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Diet on a blood type 3 positive: the table of products for women

Diet on a blood type 3 positive: the table of products for women

The woman with the third blood type, as a rule, has strong immunity and a good gastrointestinal tract. It suits the principle of the mixed food as many products are for it very useful, and they are well acquired by an organism.

Basic rules of a diet

Will be able to grow thin and find treasured symmetry of the woman with the 3rd blood type of a positive Rhesus factor of a factor at observance of the following recommendations:

  1. The diet surely has to consist of meat dishes (rabbit flesh, mutton). Also at the menu there can often be present be a fish and eggs.
  2. It is necessary to exclude from food chicken in any her kind, lentil and corn, and also all seafood. These products will negatively influence exchange processes, causing fermentation and rotting in intestines.
  3. As for grain, from all existing the emphasis needs to be placed on rice and porridge.
  4. Daily on a table there have to be fermented milk products possessing the lowered content of fat. You shouldn't forget about beans, soy and haricot.
  5. From drinks under a ban there has to be an aerated water, and also tomato juice, garnet and lime tea. And here it is possible to have crimson tea, broth of a glycyrrhiza and a ginseng. It is possible in small amounts natural coffee.
  6. To accelerate weight loss process completely it will be necessary to exclude buckwheat, wheat, corn and a peanut. These products reduce production of insulin and provoke a liquid delay. And everything conducts it to essential delay of a metabolism and deterioration of work of intestines with a stomach.
  7. And here grenades and tomatoes promote an aggravation and development of gastritis therefore they too should be excluded from the menu.

Diet on a blood type 3 positive: the table of products for women

The forbidden and resolved products

To eat and thus to lose excess weight, the diet needs to be made of products which will accelerate a metabolism and to improve digestion. Thus the calories arriving with such food aren't postponed then in the form of folds on a waist and a stomach.

   The list of the recommended products for women of the third positive blood type
        Product type          Name  Nuances of the use
MeatRabbit, muttonIt is recommended to prepare the most fast pieces, removing previously from them noticeable impregnations of fat
EggsChicken and quailIt is possible to eat in a boiled look and to prepare from them steam omelets
Sea productsFlounder, pike perch and cod, trout, mackerel and hake.Practically all species of sea and river fish whom it is better to bake in an oven are actually resolved, to extinguish with vegetables or to cook from it soups.
Dairy productsYogurt, kefir of 2% of fat content and goat milk, it is swept away also house cottage cheese, cheese and cow's milkTiresomely to take cow's milk with the lowered maintenance of fat content
Seeds and nutsThe crushed poppy seeds, cocoSuch seeds can be added to salads and pastries
OilThe olive
The beanBeans and soy in any kind
Grain, grain and cerealsRice, porridge. It is possible bread from flour of the second grinding, rice flakes, oatmeal cookiesFrom grain it is better for Kashi to prepare without addition of butter, instead of it it is possible to use a little bit the olive
VegetablesAll grades of cabbage, swede, pepper, carrots and celeryThe thicket needs whenever possible to use vegetables in the raw
Berries and fruitBanana, pineapple and apple, cherry plum, grapes, plum
Juice and drinksAll fruit juice, and also cabbage and a fruit drink from a cranberryIt is better to squeeze out juice independently

For the beautiful persons having the third positive blood type treats the forbidden products:

  • pomegranate, persimmon and avocado;
  • duck and pork, and also all semi-finished products and meat products from them;
  • all seafood;
  • ice cream;
  • corn and buckwheat;
  • girasol;
  • tomatoes, ketchup, tomato paste and juice;
  • all carbonated drinks.
  • All these products need to be excluded from the diet. Even their minimum quantity will be able to lead to a weight set.

Besides the products having an adverse effect on a metabolism of women with the 3rd blood type there is also a list of neutral products. They can be included in the menu, but weight loss won't be promoted by them. It is better to start them to use after the reached result to support weight in norm and thus not to limit itself in food. It:

  • beef, liver, fat;
  • processed cheeses, cream, fat milk and serum;
  • almonds, walnut;
  • butter;
  • haricot, peas;
  • semolina, macaroni, newly-baked bread;
  • spices.

Diet on a blood type 3 positive: the table of products for women

The menu for a week

See the recommended menu made for 7 days especially for people with the third positive blood type. Keep to a diet and write about the results in comments.

MondayBreakfast: one egg cooked in cool, a turkey cutlet, a glass of milk and salad from cabbage with a celery.
Having a snack: banana souffle.
Lunch: beef broth, green tea and rice wafers, baked apple.
Mid-morning snack: a glass of skim milk and a fast roll without stuffings and glaze.
Dinner: carrot salad, the baked pike perch and a jar of yogurt.
TuesdayBreakfast: tea from mint, rice razvarenny porridge with the wiped apple.
Having a snack: one banana.
Lunch: mushroom cream soup, and also the salad from cheese, sardines and eggs filled with sour cream.
Mid-morning snack: salad from carrot and paprika.
Dinner: a slice of boiled beef with the baked eggplants.
WednesdayBreakfast: tea and porridge.
Having a snack: some plums and house cottage cheese.
Lunch: broccoli and cauliflower, ragout rabbit soup.
Mid-morning snack: a little bit grapes.
Dinner: rice with vegetables, apricots.
ThursdayBreakfast: a warm fruit drink from berries, low-fat yogurt and one apple.
Having a snack: two cheesecakes and tea.
Lunch: mushroom rice soup, warm salad from beef, the Beijing cabbage, a swede and a celery.
Mid-morning snack: plums or cherry plum.
Dinner: the fish prepared in an oven with siliculose haricot.
FridayBreakfast: jar of yogurt and rice wafers.
Having a snack: one apple of the small size.
Lunch: the baked pike and salad from sheet cabbage.
Mid-morning snack: banana puree and fruit drink.
Dinner: cutlets from meat of a rabbit, paprika.
SaturdayBreakfast: tea, friable cottage cheese with plums.
Having a snack: apple fritters.
Lunch: stewed mutton with carrots and a cauliflower.
Mid-morning snack: the yogurt which is shaken up with bananas.
Dinner: slice of boiled beef and green peas.
SundayBreakfast: cottage cheese pie, cranberry drink and one apple.
Having a snack: salad from the Beijing cabbage.
Lunch: ragout from vegetables and a pike perch, a plate of mushroom soup.
Mid-morning snack: some slices of pineapple.
Dinner: rice porridge with plums, tea from herbs.

If to adhere to such diet within one or two weeks that during this time the woman having the 3rd blood type of a positive Rhesus factor will be able to get rid of excess weight and to improve the general state of health.