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Diet after the delivery for the feeding mother

The diet after the delivery for the feeding mummy will keep health of the newborn, will relieve of many troubles which can easily be avoided at healthy nutrition. Gripes, different types of an allergy, a bad dream at the kid – problems which the feeding mummies at the use of the forbidden products face.

Add the spent nerves from a sleep debt here, unplanned visits to policlinic and you will understand that it is better to observe recommendations of doctors and to prepare certain dishes. Let's understand, what products can be included in a diet of the feeding mother and what it is better to refuse.

First three months

During this period you should exclude many products causing an allergy and the increased gas generation in the newborn from the menu.

Don't break a ban, after all during breastfeeding even one chocolate or a fragrant hamburger will do much harm to your kid.

It is authorized to use:

  1. The porridges cooked on water: oat, corn, buckwheat. From the rice you don't hurry. If at the child locks, rice porridge it is forbidden.
  2. Fermented milk products: low-fat cottage cheese, curdled milk, natural yogurts without fillers. Drink kefir, but no more a glass. From kefir the kid often has a swelling.
  3. The stewed, boiled or baked meat: rabbit, beef or turkey.
  4. Bread of a rough grinding, croutons and bagels, Maria cookies.
  5. Bananas.
  6. Baked green apples.
  7. Low-fat broth.
  8. Unsalted and not strong firm cheese.
  9. The baked potatoes or mashed potatoes.
  10. Boiled fish of low-fat grades. No more than two times a week.
  11. Not refined vegetable oils: corn, olive, vegetable. Norm – to 15 g a day.
  12. Pasta from firm grades. From cheap low-quality macaroni there is more than harm, than advantage.
  13. Vegetable soup without bean and cabbage.

These products demand a constant control of a condition of integuments and a gastrointestinal tract of the newborn:

  1. Stewed beet. Eat gradually, you watch, whether there was no frustration of a chair at the kid.
  2. Zephyr, fruit jelly with a natural basis. Eat sweets gradually, check rashes on skin of the kid. Limit sugar.
  3. Egg. Once in two-three days. Sometimes on protein there is an allergy.

That the feeding mother can drink:

  1. Still water;
  2. Tea with fennel;
  3. Compote of their dried fruits;
  4. Weak broth of a camomile;
  5. Ukropny water;
  6. Qualitative rather weak green tea.

Diet after the delivery for the feeding motherThere are products about which in the first half a year-years after the birth of the kid it is worth forgetting. It is much more important than advantage of breastfeeding, than chagrin of a ban on the use of some products.

Are strictly forbidden:

  1. Berries and fruit of red and orange flowers;
  2. All citrus;
  3. Exotic fruits, except bananas;
  4. Grapes, melons, pears, water-melons;
  5. The bean;
  6. Chocolate, pies, cakes, rich products;
  7. Black bread;
  8. Crude vegetables, especially garden radish, tomatoes and cucumbers;
  9. Sausage, canned and fish meat;
  10. Garlic and onions;
  11. Mayonnaise and ketchup;
  12. Pearl-barley and cream of wheat;
  13. Chips, snek, fast food;
  14. Whole cow's milk and cream.

During feeding by a breast avoid:

  1. Fat broths;
  2. Cabbage in any kind, from it the kid will have a swelling by all means;
  3. Tinned vegetables and fruit;
  4. Ready semi-finished products;
  5. Honey and products of beekeeping;
  6. Nuts and dried fruits;
  7. Sour creams;
  8. Processed cheeses;
  9. Ice cream;
  10. Halvah;
  11. Products with preservatives and dyes.

During breastfeeding it is impossible to drink:

  1. Strong tea, especially black;
  2. Coffee and cocoa;
  3. Alcoholic drinks;
  4. Svezheotzhaty juice;
  5. Aerated water;
  6. Coffee and cocoa;
  7. Tea from bags.

Food since the fourth month

Diet after the delivery for the feeding mother Gradually expand the list of products. A diet of the feeding mummy during this period less strict.

Gradually include in a diet:

  1. Millet, pearl-barley and cream of wheat;
  2. Boiled veal, chicken meat and meat of a quail;
  3. Sour cream;
  4. House apple jam;
  5. Stewed vegetable marrows;
  6. Svezheotzhaty juice from beet, carrots, apples, pumpkin (you watch skin of the baby);
  7. Walnuts — no more than one in day (the peanut and pistachios are forbidden);
  8. Fruit drink from currant and bilberry;
  9. Honey – gradually!


Skilled mummies advise to keep the food diary. Here it is worth writing down, what new dishes you enter into the diet and as the kid reacts to them. You quickly will understand that became the reason of an allergy and gripes at the baby.

Council: eat a new product in the small portions and it is obligatory since morning. In a day you will see, there is a reaction at the child or not. Even when developing gripes don't despair. Swelling will pass till the evening, and you with the kid will quietly fall asleep.

Apply to processing of products:
  • Steam boiling;
  • Suppression;
  • Roasting in an oven.


  • The fat;
  • The sharp;
  • The fried;
  • The spicy;
  • Too sweet and put too much salt dishes.

Important! Drink whole cow's milk only after achievement of six-months age by the kid. The same rule belongs and to goat milk.


If you nurse, you remember advantage of a diet at natural feeding. Use the list of the resolved and forbidden products. Don't forget: tasty and useful dishes can be prepared from any products.