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Diet of 7 petals: the menu for every day, results and responses

This diet assumes daily alternation of a certain food product. In fact, this diet is a little modifed known technique for Anna Yukhanson's weight loss. Its efficiency is caused by a complex of monodiets which effectively alternate proteinaceous and carbon components. Such approach tones up an organism that forces it to spend the accumulated fat for working capacity maintenance.

Than efficiency of a diet of "7 petals" is caused

The diet of "7 petals" consists not only of the list of the food recommended for the use during the chosen period. For relief of feeling of hunger at it there is a game element. This psychological reception was introduced by the author of this diet — world famous of the nutritionist A. Yukhanson.

Diet of 7 petals: the menu for every day, results and responses

The method consists in the following: before "to go on a diet" it is necessary to draw or unpack a flower with seven petals, each of which will symbolize one of days of a diet. The flower should be cut out and hung up on a foreground. After each successful day it is necessary to tear off the corresponding petal realizing that each of them — is invaluable advantage for a figure.

Such simple motivation will promote successful observance of all rules of a diet that with guarantee will help the woman to achieve desirable result.

Key rules

In order that the result of this technique pleasantly surprised, it is necessary to adhere to the following simple rules:

  • for the period of a diet it is recommended to exclude completely from a diet all farinaceous food, sweet, and also alcohol;
  • the diet has to meet completely the standards described in this diet (categorically it is impossible to change their sequence);
  • it is recommended to exclude caffeine;
  • in day it is necessary to suck in not less than 1,5 liters of liquid (better to give preference to still mineral water or green tea);
  • it is necessary to use liquid or for half an hour to food, or after (it is forbidden to wash down products);
  • products from a dietary diet can be exposed to culinary processing, except for roasting on vegetable or butter.

It is extremely important to follow these rules. It is important to understand that they are an integral part of this diet.

Description of the daily menu

The versions of the menu described below can't be alternated by no means! Everything has to be strict in that order. So, the menu of a diet of "7 petals" for every day:

  1. Diet of 7 petals: the menu for every day, results and responsesIn the first day it is necessary to give preference to fish products (no more than 0,5 kg.) As it was told earlier, it is kulinarno possible to process the chosen products with addition of spices and greens to taste. Such "the proteinaceous blow" is urged to start the mechanism of burning of fats in an organism;
  2. The second day of a diet assumes only the use of vegetables. It is recommended to refrain from potato dishes as the high content of starch in this product will interfere with weight loss process. Best of all this day is a white cabbage, broccoli, lettuce leaves and other. The amount of vegetables shouldn't be more than 1,5 kg;
  3. In the third day it is necessary to restore the protein level lost in vegetable day. Therefore chicken will be the main food product this day. 0,5 kg of chicken meat need to be distributed for equal portions and to use at regular intervals. Meat can be prepared by means of a double boiler or it can simply be welded in a pan;
  4. The fourth day is called "cereal" as this day it is necessary to enrich an organism with difficult carbohydrates. There is a lot of them practically in all grain crops, and also in sunflower seeds. During the day it is necessary to eat no more than 200 grams of the chosen porridge in a dry form;
  5. In the fifth day it is necessary to give preference to low-fat cottage cheese (no more than 5%). 0,5 kg of this product need to be divided into 5 equal parts and to use during the day. It is important to understand that except cottage cheese of anything this day is it is impossible, including also other fermented milk products;
  6. It is possible to designate the sixth day small rest from a diet. This day it is necessary to feed only on fruit, but no more than 1,5 kg. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from the use of fruit with the high content of sugar. Treat them:
  • dates;
  • bananas;
  • persimmon;
  1. The most difficult day of a diet. It is important to notice that in the original version of its this diet wasn't. It was entered for the purpose of fixing of the reached result. This day it is impossible to eat absolutely anything! The only thing, on what it is possible to count — these are 1,5 liters of water. If during this day there is a strong weakness, or the head starts being turned, it is possible to add couple of teaspoons of honey to a glass of water. It will a little eliminate hunger, and considerably will improve health.

Recipes of dishes for every day of a diet

Though at first sight this technique can seem primitive and very difficult, actually it that isn't. Thanks to this diet it is possible to achieve notable result for rather short time. Besides, the menu of a diet allows to indulge itself with tasty dishes, for example:

Hake cream soup

For fish day juicy a hake cream soup will be quite good option. Its preparation will require the following ingredients:

Process of preparation is rather simple:

  1. For a start it is necessary to cook hake meat in salty water and to merge 60% of liquid.
  2. To cook fish no more than 15 minutes.
  3. Then it is necessary to crush fish by means of the blender and to add spices to taste.

The ready dish can be decorated with a pinch of fennel or fresh parsley. As analog of the main ingredient it is possible to use any low-fat fish;

Tomato cream soup

Vegetable day can diversify tomato soup. For its preparation will be required:


  1. At first it is necessary to fill 20% of a pan with water and within 10 minutes to cook previously crushed onions and garlic.
  2. This time can be spent on office of a skin from tomato which are recommended to be cut further in cubes.
  3. To add tomatoes to a pan and to continue to cook on small fire even minutes 5.
  4. Then it is necessary to add boiled water, to bring to boiling and to cook within 10 minutes.
  5. Further it is necessary to give to ready soup to be insisted, add salt and spices to taste, and then to crush pan contents the blender.

Tomato cream soup is ready! For aroma it is possible to add a basil;

The baked chicken breast in own juice

The third day of a diet will help to brighten up the recipe of zapechny chicken in own juice. For this purpose it will be required:


  1. Chicken breast needs to be washed out carefully and properly to rub with spices and to salt.
  2. At will a little fresh greens can add.
  3. The "pickled" product needs to be turned in a special foil and to bake in an oven to full readiness (as a rule, no more than 30-40 minutes);

Buckwheat cutlets (65 kcal.)

For preparation not of absolutely usual cutlets it will be required:


  1. For a start it is required to boil buckwheat in a little added some salt water then to add spices and to crush by means of the blender.
  2. Now small cut greens can add and carefully to mix.
  3. The turned-out weight needs to be created in cutlets and to place in the oven which is previously warmed to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Mousse from cottage cheese

This dish will pleasantly surprise all fans of sour-milk production. Its preparation will require the following ingredients:


All listed products in the necessary quantity need to be placed in the blender and to mix within 2-3 minutes. Everything, refined mousse is ready;

Stuffed cabbage from vegetables

Probably, there is no such person who doesn't love stuffed cabbage. It is difficult to refuse this dish. The pleasant surprise very much will surprise girls for the 6th day of this diet — the pepper stuffed with vegetables! That will take pleasure in this culinary masterpiece it will be required:

  • head of onions and garlic;
  • 5 peeled paprikas;
  • one carrots;
  • one tomato;
  • zucchini.


  1. All listed ingredients (except pepper) need to be washed out carefully and small to cut then they should be fried a little on a frying pan (no more than 5 minutes) carefully mixing.
  2. It is necessary to fill with ready mix pepper with the cut-out core, then to place them in the crock-pot and, having added a little water, to extinguish before full preparation.

All listed dishes are simplest in preparation, and won't demand a lot of time from the hostess. However thus they will allow to brighten up severe dietary everyday life significantly.

Diet minuses

Despite universality of this diet and a number of its advantages, this diet has some shortcomings which it is necessary to examine:

  1. One product for the whole day — it is much more difficult, than can seem. The monotony of the really many tires.
  2. Because of uneven receipt in an organism of amino acids and burning of fats manifestations of such collateral reactions as are possible:
  1. The seventh day — the real test! Extremely important "it is correct to leave a diet". Otherwise extra kilos to return soon.

Advantages of a diet

"7 petals" differs from other dietary programs in the following advantages:

  1. At the correct distribution of products per day it is possible to avoid persuasive feeling of hunger;
  2. High efficiency (weight reduction to 5 kg within a week);
  3. The diet is based on the principle of separate food that favorably influences quality of digestion and serves as a preventive measure for many diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

How it is correct to leave a diet?

Extremely important within the next week to adhere to a food allowance which mainly consists of diet products of "7 petals". Various combinations of products, such as are allowed: Diet of 7 petals: the menu for every day, results and responsescereals with vegetables or chicken, fish with rice and so on.

Food has to be regular and systematic. Not less than 5 times a day in the small, equivalent portions are recommended to eat food. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from viewing of the TV during meal.

Such approach is only the correct exit from this diet allowing to keep hard reached result!


Most of the girls who tested on themselves this diet leave only enthusiastic responses:

Thanks a lot! The diet is really very effective! I managed to lose 4 kilograms in one week!

Maria, 23, Taganrog

I admit honestly that I within a diet used much more products, however, nevertheless, I managed to grow thin for 2,5 kilograms of all in a week! It is surprising! Main — this total absence of feeling of hunger!!

Elena, 30, Perm

The diet is really effective as it is based on scientific approach to a solution. 7 petals — are one of the best programs for weight loss today!

Evgenia, 27 years, Krasnodar

We present to your attention a video review of results of weight loss on this diet:

Women who adhere to rules of this diet, statistically lose from 3 to 5 kg each 8 days. It is extremely important to understand that the diet of "7 petals" isn't balanced therefore it isn't recommended to apply it more than 7-8 days. Uniform products don't contain microcells, necessary for normal activity of an organism, in the necessary quantity. Therefore the long diet is capable to do harm to an organism.