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Diet 5 2 (2 weeks of 5 kg), recipes of a fast diet, responses and result

One American doctor who participated in experiments on influence of hunger on rejuvenation of an organism, life expectancy and its quality, was struck with the received results. He decided to inform this idea to all people, having developed, having checked on itself and having stated in the book of a basis of a fast diet 5:2. To download it on the Internet doesn't present any difficulty.

The name of the author of this technique Michael Mosli is well familiar worldwide for today, and millions of people use his power supply system, beginning from stars of the industry of fashion and a TV screen, and finishing simple housewives.

Proceeding from the name it is visible that the diet assumes division of week into two stages in which food to be under construction differently.

So, in 5 days it isn't required special approaches, and, above all that this reasonable drawing up the diet is necessary. The only thing that should be avoided — an overeating. All the rest in the habitual mode.

In other 2 days it is necessary to adhere to the following power supply system:

  • daily caloric content is 500 kcal for women (for men of 600 kcal);
  • two meals, are desirable in 12 hours;
  • drink — water of 2 l, green tea;
  • is it is possible any products, but it is desirable to give preference to what possess ability to elimination of feeling of hunger for long term (vegetables and fruit with high content of cellulose, meat, fish, dried fruits, nuts, bean);
  • it is desirable to reduce to a minimum the use flour and sweet, canned food, marinades, salty food, and also alcohol;
  •  it is desirable to carry out each of two days in the middle and in a weekend (Wednesday, Saturday).

Thus, it turns out that these two days , in fact, are unloading.

Diet 5 2 (2 weeks of 5 kg), recipes of a fast diet, responses and result

Why it works?

Efficiency of a diet 5:2 is that the organism, though spends couple of days in the conditions of the minimum caloric content, but  doesn't react to this fact as on a stress. It occurs thanks to that in other five days he receives all habitual diet and  doesn't lack proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microcells. It turns out that fasting days don't stop as in case of low-calorie monodiets, exchange processes, and stimulate them. As a result fatty stocks start being used, and smooth process of weight loss is started.

Results of a diet 5:2

 As a result of a diet in one week of people can dump to 2.5 kg. For adjustment of weight and fast finding of a good physical form it is an ideal way. And in cases when its serious decrease is required, it is possible to repeat a course before achievement of the necessary results. For example, this diet in 2 weeks allows to grow thin for 5 kg that is a significant indicator and for people with a small amount of excess weight, and for those who already pressed a certain degree of obesity.

Specialists in food consider that such power supply circuit doesn't do to an organism any harm and moreover helps to avoid development of such diseases as diabetes, oncology, disorders of digestion.

 In case of need receiving faster and good results it is possible to apply the scheme where within a week there will be three fasting days. However it is necessary to enter such changes on  the 3rd and 4th week of a course. After again to pass to the scheme 5:2.

Menu of fasting days of a diet 5:2

As it was already told above, in 5 days of the week food has to have habitual character. Features of drawing up the menu concern only 2 fasting days. They can be seen off, adhering to an identical diet, and it is possible to eat also different food in each of these days. Important only observance of daily caloric content in 500 kcal (for women).

Here two approximate options of drawing up the menu in fasting days.

1.A breakfast — curd paste of 50 g with a honey teaspoon, one egg, 30 g of dried fruits, green tea. The general caloric content of such diet is 240 kcal.

Dinner — lenten soup from vegetables and haricots (portion), stewed vegetables (100 g) with boiled chicken fillet (80 g), a glass of kefir.

The general caloric content — 260 kcal.

Thus, the menu include practically all necessary ingredients, and its nutrition value remains at the level, necessary for a diet.


2.A breakfast — buckwheat cereal of 150 g with boiled mushrooms of 50 g, a slice of cheese of 20 g and one crouton, green tea. The general caloric content — 210 kcal.

Dinner — soup from seafood of 150 g, boiled low-fat fish (a pollock of 100 g), nutlets of 20 g, a glass of natural juice.

The general caloric content is about 290 kcal.

In both cases, at emergence of feeling of insuperable hunger, it is possible to eat slowly small apple or fresh carrots, and also to drink warm tea.

Diet 5 2 (2 weeks of 5 kg), recipes of a fast diet, responses and result

Recipes of a diet 5:2

Besides the offered diet, the diet 5:2 allows ample opportunities on preparation and the use in food of dishes which are pleasant to you and have the low caloric content, and also high ability for a long time to satisfy feeling of hunger.

Here some such recipes.

  • Crab
  •  meat and vegetables soup.Ingredients: 1 l of water, 100 g of crab meat, one potato, half of carrots, 100 g of cabbage of broccoli, bay leaf, salt, olive oil. In the boiling water to lower potatoes cut in cubes and to cook 20 minutes. Further to add crab meat in the form of straws, cabbage of broccoli and to continue to cook 15 more minutes. To add the browned carrots circles on olive oil, bay leaf, to salt and still to cook on slow fire of 10 minutes. After preparation to take out bay leaf and to allow to be drawn to soup within 30 minutes.
  • Rice with ragout from champignons and vegetables.Ingredients: 50 g of brown rice, 150 g of champignons, one carrots, 1 small beet, 1 tomato, 1 paprika, salt, olive oil. To kill brown rice in boiled water since evening and to insist till the morning. To cut all vegetables thin straws, and champignons in half or on four parts. Then to lower champignons in boiled water and to boil thoroughly 5 −10 minutes, to filter them. On the warmed frying pan about oil to lay out beet and carrots and to extinguish 20 minutes, After to add tomato, and still to cook pepper, champignons 20 minutes, to salt. To lay out ragout on rice and to mix. To allow to be drawn to a dish of 10 minutes.
  • Curds with cinnamon and dried fruits.Ingredients: low-fat cottage cheese of 100 g, dried fruits in the form of prunes, dried apricots and pineapple, cinnamon, vanilla, honey. To shake up cottage cheese. To add to it a teaspoon of honey and 40 g of the crushed dried fruits. To strew with vanilla and cinnamon. To mix everything.

All these dishes have the good balanced structure, and thus are not strongly high-calorie. Also important and that they possess a low glycemic index that doesn't conduct to increase of sugar of blood and  increase doesn't tempt appetite.

Reviews of a diet 5:2

 Concerning a diet 5:2 responses reflect the following pluses:

  • ease of carrying out a course in the psychological and physiological plan;
  • the good motivation to continuation of a diet owing to ample opportunities variously and habitually to eat in 5 days of the week;
  • if necessary it is possible to transfer a fasting day (holidays, parties , etc.);
  • fast feeling of the first results;
  • absence of effect of "plateau" (when weight long time doesn't change).

 Carry to shortcomings of this power supply system generally arising at the beginning during fasting days, feeling of hunger.

Pluses of a diet are obvious, and it should be noted such fact that the organism without effort adapts for such diet. It allows to apply it for long years with little changes (one fasting day).

Video about a diet 5:2