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Diet of the Godmother

Among the women dreaming to lose quickly weight there is popular a diet of the godmother. The essence of a diet consists in alternation of days with low-calorie food and days of a complete starvation. This diet is directed on dumping of extra kilos in extremely short terms. Any considerable loss of weight is a stress for a human body and can give a boomerang effect in the form of return of kilograms in a double size. This course is calculated on 31 days.

Diet of the Godmother

Professional nutritionists consider a diet of the godmother harmful to an organism. The negative effect affects work of a stomach as after several days of rigid restriction in food and a complete starvation, there comes day when it is possible to eat everything. For some days of starvation the organism reconstructs the work according to the arrived calories and when there comes "day of food", the organism again has a stress.

The program of a diet of the godmother on days

"Day of food". This day it is possible to eat everything that there is a wish and in any quantities without restrictions.

Diet of the Godmother

  1. 2 apples.
  2. Milk or kefir 1 liter.
  3. Complete starvation.
  4. "Day of food".
  5. 2 grapefruits.
  6. Cottage cheese of 0,5 kg.
  7. Complete starvation.
  8. Chicken of boiled 0,5 kg.
  9. Tomatoes – 5 pieces.
  10. Complete starvation.
  11. Kefir or milk 1 liter.
  12. Buckwheat.
  13. Eggs – 2 pieces.
  14. Boiled chicken of 0,5 kg.
  15. Coffee.
  16. Cottage cheese – 0,5 kg.
  17. Milk or kefir 1 liter.
  18. "Day of food".
  19. Complete starvation.
  20. 21 – 23 – kefir.
  21. 24 – 26. Chocolate on 100 grams a day.
  22. 27. boiled chicken – 0,5 kg.
  23. 28 – 30. Complete starvation.
  24. 31 days – coffee.

Apparently from the presented menu of this diet, it is necessary to eat in very small quantities and not always healthy food.

Assessment of a God diet

Nutritionists already noted that this diet very harmful. It breaks work of a stomach and intestines. Besides consequences of its observance for health of the person can be very heavy. Analyzing structure of products, it is possible to draw a conclusion that in a diet basic elements – proteins, fats and carbohydrates aren't balanced. Coffee days and days of full hunger strike contradict all principles of healthy food, deprive an organism of necessary elements. And presence of grapefruits can cause allergic reaction in people to it inclined. The God diet has a mass of minuses:

Diet of the Godmother

  1. Unbalanced diet of this diet. Any program of weight loss has to be directed not only on weight reduction, but also on observance of the principles of healthy nutrition. The slogan has to be the motto of any diet – don't do much harm. If to analyse structure of products, it is possible to see that for a month of such diet there is a lack not only of carbohydrates which decrease in quantity leads to dumping of extra kilos, but also a lack of proteins and fats. And they in turn participate in the major processes in an organism, their acute shortage leads to metabolic disorders.
  2. Possible development of an allergy. Many people suffering from allergic reactions at observance of such diet can face this unpleasant problem. Grapefruit is very powerful allergen, on chocolate less people have an allergy, but after all there are those, the coma isn't recommended to be used it.
  3. Days of starvation. It is huge blow to an organism, in particular it provokes digestive tract diseases. If the person has such pathologies as gastritis, an ulcer and others, you shouldn't keep to such diet.

It will be extremely difficult to keep to this diet, most likely, though it after all will bring certain results. The main minus of the fast diets connected with starvation and sharp restriction in food, it that the lost kilograms after the termination of a diet and transition to usual food again will return, maybe in bigger quantity. The matter is that the organism which long exhausted, at the first opportunity will start filling the lost. In order that diets had long effect, the kilograms lost at their observance shouldn't be extremely big.

Contraindications to carrying out a diet

Except obvious minuses of this God diet there are also contraindications:

Diet of the Godmother

  1. Diseases of gastrointestinal system, liver and kidneys. The sharp lack of food of a stomach can provoke an ulcer and gastritis, acidity of a stomach increases. It is promoted also by the certain products entering the program of weight loss. Grapefruit belongs to citrus fruit and promotes increase of acidity of gastric juice and irritation mucous a stomach. At usual food in combination with full meals its action smoothes out but if there are one grapefruits next the heart, it leads to negative consequences. Coffee and chocolate have the same effects if to use them without the accompanying food. They can cause heartburn which frequent manifestation breaks microflora of a gullet.
  2. To the people having a metabolic disorder and obesity, this diet is categorically contraindicated. It can aggravate a disease even more. With such diagnosis the balanced and balanced diet, but not starvation is shown to patients.
  3. Having diabetes. At diabetes of the second type the diet is appointed by the doctor, but its purpose consists in gradual weight reduction and normalization of level of sugar in blood. In this diet there are days with starvation and when only the chocolate is eaten, and it will increase at once sugar level. Throughout such diet indicators won't be equal.

Observance of such diet possibly only for the person who has good health. In the absence of diseases of a stomach, liver, chronic diseases and an allergy. If the course of a diet is passed from beginning to end, it is necessary to leave it gradually. For two more weeks it is necessary to return gradually in the diet habitual products and to eat in the small portions. At, apparently, one negative lines of this program, from it after all it is possible to take out something useful. For example, kefiric and apple unloading put. But such days can be arranged time in ten days.

The basic rules when carrying out a diet

If there is a strong wish to grow thin that the lost kilograms didn't return, it isn't enough one diet. The diet of the godmother isn't necessary to some people at all. It is necessary to adjust the food and to go in for physical culture, the effect from these actions will be not fast, but you keep health and the received result will remain for a long time.

Diet of the Godmother

  1. It is necessary to eat fractionally. Number of meals of 5-6 times per day, and portions need to be reduced. Well the rule of "one glass" when the volume of food is located in a glass works.
  2. Simply prepared products. Semi-finished products and fast food are directed on as much as possible to sate an organism with calories, thus to accustom it to amplifiers of taste. Many don't reflect that semi-finished products from shop (cutlets, sausages, the stuffed vegetables) contain much more calories, than in the analogs prepared houses. Of course, to warm cutlets, pancakes and to make mashed potatoes quicker, but it isn't more useful. Producers of household appliances too develop the devices capable to save our time for preparation of a lunch. And, thanks to them, it is possible to eat properly, with advantage and without big waste of time. Try to buy simply cooled meat, to cook the stuffed vegetables and cutlets. It will be much more tasty and will bring more benefit.
  3. Physical culture. The people living in big megalopolises often complain of a lack of time for campaigns to a gym. But if to understand, usually it is simple unwillingness or inability of to organize. Someone hesitates to go for the first time, someone can't simply gather. If you weren't engaged, it is possible to begin trainings of the house. It won't demand many expenses. Get couple of dumbbells and an inflatable ball. With their help it is possible to be engaged fully at the initial level, and with development of physical qualities you already will feel requirement to go to the sports hall and to increase loading, besides after some time of such occupations if you hesitated to visit the hall, this feeling will pass.

Of course, application of a God diet can help with achievement of fast result, but it is necessary to remember risks for health and contraindications on its application.

Objectively to correlate that benefit which it will bring, with negative consequences. And if after all it is possible to do without it, it is better to choose the program of a balanced diet and to lose weight gradually, without subjecting the organism to such strong stress.