useful products: cheese from goat milk, cheese sheep, cottage cheese and cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. Milk with low interest of fat content, goat milk.
  • neutral products: whole milk, butter, food casein, whey. Soy milk and cheese, cream cheese, buttermilk, firm cheeses.
  •  products, harmful to organism: processed cheese, ice cream, blue cheese, "American" cheese.

Fats and oils to a diet for the III blood type:

  • it is useful to use olive oil.
  •  linseed neutral oil and fat of cod liver.
  • to exclude cotton oil, sunflower and peanut butter, sesame and corn oil.

Seeds and nuts for inclusion in the menu of a diet for the third blood type:

  • useful products aren't present.
  • products neutral: sweet chestnuts, nuts American, almonds, walnut, black fox nut.
  • products are excluded: sesame seeds, cashew nuts, sesame paste, poppy seeds, peanut paste and nuts. Pine nuts, sunflower seeds, halvah from sesame.

Diet for 3 blood types (type B) Bakery products and bread for a diet with blood type (In):

  • useful products: flat cakes from rice, millet bread and small loafs.
  • neutral products: bread from rye meal, bread on the basis of a gluten, bread soy, cakes from oat bran, bread from a spelled.
  • exclude from a diet bread rye and wheat.

Grain and cereal cultures for a diet with the third blood type:

  • it is useful to use oats, a spelled, millet, rice.
  • neutral products aren't present.
  • to exclude corn, a rye, a shchiritsa, barley, a buckwheat, wheat from food.

Bean fruits for a diet on a blood type (the III blood type):

  • useful products: haricot Lima, dark beans, soy red, vegetable beans.
  • neutral products: green peas, white beans, copper beans, red beans, beans fodder, haricot of shelling grades, peas pods. Vegetable green and siliculose haricot, beans of "fav".
  • to avoid: lentil, radiant or angular haricot, mutton peas, peas cow. Haricot spotty, beans black.

Vegetables to a diet for 3 blood types:

  • useful products: all types of a yam, eggplants, cauliflower, sweet potato, beet. Cabbage white and Bruxelles, parsley, pepper green and yellow. Parsnip, cabbage of broccoli and sheet, carrots, cabbage red and Chinese. Young leaves of mustard, Lima haricot, burning siliculose pepper, beet leaves.
  • neutral products: spinach, edible hibiscus, garlic, peas white, zucchini, swede. Horse-radish, chily, fennel, mushrooms, fennel, radish Japanese. Pumpkin, green onions, turnip fodder, ginger, asparagus, chicory, celery. Potatoes, salads, kohlrabi, colza, sheet vegetables, all types of onions.
  • to exclude from food: Pepo's pumpkin, avocado, soy, artichoke, tomatoes. A girasol, the fermented boiled soy, corn, a radish and its escapes, olives, mash.

Berries and fruit for the menu to a diet for 3 blood types:

  • useful products: plums, pineapple, papaya, bananas, cranberry and grapes.
  • products neutral: elder, apricots, apples, oranges, prunes, water-melons, bilberry. Cowberry, dates, cherry, peaches, blueberry, tangerines. Grapefruit, mango, pear, raspberry, melon, lemons, blackberry. Currant, wild strawberry, kiwi, strawberry, fig, raisin.
  • to exclude products: persimmon, grenades, rhubarb, zvezdoplodnik. Coco, prickly pear and cannon.

Spices, spices for a diet on the third blood type:

  • useful products: horse-radish, ginger, parsley, curry, Cayenne pepper.
  • all treat neutral products, except category to exclude.
  • to exclude from a diet: malt barley, allspice, almonds extract, edible gelatin, tapioca. Cinnamon, black ground pepper, starch corn, white pepper, syrup corn.

Sauces to a diet for a blood type (In):

  • useful sauces aren't present.
  • neutral products everything, an exception – ketchup.
  • to exclude ketchup from food.

Diet for 3 blood types (type B) Drinks and juice for people with the third blood type:

  • useful liquids: green tea, juice from a papaya and pineapple, cranberry juice, juice from grapes and cabbage.
  • neutral drinks: black tea, apricot juice, beer, water with addition of lemon juice, usual coffee and without caffeine. Vegetable juice, juice from citruses, white and red wine.
  •  it isn't recommended to use juice from tomatoes, drinks soda and with the overtaken alcohol, water Seltzer.

Grass infusions and teas for a diet with a blood type (In):

  • useful herbs: dogrose berries, ginseng, sage, ginger, glycyrrhiza root. Raspberry leaves, parsley, peppermint.
  • products neutral: эhinaceq, birch kidneys, curly sorrel, hawthorn, yarrow, elder. Mulberry berries, valerian, thyme, verbena, camomile, gidrastis. Smooth elm, dandelion, St. John's Wort, lucerne, wild strawberry leaves.
  • to exclude herb infusions: hop, aloe, shepherd's bag, gentian. Fenugreek hay, red clover, coltsfoot, linden. Senna and rylets of corn.

For preservation of results of a diet for 3 blood types it is important to combine healthy nutritionwith sports activities. For people with the third blood type the following sports are recommended: swimming, cycling, yoga, tennis, walking. Good luck!