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Diet on a blood type 3 positive table of products for women: the list, for weight loss, the menu

Everything becomes more actual a problem of healthy nutrition. Fast rate of life, low-quality products, a lack of time for preparation of house dishes – all this becomes the reason of problems with a weight. The diet for a blood type 3 positive table of products for women at which became quite various rescue for many. However, that completely will take pleasure in its positive impact on an organism, it is necessary to know nuances of carrying out.

It is a little history

Scientists allocated 4 groups of people according to classification by blood types. Besides, depending on a Rhesus factor (existence of an anti-gene in erythrocytes), allocate two more types: a Rhesus factor - positive and a Rhesus factor - negative. The 3rd blood type resulted from movement of the person on the planet, new food were learned and acquired.

Diet on a blood type 3 positive table of products for women: the list, for weight loss, the menu

The diet created by birth is also based on it. Its feature that to people 3 positive blood types for preservation of health and normal weight, are necessary the use of one products and refusal of others.

Thus for weight loss it isn't necessary to forget about other laws of healthy nutrition.

The knowledge of the main principles of the nature will always allow to remain in a form and doesn't worry concerning extra kilos.

Features of people of 3 blood types

Each group of people relating to concrete type has the biological features caused by specific difference of composition of blood.

For a blood type 3 the following advantages are peculiar:

  • fast adaptation to the changing environmental conditions, including to food change;
  • existence of strong immunity and gastrointestinal tract;
  • existence of opportunity to eat the mixed diet, that is to use different products.

However for those who is the carrier of the specified number of blood, also weaknesses which are shown at violation of a habitual diet are characteristic. The next moments concern to them:

  • sensitivity to influence of rare viruses;
  • high danger of development of diseases of autoimmune character;
  • tendency to development of diabetes of the first type;
  • tendency to multiple sclerosis;
  • susceptibility of chronic fatigue.

Specifics of a diet

The diet constructed on immune and genetic features of human blood differs in that products can have different caloric content. Specifics of food that the volume of the consumed food can be various depending on requirements of an organism of the specific person. It is possible to eat so much, how many it is necessary. Authors of this power supply system don't carry it to a diet. After all the principles on which the diet is constructed, correspond to the basic rules of healthy food.

Roots of the last in turn lie in food of ancestors of the person. The use of those products which ancient people ate, leads to stabilization of work of all systems of an organism, restoration of normal working capacity. As a result extra kilos disappear, and weight comes to compliance with norm. Thus the diet doesn't force to starve. Therefore it isn't necessary to have a stress and to cause to an organism excessive physical activities. The diet on a blood type 3 negative at the heart of the differs in nothing. An exception are those products which belong to the individually intolerable.

However it is necessary to be ready to that food for 3 positive blood types will give not at once obviously visible effect. After all reorganization of an organism requires time. And it can differ depending on specific features of the specific person. For someone will be one week that was we will feel result enough. And months can be necessary for someone. Anyway quickly enough the person feels inflow of forces, change of mood to the best, increase of working activity.

Main principles

The diet for 3 blood types is based on the accurate principles. Their observance will provide that result which is expected. The next moments including the list of the resolved products belong to the main principles:

  • basis of food is low-fat meat of a rabbit, mutton;
  • it is authorized to eat sea fish and eggs;
  • obligatory inclusion in the menu of grain and bean;
  • daily low-fat fermented milk products have to enter a diet;
  • if there is an addiction to nuts, it is possible to choose the walnut;
  • obligatory inclusion in the menu of vegetables, fruit, berries;
  • various spices, for example, a horse-radish, ginger and parsley are allowed for the use;
  • for drink it is better to prefer green tea, various juice, teas on herbs.

The diet for the third blood type based on the use of the specified products promotes fast burning of cells of fat. Extra kilos will gradually leave, coming back to biologically necessary body weight.

What it is impossible to eat

Diet on a blood type 3 positive that from the table of products for women is visible, demands restriction of some ingredients. This obligatory rule and it it isn't necessary to avoid.

In particular it is impossible to use the following list of products:

  • meat products: horse-flesh, meat of chicken, goose, wild birds;
  • fish and seafood: barracuda, perch, eel, trout, lobsters, octopuses, mollusks, snail, oyster;
  • the products made and milk: cheese, including fused, ice cream;
  • eggs, for an exception of the chicken;
  • from the bean: chick-pea, lentil, soy milk and cheese, haricot;
  • peanut and its derivatives, pine nuts, cashew, pistachios, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, filbert;
  • from grain crops: buckwheat, wheat;
  • vegetables: olives, tomatoes, garden radish, pumpkin;
  • fruit: grant, melon, coco, persimmon;
  • different types of oil: from a peanut, a coco, corn, sunflower, kastorovy, rape.

Food on a blood type among other products forbids to eat dishes with addition of allspice, cinnamon, gelatin, ketchups, soy sauce.

Admissible menu

Knowing products which are admissible and forbidden to the use during a diet on a blood type, it is possible to make the approximate menu for a week.

Thanks to it it will be simpler to be adjusted on change of a diet.

As the example can be the following power supply circuit for the third positive blood type:

Food timeProducts
MorningBoiled egg, meat of a rabbit (150 grams), vegetable salad, milk
DayBroth on the basis of beef meat, fruit, herbal tea, rice wafers.
Mid-morning snackMilk, roll.
EveningFish, salad from vegetables, yogurt.

It is necessary to remember that feeling of small hunger after meal it is normal. By birth food doesn't provide an overeating. Therefore it is strictly forbidden. Otherwise it will be reflected by a negative consequence in the form of the stretched stomach and feeling of continuous hunger. In case of need it is possible to have a bite the resolved fruit. It will allow to facilitate a state. Gradually the organism adapts for new conditions and it will be easier.

Food on the third blood type is based on biological laws. For this reason the result at further observance of the basic principles remains for a long time. After all we grow thin not because we limit ourselves in something but because we eat and we select products according to the requirements of an organism based on the physiological nature. It is necessary to remember that the success of any diet is based on three rules: healthy nutrition, feasible physical activity and emotional rest.