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Diet after the delivery for weight loss of the feeding mother: effective from Ania Lorac

For many mummies the diet after the delivery is need because the majority of them during pregnancy strongly put on weight. At one increase only about 5-6 kg, and at others quite decent – to ten kg and above. The correct diet after the delivery will allow to dump the gained kilograms.

If the woman even before childbirth watched the body, the diet will allow to return to a form quicker. But most often on it some months are required. It is best of all to begin at once after the child's birth. Also learn as to grow thin after the delivery and fights before childbirth when to go to maternity hospital.

But consider that the rigid diet after the delivery will only do much harm to an organism. It is necessary to protect it, after all he had a big stress because of pregnancy and hormonal reorganization. It is recommended to pick up in common with the expert an individual food allowance and strictly to adhere to it.

After the delivery it is especially attentively necessary to select a diet for the feeding mother. The organism of the child can react to food the strongest allergy. At the same time, rigid restriction of a diet is strictly forbidden the feeding and not feeding women. In a day it is necessary to use at least 1,2 thousand kilocalories, and it is even better – 1,5-2 thousand kilocalories. Otherwise mummy will be tormented by a breakdown, sharp changes of mood.

Diet after the delivery for weight loss of the feeding mother: effective from Ania Lorac

Food is obliged to be healthy and the most useful

Consider that even if the feeding mother after last childbirth wants to send weight, her diet for weight loss has to include at least 2 thousand calories. Energy, nutrients for the organism and an organism of the kid has to be enough for the woman.

During a lactation fast weight loss is dangerous because the toxins which are saved up by an organism start coming to blood and breast milk. Solvents, dioxides, polikhrorirovanny diphenyls, mercury, lead are capable to get into an organism of the women living in places with bad ecology.

In the first month after last childbirth mother needs to organize a diet so that to lose at most 0,7 kg in one week. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the consumed quantity of calories.

Yes, mother of the newborn baby has always no time therefore to find time for quiet meal difficultly. But you shouldn't neglect food.

  1. First, you will feel the very weak.
  2. Secondly, ignoring of lunches or dinners can pour out subsequently in a strong gluttony with which the organism will try to compensate shortage of food.

It isn't necessary to eat less often at all to grow thin. On the contrary, try to eat food in the small portions, but about 5-6 times in a day.

The breakfast therefore after the delivery the diet has to mean full morning meal is very important for not feeding and feeding mothers: cottage cheese, eggs, porridge on water.

Diet after the delivery for weight loss of the feeding mother: effective from Ania Lorac

The correct beginning of day and competently made breakfast can become pledge of weight loss

Even if before pregnancy in the morning you drank only a cup of coffee, you shouldn't pass a breakfast. Now you very need forces. Besides, the breakfast promotes start of work of a metabolism. After full meal the metabolism will start working at full capacity therefore fats will be burned more actively, and the food will begin to be digested quicker.

For weight lossTo clean high-calorific and fat products from a diet, to eat fractionally and often, but in the small portions. To minimize the use of sugar, oil, to include products with animals protein, minerals, vitamins. To eat cottage cheese, veal, meat of a turkey and chicken, products with high content of iodine, iron.Only the doctor, taking into account a physical condition of the woman has to determine duration of a diet.
The fastTo practice fasting days during which it is necessary to use purely carbohydrate or proteinaceous food.
The proteinaceousIt is necessary to minimize carbohydrate food and to consume a large amount of proteins. Because of deficiency of carbohydrates the organism will receive energy when splitting fats.

The forbidden and resolved products

To resolve an issue how it is possible to grow thin after the delivery, it is recommended to make a diet together with the doctor.

It is especially important to the feeding mother to exclude from the diet the following products after the delivery:

  • black tea, coffee;
  • alcohol, low alcohol cocktails;
  • chocolate;
  • crayfish, crabs;
  • onions, garlic;
  • exotic fruit, grapes, strawberry, citrus;
  • smoked, salty products;
  • pastries, black bread, fancy bread;
  • mayonnaise;
  • fish, meat production with high content of fats;
  • honey, nuts;
  • whole milk;
  • beans;
  • water with artificial dyes, aerated water.
Diet after the delivery for weight loss of the feeding mother: effective from Ania Lorac

Fruit, and also vegetables help with fight against excess weight

It is necessary to pay attention to a diet during the lactation period. After the delivery the feeding mother needs to adhere to a diet which menu includes not allergenic products:

  • sour-milk production: yogurt, curdled milk, bifidokefir, kefir;
  • the porridges from various grain prepared on water;
  • the soared or boiled grades of low-fat meat, fish;
  • fruit, vegetables without red segment;
  • fruit candy;
  • cookies ship's biscuit;
  • green, black, herbal tea (the last not bad stimulates a lactation);
  • still water;
  • fruit drinks, compotes.

As stars grew thin

The famous singer of Ania Lorac after the childbirth also adhered to a diet. The girl advises to focus attention on fasting days, to eat fractionally, small portions. Thus, exchange processes proceed quicker, and the food is acquired better. The singer refused from smoked, fried that the excess amount of the glucose which is transformed to fat didn't come to an organism.

Diet after the delivery for weight loss of the feeding mother: effective from Ania Lorac

The majority of stars constantly in an excellent form thanks to competent approach to own body

Ania Lorac's diet after the delivery includes fasting days on porridge. Only it is necessary to cook it on water, but not on milk. It will allow to stimulate activity of a stomach and to clear intestines.

The singer Polina Gagarina developed own diet after the delivery. In her opinion, it is necessary to adhere to several principles:

  • regular sport;
  • exception sweet, flour, fat, fried;
  • the sparing processing of products;
  • fractional food;
  • lack of meals after the 18th evening.

The singer prefers to use the fresh vegetables, fruit, products of saturated paints including photonutrients. These substances bring harmful congestions out of an organism. Gagarina considers that after the delivery any effective diet has to contain only the boiled and soared vegetables. It allows to keep a large amount of vitamins in products.

The girl excluded fried, fat products from food, considering that after similar thermal treatment they contain carcinogens, free radicals and a minimum of useful substances in it. After last families of Gagarin included soups, broths in a diet. They are effective for weight loss because dull feeling of hunger and normalize work of intestines.

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The famous gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva after the delivery also adhered to a special diet. She refused flour products except for whole-grain bread and pasta from firm grades of wheat. Because of a low glycemic index they can be eaten quietly. Lyaysan recommends to minimize consumption of fat, fried products, to steam and eat only fresh vegetables and fruit. After the delivery the sportswoman adhered also to a proteinaceous diet: shrimps, scallops, low-fat fish, boiled chicken.

Also Utyasheva advises regularly to use dairy products, to drink kefir and to eat cottage cheese. The menu of a diet after the delivery has to exclude some months various sweets, alcohol. According to the gymnast, it is necessary to drink a lot of usual water. Liquid is the assistant in weight loss.