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Diet of 7 petals

The desire to have a slim figure forces I will allow to resort to various ways of weight loss. Techniques for weight reduction there is a set today, but they are safe not everyone for health. For example, monodiets, despite their high productivity, unanimously consider nutritsiolog not physiologic because of the extremely unbalanced diet. After all the product which in enough would contain all nutrients, necessary for an organism, simply doesn't exist in the nature.

For this reason of a monodiet it is recommended to observe not more long than 3 days, and it is even better – to use them as a fasting day. Such "respite" from various food is useful, it allows fermental systems to unload, to intestines to be cleared, and to an organism to be sated with substances with which the dietary product chosen this day is rich.

But for days of considerable effect you won't reach, and here if such "monodiyetny" days to alternate, it is possible to achieve good results and to grow thin, without breaking the general balance of a diet. This idea was realized by the nutritionist Anna Yukhansson, having created the well-known "six-petal" diet. Its improved version — a diet "Seven petals".

To Curtail the contents

Diet of 7 petals

Basic principles

It is proved that adjournment of fats is promoted by simultaneous digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. The power supply system Yukhansson represents a series of the low-calorie monodiets based either on carbohydrate, or on the proteinaceous menu. These days accurately alternate that allows to avoid deficiency of nutrients, and for power needs to spend fatty stocks.

The monotonous day menu even provided that admissible quantity of the consumed food isn't limited, promotes loss of weight. If you are allowed to eat, for example, during the day only boiled chicken meat, much you won't eat it – appetite won't be.

At observance of a diet of "7 petals" it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • to use only the resolved products, during the day they can be eaten to 1,5 kg;
  • to eat food three times a day;
  • to have supper not later, than in 3 hours before going to bed;
  • the food can be cooked in any way, but without fat addition;
  • it is forbidden to change sequence of "proteinaceous" and "carbohydrate" days.

Drinking mode:

  • daily norm of liquid — not less than 2 liters;
  • before food it is recommended to drink a glass of not carbonated mineral water;
  • water or tea can be had instead of having a snack between meals;
  • it is impossible to wash down food.


The researches conducted by the European center of weight reduction showed that daily loss of weight, when using this technique, makes from 500 g to 1 kg. And in a week, without prejudice to health it is possible to grow thin for 5–7 kg. The result will depend both on specific features of an organism, and on on how many your weight exceeds norm.

Merits and demerits

The power supply system Yukhansson is planned competently and professionally. She allows to grow thin promptly, without feeling hungry thus and keeping vitamin and mineral balance in an organism. Carefully picked up diet contains enough proteins and celluloses, and the offered products don't belong to category exotic or expensive, from them it is possible to prepare various tasty dishes.

One of interesting features of a technique is the motivating psychological factor which is thought up by the author: before a dietary course it is offered to cut out from paper a camomile with 7 petals, having written on them names of basic products. When after a week petals are one by one torn off, the inscription will open: "I made it!".

As any of diets, "seven-petal" has also the minuses:

  • the whole day is one and too – pleasure small, sustain such menu, poor on the range, without violations not everyone can;
  • this technique represents a fast solution of the problem of excess weight, but isn't intended for reorganization of an organism to habits of healthy food;
  • some of the diet periods "seven petals" are rather hungry. For example, not simply whole days to hold on on one cottage cheese, without speaking about the last, fasting day when it is allowed to drink only water or broth of herbs.

Contraindications and special instructions

Before to lose weight by a technique Yukhansson, it is worth consulting with the doctor — in connection with rigidity of a diet it is suitable not for all. So, can't use a diet of "7 petals" people who need special medical foods, and also having a hypertension or diseases of a digestive tract, kidneys, a liver.

The complex of monodiets can cause a headache, a breakdown, a depression. If these unpleasant symptoms are brightly expressed and don't pass independently within one-two days, it makes sense to refuse this option of dietary food.

The resolved products

In a diet of "7 petals" this list is quite extensive:

  • vegetables (except starchy types — beans, potatoes, pumpkin);
  • fruit (except containing a lot of sugar of grapes, dates, bananas, raisin);
  • cottage cheese and dairy drinks fat content isn't higher than 2,5%;
  • meat of chicken (without skin);
  • fish and seafood;
  • grain — oat, buckwheat, unpolished rice;
  • wholegrain and otrubny bread;
  • vegetable oil (in limited quantity);
  • teas (preferably green);
  • grass drinks, dogrose broth;
  • coffee, tsikoriyevy drink (it is no more than a cup in day).

The forbidden

Completely it is necessary to exclude from a diet:

  • sugar;
  • white loaf, bakery products;
  • the grain which isn't specified in the list of the resolved;
  • animal fats;
  • sausages, smoked products;
  • pork, beef, mutton;
  • semi-finished products;
  • canned food;
  • fast food;
  • seasonings, flavoring additives;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • alcohol.

The menu on days

Each of days of the week carries the name of a product on which its diet is based.

The fish

The proteinaceous food will start process of burning of fatty stocks. In total preparation of dishes requires about 0,5 kg of fish.

  • Breakfast: the fish fillet baked in a foil or prepared on a grill.
  • Lunch: fast fish cream soup.
  • Dinner: 150 g of boiled fish.

The vegetable

Per day 1,5 kg of vegetables are required. Between meals in the form of having a snack it is possible to eat a cucumber or to drink a glass of tomato juice.

  • Breakfast: option of the Greek salad without cheese.
  • Lunch: vegetable cream soup (prepares from cabbage of broccoli or color).
  • Dinner: stewed vegetable marrows with carrots and onions.

The chicken

0,5 kg of fowl of which the diet of "chicken" day consists, will restore reserves of the protein spent in the last days on the vegetable menu.

  • Breakfast: two steam chicken cutlets.
  • Lunch: broth with chicken breast or forcemeat chicken cream soup.
  • Dinner: the chicken chops or the hips baked in an oven roasted on a dry frying pan.

The cereal

Preparation of dishes requires 200–300 g of dry grain.

  • Breakfast: the porridge cooked on water.
  • Lunch: steamed buckwheat (grain is filled in with boiled water since evening).
  • Dinner: the porridge prepared in the crock-pot from brown rice.

The cottage cheese

Total of cottage cheese for all day – 0,5 kg. For a dinner it is required a half-glass of yogurt, as having a snack it is possible to drink a glass of low-fat milk.

  • Breakfast: the cheesecakes steamed or a dry frying pan.
  • Lunch: 200 g of cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: the cottage cheese which is shaken up with yogurt.

The fruit

In the menu — unsweetened apples, pears, a water-melon, a citrus, and also berries – currant, raspberry, cherry, sweet cherry (in total no more than 1,5 kg). Between meals it is possible to eat unsweetened apple or to drink a glass of orange juice.

  • Breakfast: fruit salad.
  • Lunch: any fruit from the list of the resolved.
  • Dinner: smuz from fruit.

The drinking

Unloading: all day we drink water, grass broths and green tea. If on such rigid mode it is difficult to hold on, once it is possible to dare to add a honey spoon to water or tea.

Recipes of dishes

Fish cream soup

Fillet of sea fish to boil, crush in the blender. To add fish broth, a salt pinch, small cut greens, a teaspoon of vegetable oil. To give hot.

Vegetable cream soup

To boil a cauliflower and broccoli. To pripustit small cut onions and grated carrots on a frying pan, having added a spoon of sunflower oil. To mix everything and to crush in the blender. To fill in the received mashed potatoes with the broth which remained after cooking of cabbage and to give on a table, having added fennel greens to a plate.

Cheesecakes baked

To mix 300 g of cottage cheese with the shaken-up egg, to create thick pancakes, to roll in in crackers. To bake in an oven before emergence of a ruddy crust.

The pepper stuffed with vegetables

Small to cut the vegetable marrow cleared of a thin skin, onions and tomatoes, to grate carrots on a large grater. To mix everything, to add some salt and slightly to pripustit on a frying pan, having added a little vegetable oil. From pepper to cut off a top, to remove seeds and to fill with the received vegetable forcemeat. To lay in a pan, to add a little water and to extinguish 30 minutes.

Chicken in soy sauce

To cut with fillet of a bird with thick pieces, to grease with soy sauce and the crushed garlic and to leave for 10–15 minutes. It isn't necessary to salt. To bake in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees about an hour.

Steam chicken cutlets

To skin with meat, to crush it by means of the meat grinder or the blender. To add the shaken-up egg, it is a little salt, a spoon of breadcrumbs. To create round cutlets, to prepare in a double boiler or on a frying pan under a dense cover, having added waters.

The fish baked in a foil

To grate fillet of a trout or a cod with the crushed garlic, slightly to moisten with fruit vinegar and to leave for half an hour for treatment. To wrap slices of fish in a foil and to bake in an oven of 20 minutes. Then to open a foil and to place fish in an oven for 10 minutes that it was reddened.

Greek salad dietary

To cut in small cubes tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, onions. To add the crushed garlic, lemon juice and a little olive oil. To mix everything and to lay out in a salad bowl, having decorated from above with olives.

Smuz from fruit

To peel apple and a pear of a thin skin, to remove a core and together with a kiwi carefully to crush in the blender. To add a glass of green tea to the received fruit puree and to shake up.

Exit from a diet

In 7 days the resistant habit to the food which isn't allowing to gain excess weight won't be developed. Therefore after end of a course of fast weight loss it is necessary to take care of it independently – if, of course, you want to keep the reached result for a long time. At least week after end of a diet of "7 petals" it is necessary to feed on the same products, combining them at discretion.

It is necessary to try not to have supper too late that the food managed to be digested to a dream, differently the organism which wasn't in time to spend the received calories will send them to "fatty depots". It is recommended to limit the use of high-calorific food: animal fats, sweets, starchy vegetables, white loaf, and also seasonings increasing appetite. Such reasonable approach won't allow the lost kilograms to return in the form of fatty "small pillows" on a waist and hips.

As the complex of monodiets isn't the balanced power supply system, it isn't recommended to repeat a diet of "7 petals" too often. Not to do harm to health, between courses of weight loss it is desirable to do a two-three-months break.

Responses and results of the grown thin

Olya, 33

I chose "petal" weight loss for two reasons – because of the promised fast result and permission most to define quantity of the eaten. My choice was correct: in a week I got rid of 5,5 kg, without hungering at all. The only complexity for me – refusal from fried and salty. But not for long it was possible and to suffer. I consider that found "the" technique, I will use a diet of "7 petals" and from now on.

Lydia, 25 years

I needed to grow thin after the delivery. When ceased to feed the child, I decided to dump fast some kilograms, and then it is simple to keep a shape. I began to choose, Yukhansson stopped on a diet "Seven petals". After all it was developed by the professional, in it the detailed menu for every day is described and recipes of dishes are provided. Besides this not so rigid diet as majority of the short-term. I began to hate fish after a lunch, and couldn't have supper her at all. On grain too it appeared very not comfortably. Also the head began to be turned … Therefore refused this technique, having grown thin all for kilogram. I will begin to look for for myself more suitable.

Yulya, 25

Me you won't call Tolstaya, but few years ago I was more slender, judging by photos. Therefore decided that it is time to take care of the own life and to grow thin a little. The diet "seven petals" seemed to me interesting. It extraordinary, not too long, and judging by responses, quite effective. Responses didn't deceive – in a week I dumped 5 kg. Special problems weren't, only the last day when it was necessary to sit on one water and tea, was given hardly. I recommend Swedish to "seven-flower"!

Responses of doctors and experts

Lyudmila Petrovna Denisenko, dietitian

I treat similar techniques of weight loss watchfully. First, the principle of separate food raspropagandirovanny today at which proteins and carbohydrates shouldn't be combined in a diet, has no scientific justification. The opinion that leads digestion of monocomponent food to decrease in extent of its assimilation, and, as a result, to loss of weight, isn't confirmed with serious clinical tests.

Further, the products containing only one protein or only carbohydrates simply aren't present. For example, in "proteinaceous" chicken meat or cottage cheese there are fats and carbohydrates. And the last: the Swedish system guarantees very fast loss of weight while safe it is considered weight loss no more, than on 150 grams per day.

Mistrust is also aroused by that fact that the diet of "7 petals", as well as many other monodiets, is positioned as developed by the professional doctor though the Swedish nutritionist Anna Yukhansson doesn't appear in one reference book or vikipediyny article. Of course, using the products resolved by this power supply circuit to grow thin quite really – all of them are energetically invaluable. But with the same success it is possible to achieve weight loss, having simply excluded high-calorific food from a diet. These are those dishes which we call "tasty, but harmful": sweets, animal fat, farinaceous food, fast food.

Natalya Ivanovna Kazanyuk, dietitian

The based on rules of the separate use of not combined products and low caloric content of a day diet, dietary technique Yukhansson is rather effective at weight loss. Judging by responses of my patients, it allows to dump 0,5–0,8 kg of weight daily. One of its advantages are served by daily change of the main food product, it allows not to allow critical deficiency in an organism of these or those substances. Therefore it isn't necessary to forget: is admissible to observe the monomode as it is specified in rules of a diet of "7 petals" — no more days.