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Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

The diet of 5 tablespoons — is one of the simplest a way to grow thin. The technique will suit those who doesn't want to change cardinally the diet and to refuse favourite products. It consists only in restriction of the used food to five tablespoons.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

Such diet was thought up with an ulterior motive. For everything is known the fact that at an overeating the stomach of the person has property to stretch. Such process leads to an active set of excess weight. It is possible to restore the former sizes of body at one stroke by means of operation, but this choice very painful and dangerous. It is much better to limit meal that the stomach was restored independently and gradually.

The norm of a portion is taken not just like that. By means of many researches, scientists found out that the size of one portion has to correspond to 150-200 grams. It is approximately equal to 5 spoons, eating which the stomach doesn't stretch and there is a weight loss process. This quantity of food will be enough for a satisfying of easy hunger.

Having balanced the food and having set a limit, you can use any products, without being afraid to gather extra kilos. Process of weight loss lasts of 1-3 months. On the expiration of this term the figure will change to unrecognizability.

Pluses and minuses of a technique

The diet of 5 tablespoons has practically no negative sides. There is a lot of positive moments of this technique:

  1. Important plus for each fan will begin to eat opportunity to eat everything that they will wish. The diet consists only in restriction of portions, but no ban exists. As if strange didn't sound, but it is possible to eat even pies, candies, cakes, gingerbreads and other sweets which in other diets are simply excluded. It isn't necessary to put a cross and on meat, fish, sausage. The use of fat products in a limited size is quite possible. But you have to understand that such behavior will only tighten occurrence of desired results. So it is better to exclude from a diet of sweet and greasy food, let in a diet of it and it isn't told.
  2. Simple rules. This plus incredibly will be pleasant to those who already tried to use various techniques, but threw because of difficulties during process. Not so simply constantly to think of, whether it is possible to eat this product, how many in it is mute calories and as it will be displayed on a figure. And by means of an above-mentioned diet it is possible to eat everything, only without having been overzealous and having limited to 5 spoons. It isn't necessary to calculate norm of food in day any more and to torment an organism hunger.
  3. Cost. The diet is absolutely free.
  4. Reduction of volume of a stomach. Because of it people also undertake diets, after all their main sense consists in weight loss. Loss of extra kilos moves everyone who makes the decision to torment an organism by means of diets. To receive result, having limited quantity of food to 5 tablespoons, it is possible for the first month, having dumped from 5 to 20 kilograms.

This diet hasn't enough minuses. It only restriction in food that isn't the negative moment. The strict limit on quantity of the used food is set.

It will seem to someone an insignificant problem, but 200 grams are very little.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

To satisfy hunger with such quantity of products it will hardly turn out, will always be temptation to eat one spoon more.

However violation of the rule will lead to stretching of a stomach and excess weight will only start increasing. The decision will become increases in number of meals, but not its disposable volume.

The diet of 5 tablespoons is almost harmless. Despite strict restrictions, it will please everyone, after all the diet doesn't threaten with loss of favourite products. This food allowance doesn't give to the person the chance to manage to get hungry as it is possible to eat quite often, but in limited quantity.

This diet allows a stomach to be restored in a size for short term and without surgical intervention. It promotes normalization of sugar in blood, will improve assimilation of useful substances.

Rules of a diet of 5 spoons

For fast results it is necessary to follow the basic rules of a diet without which restriction in meal will be useless:

  1. The first and most basic rule consists in restriction of a portion with 5 spoons of food. If you cooked macaroni, a borsch, soup, porridge, it is forbidden to fill a plateful. Put on a bowl of exactly 5 tablespoons, enjoy food.
  2. Between meals has to pass not less than 3 hours. This interval of time will be enough not to overeat and exclude starvation. It is necessary to improvise. If after 3 hours you didn't want to eat, you shouldn't do it violently. If the desire to be supported didn't pass after five spoons of food, surely wait for 3 hours, and then repeat procedure.
  3. It is allowed to eat before going to bed and even at night. Implementation of the previous two points will be the main rules.
  4. The menu can be made independently. Carrying out the first 2 rules, you can eat everything that you will wish.
  5. But not everything is so simple. Some things will need to be excluded from a diet at all. The speech not about food, and about carbonated drinks and juice which contain sugar. Various lemonades and aerated water concern to them.
  6. Adhering to a diet, it is necessary to have only water, tea, coffee and other drinks without sugar. Their quantity isn't limited in any way, everything depends on your desire.
  7. It is recommended to refuse a salty and spicy food, and also various sauces. They aren't forbidden by a diet, but their uses tempts strong appetite. Therefore it is better to move away them from the menu that the result came quicker.
  8. It is also recommended to vozderzhat itself from fried food and semi-finished products. Preparation of products on couple or on a grill will become the best option.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

The recommended and harmful products

The diet of 5 tablespoons has no restrictions, but for fast results the list of the products recommended for the use, and from what it is worth refraining was made. For weight loss it makes sense to make the menu.

Sweets quicker carbohydrates aren't forbidden by a diet. It does it such popular. The cake is before going to bed capable to lighten mood for all day, but to use such food it isn't recommended. The main reason to exclude fast carbohydrates and sweets from a diet is glucose simulation, as a result of this process the feeling of hunger will only increase. Therefore to eat 5 tablespoons of chocolate for breakfast – not the best idea for persons interested to grow thin.

It is recommended to add to a diet grain, fruit, vegetables. They will quickly sate your organism and will present it with all nutrients.

Salad has to become the main course in your diet, and fill it it is recommended by linseed or olive oil.

This product will prolong feeling a sytnost for a couple of hours.

Obligatory component in the menu – proteinaceous food. Products with high content of protein long are digested therefore the meat chop for lunch will become the best decision for a hunger satisfying. Use dairy products, but don't forget about a limit in 5 tablespoons. Proteinaceous food – an important detail for fast weight loss.

Menu per day

The food allowance can be made independently and not to refuse to itself anything. But if to eat in attention the recommended food and products which should be excluded, the menu per day will be the following:

  • 8:00 – porridge with dried fruits, tea;
  • 11:00 – pear or apple;
  • 14:00 – small slice of meat;
  • 17:00 – the salad from vegetables filled with olive oil;
  • 20:00 – cottage cheese, it is possible to add sugar for taste;
  • 23:00 – yogurt.
Every portion comprises exactly 5 tablespoons. Adhering to this menu, within a month it will turn out to dump a minimum from 5-10 kilograms. You can independently put time frames, the main requirement – 3 hours between meals.

If you want to accelerate process of destruction of excess weight, eat each 5 hours 3 times a day.

But it is necessary to be accurate not to do much harm to an organism.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

It is recommended to menu to diversify to receive all important substances and vitamins.

Here alternative option:

  • 9:00 – tea with sandwich;
  • 12:00 – apple or pear;
  • 15:00 – buckwheat cereal with meat slices;
  • 18:00 – salad with sour cream or yogurt;
  • 21:00 – pilaf.

It is simple to make own menu. It is worth remembering that it only the recommended products, to be limited with which isn't necessary, after all is everything is possible what is wanted but in small quantities. So it is quite possible to replace fruit with a desired slice of a cake. But you shouldn't abuse, after all the diet is carried out with the purpose to start eating correctly.

Advantages in comparison with other diets

Our organism got used to an extensive food allowance.

It is very important to eat proteins, carbohydrates, fats and not to be limited in anything. The sense of the majority of diets is constructed on the use of a concrete product. It of course is useful, but it is impossible "to be fed" only with one power source: it will affect an organism not in the best way.

Even if you will achieve desired results, but then you will depart from the constructed diet, kilograms will quickly return back. And to exclude favourite sweets and fried food for the rest of life very difficult. The diet of 5 tablespoons is constructed correctly.

It is possible to feed on everything, having put a limit on quantity of the eaten food for once.

This method doesn't exclude the products influencing increase in body weight, but promotes reduction of a stomach in a size. As a result, in the future you can cease to adhere to norm and to remain in shape. The main thing — not to overeat.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

Diet of 5 tablespoons – the best choice. It isn't necessary to torment an organism, eat as you will wish.

Frequently asked questions concerning a diet

  1. How it is possible to divide a piece of meat to respect the rules? Really, meat can't be divided tablespoons, but there are ways of the solution of this problem. The first way – to cut off a piece of food which could go in on a spoon. Here everything should be done approximately. The second way more exact — meat needs to be weighed. The portion from 5 tablespoons is equal to 200 grams of a product. The same procedure needs to be carried out with chicken, fish, vegetables, etc.
  2. How to eat sandwich? Same answer. It is necessary to remember that the weight of one portion has to make 150-200 grams. And all food which is not in a liquid form, it is necessary to weigh.
  3. Whether the portion can measure by teaspoons? If it is convenient to you to measure a portion in teaspoons, do it. But it is worth knowing that in one tablespoon 3 tea find room. Respectively one portion of food equals to 15 teaspoons.
  4. How to eat fruit and vegetables? For this purpose the product needs also to be weighed. But there is also other way – it is recommended to grate fruit or vegetable, then it will turn out to use it spoons.
  5. What number of meals is recommended? The quantity is unlimited a diet, it is also possible to eat products at any time. It is only worth remembering portions and that between meals has to pass 3 hours.

Contraindications of a diet

The weight loss method by means of five tablespoons doesn't influence a human body is negatively and perfectly transferred.

Fears are only for people with chronic diseases. Their organism can not accept fast change of quantity of food in a diet. Before a diet it is necessary to pass consultation at the doctor to be convinced of lack of side effects at restriction of food. Pregnant women won't suit this technique. In their case it is better not to conceive about weight loss till the child's birth at all.

The diet of 5 tablespoons has no contraindications any more. It is possible to add to the list an allergy, but in that case everything absolutely individually.

Diet of 5 tablespoons, photo before and after, responses and results

If you are disturbed by an allergy to any product, it is necessary to exclude it from the menu.

Results and responses of a diet of "5 tablespoons"

The diet of 5 tablespoons is effective. You receive the first results in only one month.

The number of the dumped kilograms depends only on a food allowance.

If you ate everything, without paying attention to the recommended products, in a month you will lose from 5 kilograms.

If you adhered to healthy food, and also made the balanced menu, the result in 20 kilograms in a month is quite real.

This method of weight loss is checked by many inhabitants of the planet. Here some opinions:

Elena from Moscow: Having read articles about this diet, I started realizing it right there. I can tell that the first 5 days were incredibly painful. There was a wish "to hammer" for the portions and to be full, but thoughts of appetizing forms attracted me more. It was time of winter holidays and a great lot of products it was necessary to throw out simply. 2 weeks later I got used to a diet and celebrated myself well. And here a month later I became on scales to see a fruit of my efforts. To surprise there were no borders, after all I managed to dump 14 kilograms. It is all in a month, without refusing to themselves anything. Now I continue to conform to the rules of a diet and I wait for results.

Eve from Odessa: In due time the given diet helped me very strongly. Being fat and diffident, I was solved on it a weight loss method. In total for half a year all excess weight left. I added cycling and regular fitness to the menu. Now I in marriage and don't use for a long time a technique, and weight remains in norm.

Dmitry from Almaty: I fought against excess weight long ago, doing a bias on physical activities. Diets seemed to me occupation for girls. But the result wasn't, it was necessary to pay attention to a diet of 5 spoons. To my astonishment I hadn't to limit myself in something. I simply put a limit for the portion. The first month it was difficult to get used. Now there passed heels month of a diet, and I all approach the ideal body closer.