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Diet on a blood type – 1 positive and negative

Diet on a blood type: 1 positive and negative — it is genetically caused power supply system considering features of a gastrointestinal tract of separate category of people. The person possessing this group differs in rather strong immunity and a stable gastrointestinal tract. The organism by means of the first positive and negative blood type perfectly copes with digestion of proteinaceous products, but has also the weaknesses.

Diet on a blood type – 1 positive and negative

Features of the first blood type

Strong immunity often turns at such people into an additional problem: the system perceives quite adequate products and substances as hostile therefore causes allergic reactions. This feature of an organism is also the reason of increase of acidity of a gastrointestinal tract, and it, in turn, can lead to formation of an ulcer. A power supply system for people with the first blood type whatever they had a Rhesus factor, bases on similar genetic features.

Besides, for weight loss owners of such blood are recommended to do swimming or aerobics. However, they will suit also other active sports. 

Food basis

For weight loss and maintenance of health within a diet for the first blood type it is recommended to use such products:

  • red meat;
  • salt with the content of iodine;
  • sea cabbage;
  • broccoli;
  • garden radish;
  • all types of dairy products;
  • buckwheat;
  • pineapples, fig;
  • eggs.
Diet on a blood type – 1 positive and negative

It is recommended to drink this category of people herbal teas, for example, with mint, a dogrose, a linden or ginger. Green kinds of this drink, and also fresh juice from cherry and pineapple are admissible.

Reasonable restrictions within a diet for the first blood type belong to the following types of products:

  • porridge;
  • salmon and cod;
  • bean and cereal;
  • black bread;
  • cauliflower.

Traditionally the diet forbade sugar, potato, wheat flour and products from it, macaroni, ice cream, store sauces.

It is recommended to exclude to people with the first blood type from the diet:

  • all kinds of cabbage;
  • citrus;
  • corn;
  • champignons;
  • olives;
  • cheeses;
  • melon;
  • strawberry;
  • cottage cheese.

It is undesirable to have this category of people coffee and different alcoholic beverages, hot chocolate.

About a negative Rhesus factor

The separate attention is deserved by a diet for people, at which first negative blood type. Of course, the general recommendations for them are similar with specified for owners of a positive Rhesus factor. It generally will lock on the use of food with the high content of vitamin E. This category of people needs to enrich the menu with products which part vitamin B and is To.

Diet on a blood type – 1 positive and negative

The negative first blood type often testifies to problems in work of a thyroid gland. For this reason nutritionists recommend to use in that case iodinated salt, enough fat sea fish, sea cabbage.

For having a snack owners of a negative Rhesus factor should choose dried fruits, walnuts, to have green tea or broth of a camomile and a dogrose. It is strictly forbidden people with the first negative to eat butter, cinnamon, citrus, fat sauces, potato.

Useful recommendations

Red meat and seafood becomes a food basis for people with any Rhesus factor of the first blood type. Will be useful to them and green vegetables. It is necessary to include a lot of carrot in the menu. Such diet becomes pledge of effective weight reduction, and also elimination of problems with a thyroid gland. Such diet is registered often by physicians therefore it is absolutely safe as excludes only products, harmful to a concrete circle of people.

Physical activities become an important factor of weight loss for them also. They have to be rather saturated. Optimum to combine some kinds of activity, for example, morning jog, aerobics few times in week and visit of the pool also twice in 7 days.


I am familiar for a long time with the principles of a diet on the first blood type for a positive and negative Rhesus factor. Has to tell what exactly it became my lifesaver after pregnancy when I gathered excess 20 kg. Neither small portions, nor refusal of a dinner after 18:00 didn't help, and the child was only capricious because mother tried to limit the food when feeding by a breast. As a result I after all decided to go on a diet and chose it on the first blood type. I grew thin for the first two months for 10 kg. During this time I learned to eat and choose healthy products normally.

How many I didn't try to grow thin by means of a concrete diet, anything it was impossible. I read about the technique based on a blood type I thought that sensible grain in it is though if to reflect, anything surprising isn't present here, after all mayonnaise and ketchup will be to nobody useful, as well as butter, and the same potato. Therefore, I think if to adhere to these rules, you will surely grow thin.

I tried to adhere to rules of a diet on the first blood type, but I can't do without some berries and fruit therefore it was limited to an exception of a diet of excess fats, sauces, fried and smoked. And everything turned out: I grew thin in 3 months for 13 kg. Everything I recommend to examine councils concerning food for a blood type and nevertheless to analyse them on the preferences.