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Diet on a blood type 2 negative

Diet on a blood type 2 negative People, in whose veins blood of the second group with a negative Rhesus factor flows, differ in good adaptation to various changes of conditions of a diet. Unfortunately, people with such blood type it is difficult to call luckies, after all their blood very dense. This density can cause arterial and venous clots.

The recommended products

People with the second blood type have, as a rule, a lowered acidity. And to digest meat, the increased acidity of gastric juice is necessary. The diet on this blood type says that at such people meat slows down a metabolism and accumulates fatty deposits. Observance of a diet will help to find forces and health, after all because of improper feeding the immune system won't be broken.

That it is possible to use:

Among drinks it is best of all to give preference to juice, such as: juice of pineapple, grapefruit, cherry, carrots (in moderate quantity), a celery. It is possible to use any tea, except black, and qualitative coffee. From alcohol there will be no glass of red wine superfluous from time to time.

And not to use at all the list of products which should be limited

That it is possible to use strictly in limited quantities:

That it is impossible to use:

  • Pepper (sharp and sweet);
  • Mango;
  • Salty fish;
  • Potatoes;
  • Champignons;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Ketchup;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Sour fruit;
  • Berries;
  • Meat of a partridge;
  • Goose meat;
  • Liver of a calf;
  • Bananas;
  • Eggplants;
  • Cucumbers;
  • Apple cider vinegar.

Among drinks limit yourself in soda, juice of orange and black tea.

Recommendations about weight reduction for people with the 2nd negative blood type

As it was told above, owners of the second negative blood type – people with incredibly sensitive gastrointestinal tract and not whimsical immunity. Such people not bad adapt to the changing external conditions, and in case of developing of a stress it will be best of all for them to be engaged in meditation.

  1. Diet on a blood type 2 negative You watch moderate physical activity, heavy power exercises in a gym – not the best option. Directly weakening technicians, the yogi to you needs to use as sports occupations. They it is fine to improve action of a diet for weight loss.
  2. Provide the use of ecological and natural pure food. It is quite probable that it will be useful for you to get nitrate tester and at any deal carefully to choose products, dregs them, using only boiled water at the last stage.
  3. Exclude difficult digested meat from a diet. Dairy products can cause in you insulin reactions which slow down a metabolism. By the way, natural dairy products contain a large amount of saturated fats. And they, in turn, influence work of heart.
  4. Slow circulation is useful. Walk, for example, on ladder steps, on the sidewalk, on shops. Try not to exceed step speed. Physical activity, in this case, isn't field of activity for haste.

Basic rules of a diet:

  • Diet on a blood type 2 negative Limit the excessive use of wheat. It increases acidity of muscular tissue that too won't do good to owners of the second negative blood type
  • Use brown seaweed, seafood. Also, to normalize the weight, use salt with the content of iodine and spinach. Nevertheless, limit the use of such fishes as a halibut, a herring and a flounder.
  • To the maximum adhere to vegetarian food. The daily diet has to consist of vegetables, porridges, bean cultures.
  • Limit the use of dairy products and dairy drinks. Best of all try to use them in the form of cheese. And that it has to be low-fat and not sharp. You can replace dairy products with the soy. For example, you can use soy cottage cheese or cheese, and also to drink soy milk.
  • Diversify the menu with vegetables and fruit. The main thing, exclude any citrus, bananas, a papaya and cocoes from a diet.

 The best dishes for people with the 2nd negative blood type


"Soup dairy with vegetables"

For preparation it is required to you:

Cabbage – 500 grams

Potatoes – 5-6 pieces

Carrots – 3-4 pieces

Milk – 5-6 glasses

2 tablespoons of butter

Salt to taste.

Cut cabbage small small squares, peel potatoes, cut in cubes, grate carrots. Fill in with a small amount of water vegetables and boil to semi-readiness. Then add the boiling milk, salt to taste, put butter and bring to readiness on average fire. At the request of vegetable soup it is possible to wipe through a sieve or to shake up to a pyureobrazny state.


"Vegetable marrows paste with sheep cheese"

For preparation it is required to you:

Vegetable marrows – 2-3 pieces.

Sheep cheese – 200 grams

6 tablespoons of vegetable oil,

2-3 garlic gloves (if there are no contraindications),

2 tablespoons of sour cream or curdled milk,

Walnuts – 50-100 grams

Salt to taste.

Clear young vegetable marrows of a thin skin, fill in with the added some salt boiled water and take about 5 minutes. Then cut in cubes. Peel garlic and crush. Grate sheep cheese on a large grater. Mix all products, carefully pound or shake up in the blender. Fill with vegetable oil, curdled milk or sour cream and add the crushed nuts. Salt paste to taste.


"Ragout from carrots"

For preparation it is required to you:

Carrots – 2 pieces

1 average bulb

Paprika – 1 piece

Handful it is thin the cut fresh white cabbage,

Green peas – 3-4 tablespoons

Vegetable oil

1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 h. vinegar spoon

Salt to taste

Bay leaf.

Cut carrot straws, you pripustit on vegetable oil in a stewpan or a deep frying pan. Cut other vegetables thin straws, add to carrots and still slightly fry. Add a little water or broth, and you protushit a tomato paste, green peas, salt, bay leaf to readiness on small fire.


"Salad from greens with sour cream"

For preparation it is required to you:

Green salad – 200 grams

Sour cream – 50 grams

3 g of greens of fennel and parsley

1,5 g of salt

Touch salad, remove the sluggish and turned yellow leaves. Carefully wash leaves, suitable for preparation, slightly dry, having spread out to a towel, chop, lay out in a salad bowl. Fill with sour cream, salt, before giving to a table strew with the crushed greens of fennel and parsley.


"Vegetarian Russian cabbage soup"

For preparation it is required to you:

White cabbage – 200 grams

Carrots – 20 grams

Sweet pepper – 15 grams

Onions – 8 grams

6 grams of roots of parsley

6 grams of greens of parsley

4 grams of greens of fennel

Tomatoes – 45 grams

15 g of butter

15 g are swept away

380 ml of vegetable broth

2 g of salt.

Wash cabbage, remove the sluggish and damaged leaves, chop, lower in the boiling vegetable broth, bring to boiling and you cook on average fire under a cover. Peel carrots, a parsley root, sweet pepper, wash, cut segments, you pripustit in a small amount of water and add to Russian cabbage soup, you cook 20-30 minutes. Clear onions, small cut, fry in butter, add the tomatoes cleared of a thin skin and cut, you extinguish 5 minutes, then lower in Russian cabbage soup in 5 minutes prior to the end of cooking, salt. Before giving to a table fill Russian cabbage soup with sour cream and strew with the crushed greens of parsley and fennel.

Responses of the people with the 2nd negative blood type applying a specialized diet


I want to tell that it very much even a tasty diet (considering all recommendations about the 2nd blood type, a negative Rhesus factor). I got used to it very much even easily. If I it is also easy and could give up smoking, in general it would be excellent. But for certain, with a diet a little bit nevertheless it will be simpler. And by the way, during such diet I dumped about six kilograms in one week. I think, my affairs go simply perfectly! Very few people else can brag of such results.


At me 2 negative blood type. I refused such diet because very much I love potato and cucumbers. But one my acquaintance who just also advised me such diet, told that very much such food suits it. She week of such diet adheres, grew thin for two and a half kilograms. She is incredibly glad, well and I for her too.


2 blood type, Rhesus factor – negative. You want to know my personal opinion? The diet – is simply smart! But I won't sit on it the whole eternity, dismiss. Whatever one may do, sweets have to be in my life. Honestly, I simply don't represent as it is possible often or in general constantly to keep to different diets. Not my it. And as for results, in 8-9 days approximately I grew thin for 5 kg.


Diet – super! Though slowly, but I grow thin. It would be desirable, of course, quicker. But after all kilograms, unfortunately, can't be controlled in own favor and especially you won't subordinate to their power. It is a pity, can once be and there will be everything in a different way. It is necessary to wait only a little bit. To my happiness, for some days I dumped nearly a kilogram. It is already any, but result.

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