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Diet after the delivery: effective weight loss / methods

Pregnancy and childbirth behind, ahead the woman wait for new efforts: feedings, care of the kid, washing and cooking. Often to women during this period not to the appearance though you shouldn't forget about yourself.

Diet after the delivery: effective weight loss / methods

It is widely known that weight during pregnancy is gained by all, who 10 kg, who 15. Someone is lucky even less, and they gain 20 and more kilograms. And after the delivery with it it is necessary to do something. Only units manage literally right after childbirth to get into the favourite things, and even not to reflect on what return to former forms costs the rest. The majority should resolve an issue how to grow thin after the delivery.

Of course, it will be impossible to do without trainings. Fitness, yoga, aerobics or simply walking and charging of the house, but physical activity is a basis of return of a former form. The second pillar of weight loss is correctly picked up food.

For a diet after the delivery to grow thin on which it is possible quickly and safely any woman is ready to sell soul. However it is considered, what it is impossible to grow thin in short terms, including because of hormonal failures and a heap of other reasons. Actually it is possible to grow thin right after childbirth, the main thing, to do all by mind.

Diet after the delivery

Existence of an effective diet after the delivery especially actively is confirmed by various foreign and Russian stars. The yellow press and the Internet dazzles with articles how various stars grew thin after the delivery. Continually there are Ania Lorac or Oksana Fedorova's diets after the delivery, it is obligatory with photos and delighted comments: "After all passed only 1,2,3 or how many there even months".

So, Oksana Fedorova advises in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of warm water, for breakfast to eat a plate of buckwheat cereal with a small slice of fish and to drink a glass of the fat-free kefir, during the lunchtime boiled veal and vegetable salad, and for dinner there is some cottage cheese and one fruit.

It is obvious that such diet doesn't suit at all the woman who nurses the child. Even for the woman in a normal state such diet is admissible only within a short period of time. What to speak about the nursing mother. Literally couple of days and milk at young mother, most likely, will be gone. Well, in any case, will become insufficiently nutritious for the little person.

Here also it turns out that such systems, whether it be Yana Rudkovskaya or Victoria Boni's diet, or even Feofilaktova after the delivery, are designed for women who don't nurse the children. And in this case the most part from them can't proceed more long than one week as aren't option of the balanced and good nutrition. And after all the woman after the delivery needs to restore an organism.

When it is possible to start growing thin after the delivery?

The first one and a half months it is better for woman to concentrate on the new state, to allow the organism to be reconstructed in the new mode of life and it is simple to have a rest. Without thinking of something serious. Gain strength, they very much it is required to you soon. Appearance of the child cardinally changes a rhythm of life of all family, and in particular young mother. The new rhythm of life will demand huge expenses of energy.

During the same period of the woman usually decide on those products which she can eat from the point of view of safety for the child. Of course, there is a standard and habitual list of the products causing diathesis or allergic reaction in the child: it is honey, chocolate, a citrus, coffee, sweet. However in each case there can be also some features: any children don't transfer the tomatoes any — pears or pepper. And in one and a half months it is quite possible to be defined by that you can eat and that isn't present.

Besides, in the first month often where it is more important to woman to observe such food which will provide a uniform chair, without locks. After all very often in the course of childbirth there are ruptures of a crotch. Seams begin to live then 1,5-2 months, and it is very important to protect them. Besides these seams are a source of additional stresses that has an adverse effect on weight loss process.

Diet after the delivery: effective weight loss / methods

Only after that it is possible to start changing the diet. And it is necessary to do it competently not to do much harm to the kid and itself. And it is important not to break a lactation. By the way, about a lactation. It can promote weight loss process, after all on production of milk not less than 500 calories per day leave.

Healthy nutrition and general recommendations

What has to be a diet after the delivery of the feeding mother? Strictly speaking, the speech has to go not about a diet, and about the balanced food taking into account needs of mother and child, and with reduction of caloric content. Yes, and here not to do without calculation of calories.

The diet after the delivery begins, of course, with calculation of calories which can be eaten in a day. Usually do it on the following formula: the ideal weight increased on 30 minimum admissible is value in 1200 calories.

It is considered that when receiving smaller quantity of calories of an organism starts "economy mode", the person feels fatigue, need for rest, and the body strenuously reserves at this time energy in the form of fats. However, at calculation for this formula such value is extremely difficult as even with a desirable weight in 45 kg caloric content turns out not less than 1350 kk.

After pregnancy the situation is a little differently, after multiplication to the received number it is necessary to add 300 more calories. And the minimum caloric content has to make 1600 kk, usually there are about 2000.

When feeding by a breast excessive decrease of caloric content of food conducts not only to delay of a metabolism, but also to violation of a lactation, decrease in nutritiousness of maternal milk, and, therefore, to that the child receives less nutrients. In this case the aspiration of mother to grow thin will start affecting on health and the future of the child.

Here it is also worth remembering a lactation. As you remember, on this process leaves about 500 kk. Nevertheless, to daily caloric content increases only 300, the 200th organism is quite capable to restore the others at the expense of a fatty layer. At the expense of it also there will be a weight loss. The main thing not to forget to drink it is more than water, not less than 2 liters per day. It is also necessary for formation of milk.

It is desirable to get the diary of food. Than it will help? The matter is that after the delivery the woman faces a heap of new problems: sharp change of a circle of contacts, new schedule, sleep debt, nerves, stresses, boredom … Many women jam all this different high-calorie delicacies, even without noticing it what here weight loss, not to take still.

The diary of food will allow to trace excess sorties to the refrigerator. However, only if you are absolutely honest with yourself, and you will write down everything that you eat, even the smallest having a snack.

And it is still important to find to itself a good hobby which will allow to distract a free minute from routine. If the woman doesn't miss if than be engaged in her, hardly she will continue to devote free time to searches something tasty.

Fractional food

The first principle of a diet for weight loss after the delivery – fractional food. 5 meals are an optimum quantity which allows not to overeat and thus not to hunger. It is natural that the increase in number of meals has to be followed by reduction of portions. You will be helped with it by use of a small plate. It is so simpler to control quantity of the eaten.

Diet after the delivery: effective weight loss / methods

Besides, you shouldn't eat less than in 3 hours prior to a dream. The food is worse acquired in the evening, besides weight in a stomach can prevent a dream. And the healthy sleep is simply necessary for young mother. Including in order that quickly and effectively to lose weight. The good shape of nervous system is vital for the fastest weight loss.

Is it is possible or before feeding of the child, or right after. Statistically, during feeding of the woman hunger the greatest.

The approximate menu for weight loss after the delivery

This menu will allow to achieve at once several objectives: weight reduction, receiving healthy food and preservation of good health of the child. Each woman can define quantity of the food eaten in any of meals itself within that caloric content which she calculated for herself.

The breakfast by right is considered most important meal. It is very important to let to the organism know in the morning that you are ready to activity. The timely breakfast starts a metabolism.

The breakfast should be chosen proceeding from the physical activity. If the woman regularly plays sports, it is worth stopping the choice on difficult carbohydrates, for example, porridge on water, vegetables or fresh berries. Carbohydrates are the main power source in a human body. In an hour your body will be ready to trainings.

If for this day of special physical activity it isn't planned, the breakfast has to consist generally of proteins. Well skim cheese with fruit or berries, an omelet with vegetables and so forth will approach.

  • Second breakfast

It had to nourishing, but a lung. Small slice of cheese, dried fruits, yogurt, fresh berries and fruit. It is possible to wash down everything with rather weak tea without sugar.

During the lunchtime it is very important to receive more protein with food. Chicken breast, veal, low-fat fish, low-fat cottage cheese, sheep cheese or tofu. Won't prevent as well a carbohydrate garnish. Stewed vegetables or porridge on water will be ideally suited.

Diet after the delivery: effective weight loss / methods

It is a high time to indulge himself: to eat tasty, sweet fresh fruit. Also cottage cheese or yogurt will approach.

The your dinner, the better for your figure and your health will be easier. It is again possible to remember boiled and stewed vegetables, salads from vegetables or fruit. Cream soup will be fine option. Also a small amount of protein is admissible. However the portion has to be absolutely small.

Additional recommendations

As well as during pregnancy, it is worth avoiding smoked and marinated products, canned food, a pickles, sausages and sausages. All these products contain a large amount of salt and preservatives. Salt promotes a water delay in an organism and to developing of hypostases. Preservatives are simply harmful to a children's organism.

Choosing products for itself, don't forget and about preferences of the kid, and also about his health. As it was already told, it is worth refusing honey, chocolate and a citrus.

Perhaps, diathesis in your kid is caused also by some other products. Be careful of the stewed cabbage, prunes, kissels and other products appealing the increased gas generation or locks. Intestines of the newborn are still too weak and undeveloped, and too sharply react to such irritants.

It is necessary to reduce amount of the used fats to a minimum. Pay attention, not to exclude in general, and to reduce. It is important as absolutely without fats the human body can't normally function.

It is considered that fats can make no more than one quarter of all caloric content of food in day. So, if your daily norm 1600 kk, it is possible to eat slightly more than 40 g of fats.

Pay attention, contains 10 g of refined fat in one tablespoon of sunflower oil. In this regard it is worth refusing nutlets, sunflower seeds and other seeds of plants as they contain a lot of fat. And literally the small handful of nutlets considerably will exceed norm of fats in days.

As you can see, recommendations rather simple, will also observe them not difficult. Perhaps, you will lose weight not so quickly, as on popular and widespread diets. However plus of this diet after the delivery is its balance. It is possible to eat thus until you continue to nurse.

After that it will be necessary to reconsider only the daily caloric content of products and some principles of food, in particular, to lower a water consumption to 1,5 liters per day. But you will have an opportunity there are those products which you refused to yourself because of the child.

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