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Diet on a blood type: 3 positive. The basic principles of food and the menu for a week

People who have the 3rd blood type positive, practically always have excellent health. But, at the same time, even they can periodically have certain problems connected with gastrointestinal or immune tract. Thus they are absolutely quietly perceived any changes which are connected with a food allowance. In spite of the fact that such people can adhere practically to any diet, it is worth paying attention to the diet which is specially developed for 3 blood types positive.

Choice of products

Diet on a blood type: 3 positive. The basic principles of food and the menu for a week

  • Meat and eggs are among the recommended products, it is also allowed to use rabbit flesh and mutton dishes. With extra care it is necessary to treat chicken meat.
  • Concerning fish it is best of all to stop a choice on sea types, after all she will help to provide an organism with all necessary amino acids. However it is worth excluding from the menu seafood completely.
  • It is recommended to prepare only on olive oil.
  • At a choice of grain, it is best of all to stop on rice, millet sometimes is possible, oat flakes are resolved. To himself it isn't necessary to refuse in pleasure to eat a portion of macaroni.
  • Without fail at a diet there have to be bean, peas, haricot, a small amount of soy. Thus it is necessary to refuse lentil and corn completely.
  • In the menu it is authorized presence practically of all fermented milk and dairy products, but it is only necessary to choose what contain the minimum percent of fat content.

The following products – avocado, a radish, pumpkin, tomatoes, a garden radish, sunflower oil, fat pork, duck's flesh and corn are strictly forbidden.

It is necessary to refuse garnet and tomato juice, drinks which part soda is, also lime tea is forbidden.

The benefit for health is brought the green tea having the clearing effect on all organism, grass broths prepared from a glycyrrhiza, a sage, a ginseng, and also raspberry leaves. It is desirable to drink as often as possible fresh cranberry, grape and pineapple juice. In small amounts coffee, black tea and orange juice are resolved. It is authorized to drink very seldom a glass of red or white wine.

Diet on a blood type 3 positive: the menu for a week

At the 3rd positive blood type, it is recommended to adhere to the approximate menu:

Day of the 1st

  • For breakfast to prepare rice porridge with addition of fresh apples (250 g), a cup of herbal tea (mint or a St. John's Wort);
  • For lunch a portion of mushroom cream soup (mushrooms, potatoes, carrots), salad with sardines, eggs and cheese to fill which it is possible a small amount of sour cream (the minimum percent of fat content) or olive oil;
  • For dinner to prepare boiled beef with eggplants and pepper (250 g);
  • During having a snack nuts (cashew, walnut, Brazilian) about 50 g, any fresh fruit or vegetables (1 carrots, 1 cucumber) are resolved.

Diet on a blood type: 3 positive. The basic principles of food and the menu for a week

Day of the 2nd

  • For breakfast to prepare a portion of porridge (250 g);
  • For lunch fresh broccoli, color and Brussels sprout cream soup, small portion of fruit salad;
  • For dinner to prepare stewed meat of a rabbit, on a garnish rice and vegetables will approach, drink a cup of green tea;
  • During having a snack fruit (plums, apricots) - some pieces, nuts are resolved (cedar, almonds, walnut).

Day of the 3rd

  • For breakfast portion of low-fat cottage cheese, apple, berry fruit drink;
  • For lunch a portion of mushroom soup (easy subfrying from vegetables), salad (the Beijing cabbage, beef, cilantro, a cucumber is allowed);
  • For dinner it is possible to prepare the baked fish with siliculose boiled haricot (no more than 300 g);
  • During having a snack fruit or nuts are resolved.
  • Since 4th day it is necessary to repeat a diet of the 1st.

Principles of food

People with the 3rd positive blood type were lucky, after all they can easily combine various types of diets. The matter is that they possess the high level of digestibility practically of all products since are capable to adapt perfectly.

It is possible to choose easily mixed diet which part a large number of the most various products, and also valuable vitamins is. Thus at a diet there can be different types of food, and there are practically no strict restrictions.

The use in quite large numbers of fish, meat, eggs, various fermented milk products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and also bean is authorized. However thus you shouldn't forget that there are also products, undesirable to the use, to which number chicken meat, pork, and of course, seafood belongs.

Adhering to a diet, it is recommended to drink the various infusions prepared on the basis of leaves of raspberry, a sage, freshly brewed green tea cabbage, cranberry, pineapple, etc. fresh juice. But at the 3rd positive blood type it is forbidden to use tomato juice. 

It is important to remember that glyutein is capable to provoke wheat at the people belonging to this group, decrease in a metabolism. It is also strictly forbidden to combine wheat with a peanut, buckwheat, corn and lentil.

Reviews of a diet

Diet on a blood type: 3 positive. The basic principles of food and the menu for a week

  1. Kira: Here 2 months I keep to such diet. Of course it was very heavy to refuse favourite dishes which were harmful, but it was worth it. After all now I could bring a figure into a good form, got rid of extra kilos, skin became much better to look. Therefore I am going to adhere to such diet further.
  2. Katya: It is quite heavy to adhere to such diet, after all those products which are resolved, forbidden me to the husband, and allowed him, under a ban at me. But after all I found forces, of course, time for preparation should spend a little more, however, the result costs the spent forces. I could not only get rid of excess weight for a short period, but also I feel perfectly. Besides it wasn't necessary to keep any strict diets and to refuse breastfeeding, after all in my diet there are all products which are necessary for full development of the child.
  3. Aleksandra: The diet really helps, and there is no need to limit themselves since practically all products are resolved. Besides I practically didn't use earlier some chicken meat therefore I don't feel absolutely any discomfort.
  4. Veronika: The most important in this diet for me began to make it a way of life since only I refused it, the lost kilograms again came back. I observe it 3 months and gradually I got used, t. h. now I enjoy result.

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Diet on a blood type for 3 positive – the excellent decision for people who want to lose excess weight, without feeling discomfort from rigid restrictions in food. You should refuse only some types of products, having a little cut down a diet.