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Diet on the 2nd blood type

Diet on the 2nd blood type

The type of the second blood type "FARMER", arose upon transition from active lifestyle (hunter) to a settled, agricultural way of life.

Representatives of this type are 37,8% of inhabitants of the globe and are characterized by constancy, good skill to communicate in collective, organization and concentration.

Belong to strengths of type: good adaptation to change of a diet and conditions of habitat, overall performance of immune and digestive systems at observance of a vegetarian diet.

Weaknesses of type: a sensitive digestive tract, immune system it is subject to infection attacks, excitability of nervous system is increased. In group of risk of this type appear: diseases of a liver and gall bladder, oncological disease and disease of cardiovascular system, anemia, diabetes.

The list of the resolved products in a diet on the 2nd blood type

At a diet on the 2nd blood type there have to be following products:

☀ Vegetables in all their variety. They have to become a basis at a diet for 2 blood types, on an equal basis with grain. Vegetables ensure trouble-free operation of system of a gastrointestinal tract, sate an organism with vitamins and useful minerals, improve a metabolism and interfere with absorption of toxins.

☀ Vegetable oils. They promote restoration of water-salt balance, improve digestion and at a lack of meat and fish provide an organism with valuable polynonsaturated fatty acids.

☀ Grain and cereals, except for at what there is a high content of a gluten. People with the 2nd blood type especially well acquire such grain as a buckwheat, rice, millet, barley, an amaranth.

☀ From fruit on the 2nd group a shelter the preference should be given in a diet to pineapples which considerably strengthen a metabolism and assimilation of food. And also apricots, grapefruits, a fig, lemons, plums are useful.

☀ it is best of all to Drink at a diet on the 2nd group a shelter water with addition of lemon juice, and also apricot or pineapple juice.

☀ the Use of meat as it was already mentioned, isn't recommended at all, but here from fish and seafood the cod, a perch, a carp, sardines, a trout, a mackerel are allowed.

Products which are better for not eating

  • Meat. The use of chicken or a turkey in small amounts is allowed.
  • Sugar.
  • Dairy products. They are recommended to be replaced with the soy: tofu, soy milk. The use of soy meat is also possible.
  • Products from wheat.
  • Sweets.
  • Corn and peanut oils.
  • Seafood. Their abundance doesn't do well to representatives of "farmers".

It is necessary to adhere to these recommendations for 2-3 months, at least - 1 month. It will be best of all to eat in compliance with this system during all life as to owners of 2 blood types the diet gives advice on food normalization, adjusting processes of digestion and assimilation of substances.

The resolved drinks

The diet can be supported by the use of drinks of a different look as a diet on a blood type 2 positive, and at the second negative.

It is allowed to drink:

  • juice (freshly squeezed or tinned);
  • coffee (it is desirable scalded as it natural also will be prevention from development of cancer cells in an organism);
  • green tea (is an antioxidant which is capable outputs substances, harmful to an organism).

Council. The use of juice for any person will become useful. The diet on a blood type 2 positive, as well as on any other group and a Rhesus factor, has to include reception of such juice, as cherry, banana, grapefruit, carrot.

It is possible to use red wine in moderate quantities. From white some experts recommend to refuse. Once you completely exclude such drinks, black tea, soda or aerated water and orange juice.

The approximate menu of a diet for 2 blood types

1st day

Breakfast: Rice porridge with apricots - 250 g, green tea.

Lunch: Vegetables cream soup (carrots, potatoes, Brussels sprout, pine nuts) - a portion (250); salad from tomato, cucumbers, a garden radish filled with olive oil.

Dinner: Champignons, stewed with a vegetable marrow and carrots - 250 g, pineapple juice.

Having a snack: Nuts (Brazilian, cashew) - 50 g. Vegetables (1 tomato/cucumber) or fruit (apricots, plums) - 1-5 pieces.

2nd day

Breakfast: Buckwheat cereal on soy milk; green tea.

Lunch: Soup from a sorrel with eggs; salad from an asparagus and carrots and greens; cherry juice.

Dinner: Fillet of a turkey + a garnish (rice with vegetables); cranberry drink.

Having a snack: Nuts (walnut, almonds, cedar) - 50 g, fruit (apricots, plums) - 1-5 pieces, prunes/dried apricots - 50 g.

3rd day

Breakfast: Vegetable/fruit salad, coffee

Lunch: Mushroom soup with easy subfrying from vegetables; salad (cheese, cucumbers, egg, apple).

Dinner: The baked fish with boiled siliculose haricot - 250-300 g.

Having a snack: Nuts/fruit.

It is very important to combine a diet for the second blood type with physical exercises. From all exercises relaxation sports are suitable for people with the second blood type: yoga, swimming, in a slow rhythm aerobics and an extension.

Diet for the second blood type: whether weight loss is possible

If you decided to observe the offered food allowance, you will unambiguously lose weight. But whether it will depend on that, the 2nd blood type at you or not, it isn't known.

Experimentally it wasn't proved that owners of this group will grow thin on a diet on the 2nd blood type better and quicker than other people. The diet recommended by this diet, the dietary in itself. Among the resolved products there are no what can promote a weight set. This diet is capable to help to grow thin not only to people, at which 2nd blood type, but also all the rest.

The diet on the 2nd blood type doesn't bear harm to your health because contains all necessary nutrients. Even having excluded red meat, you receive proteins from a bird, eggs and soy. She helps to carry out prevention of all diseases which are peculiar to people, at which the 2nd blood type. These are heart diseases, oncology, diabetes and anemia.

But if there are any doubts in opportunity and safety of this diet for you, it is better to pass consultation at the doctor.

This diet not the most high-speed at weight loss. She demands long observance, but the results received at the end will remain for long time.

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