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Diet for a blood type 2 (type A)

People with a blood type And are characterized:

  • organization, constancy, perfectly adapt to any changes.
  • first vegetarians.
  • possess a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.
  • have strong immune system.
  • self-complacency – a way of removal of a stress.

The diet for a blood type And is based on the use of vegetable food.

It is better to include in a diet food allowance for the II blood type products vegetable in the raw. Meat products need to be excluded from food completely. The gastrointestinal tract of people with the second blood type badly digests and acquires meat products. It is seldom possible to include in a diet for the second blood type meat of a low-fat bird.

Dairy products, especially whole milk, it is impossible to include in a diet for the II blood type. These products slow down process of a metabolism in an organism, cause allergic reactions.

Diet for a blood type 2 (type A) By drawing up the menu of a diet for a blood type And it is important to know, what products I promote increase or reduction of weight. We will consider them in more detail.

Products which increase the weight of people with the second blood type:

  1. Meat products. Are digested and acquired badly. Collect in an organism in the form of fat and food toxins.
  2. Dairy products. Slow down process of a metabolism in an organism.
  3. Vegetable and Lima haricot. Badly reacts with enzymes of a gastrointestinal tract and brakes a metabolism.
  4. Wheat. Reduces effect of insulin.

Products which reduce the weight of people with the second blood type:

  1. Origin vegetable oil. Promote the best digestion and decrease in hypostases.
  2. Products of a soy origin. Accelerate digestion process. Are well acquired by an organism.
  3. Vegetables. Improve activity of intestines and accelerate a metabolism.
  4. Pineapples. Burn excess calories and accelerate activity of intestines.

It is important to know, by drawing up the menu of a diet for the second blood type, what food should be excluded completely and what to include in a diet in large numbers.

We will consider in more detail various categories of products.

Meat products for a diet with a blood type And:

  • useful products aren't present.
  • products neutral: meat of chicken, chicken, turkey.
  • completely to exclude mutton, duck's flesh, heart, a liver, pork, beef, rabbit flesh, veal.

Seafood to a diet for the second blood type:

  • very useful products: carp, iridescent trout, mackerel, cod, sardine. Snail edible.
  • treat neutral products: grouper, smelts, pike, shark, tuna. Sturgeon, perch stone, croaker.
  • it is forbidden to use: sea pike, anchovy, beluga, comb, caviar, squids. Flounder, shrimps, smoked salmon, lobster, sole, catfish striped. A crawfish, a mussel, a herring in any culinary processing, oysters, an eel.

Eggs and dairy products for a diet for the II blood type:

  • useful products: cheese and milk soy.
  • neutral products: yogurt, goat milk and cheese, house cottage cheese, kefir, processed cheese.  Feta and Mozzarella cheese.
  • exclude from food: ice cream, whey, firm cheeses, whole milk, cheese blue. Dairy water-ice, food casein, buttermilk, butter, skim milk, eggs.

Fats and oils to a diet for a blood type And:

  • useful oil olive and linen.
  • neutral rape oil and fat from cod liver.
  • to exclude corn oil, peanut and sesame butter, cotton oil.

Grain and cereal cultures to a diet for the second blood type:

  • very useful porridges from a buckwheat and a shchiritsa.
  • neutral cereals: barley, a spelled, bran from oats and rice, a croup or flour oat, cornmeal, rice and millet the air. Corn flakes – cornflakes.
  • to exclude wheat from food.

Bread and bakery products for a diet on a blood type (the II blood type):

  • useful products: bread from soy flour, a flat cake from rice, bread on the basis of germinated wheat.
  • products neutral: rye bread, cornbread, small loafs, bread from wheat (spelled), bread from rice, bread without gluten.
  • it isn't recommended to include in the menu: white bread, grain bread, wheat matzo, bread on the basis of rye meal. Fancy bread with the maintenance of a large number of proteins.

Seeds and nuts for a diet on a blood type (the II blood type):

  • it is necessary to include sunflower seeds from pumpkin, a peanut and peanut paste.
  • products neutral: poppy, walnut and pine nuts, sesame and paste on its basis, sunflower seeds, a filbert. Chestnuts edible, paste on the basis of sunflower seeds, nuts and paste the almond.
  • it is forbidden to use pistachios, cashew and nuts American.

Diet for a blood type 2 (type A) Bean products to a diet for the second blood type:

  • useful products: ordinary vegetable haricot, lentil, radiant haricot, spotty haricot, beans black.
  • neutral products: green peas, beans fodder, white haricot and peas. Siliculose peas and haricot, shelling haricot.
  • completely to exclude peas chick-pea, copper and dark beans, Lima haricot, red beans.

Vegetables to a diet for a blood type And:

  • useful products: garlic, spinach, turnip, chicory, carrots, house artichoke, girasol. Vegetables sheet. Hibiscus edible, parsnip, red onions, parsley, asparagus and sheet cabbage. Leek, Spanish and yellow onions, beet sheet, kohlrabi.
  • neutral products: pumpkin, celery, green olives, cucumbers, radish, asparagus. Swede, avocado, Brussels sprout, green onions and onions shallot, colza, white and yellow corn, young leaves of mustard. Beet, caraway seeds, cauliflower, fennel.
  • harmful products: tomatoes, all types of olives (except green), a yam. Red and white potatoes, hot siliculose pepper (burning), Lima haricot, eggplants, hothouse mushrooms. Sweet potato, pepper green and yellow, red cabbage, cabbage white, Chinese cabbage.

Berries and fruit to a diet for the second blood type:

  • very useful fruits: prunes, raisin, grapefruit, fig, apricot, bilberry, lemon. Blueberry, pineapples, cowberry, blackberry, cherries, plums, cranberry.
  • products neutral: elder, water-melon, pomegranate, apples, grapes black, currant black and red. Persimmon, melon, dates, peaches and nectarine, lime, raspberry, gooseberry. Grapes red and green, kiwi, strawberry, pears.
  • are excluded from food: coconuts, bananas, tangerines, oranges, papaya. Mango, rhubarb, melon muscat and grade "Cantaloupe".

Spices, spices to a diet for the second blood type:

  • useful products: soy sauce, malt barley, ginger, garlick sauce, molasses black.
  • products neutral: tarragon, mindalevy extract, sage, horse-radish, caraway seeds, fennel, thyme. Rosemary, paprika Spanish, red pepper, mint curly and peppery, nutmeg. Bay leaf, marjoram, turmeric, starch corn, cinnamon, curry. Allspice, coriander, mustard, vanilla, cardamom, anise, basil.
  • apple cider and balsam, wine and white vinegar is forbidden to use vinegar. Capers, pepper black and white ground, edible gelatin.

Sauces to a diet for people with the II blood type:

  • very useful product – mustard.
  • jelly and jams, pickles, relish, low-fat gas stations for salads, marinades and a pickles belong to neutral products.
  • it is forbidden to use mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce the soy juicy.

Diet for a blood type 2 (type A) Drinks and juice to a diet for a blood type And:

  • very useful juice from plum, an apricot, black cherry, carrots, pineapple, grapefruit and a celery. Water with lemon juice addition, green tea, coffee, red wine.
  • neutral drinks: cider apple, vegetable juice from the resolved vegetables. Juice from apples and grapes, white wine.
  • it is impossible to use juice from tomatoes, orange juice, juice from a papaya, beer, black tea, alcohol.

It is recommended to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice addition in the mornings. It promotes reduction of slime which collected during the night, and provides clarification of intestines.

Grass infusions and teas for a diet on a blood type (the 2nd blood type):

  • useful teas and infusions from berries of a dogrose, camomile, эhinaceq, St. John's Wort. Valerian, aloe, hawthorn, elm smooth, burdock, fenugreek hay. Lucerne, ginseng, ginger.
  • neutral products: sage, elder, hop, verbena, yarrow. Feltwort, thyme, linden, glycyrrhiza root, coltsfoot. Leaves of raspberry and wild strawberry, kidney of a silver birch, peppermint, shepherd's bag, dandelion.
  • to exclude from food: cat's kotovnik, rhubarb, Cayenne pepper, red clover, rylets the corn.

It is very important to combinea diet for the second blood type with physical exercises. From all exercises  relaxation sports are suitable for people with the second blood type: yoga, swimming, in a slow rhythm aerobics and an extension.