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Diet at gastritis: the approximate menu for a week with recipes

Diet at gastritis: the approximate menu for a week with recipes Especially for the people suffering from problems with a stomach – sharp or chronic gastritis, developed a power supply system under the name a diet number 1.
The basic principles of its diet will help to recover, improve quicker digestion and to avoid recurrence.
The correct diet will help to eliminate not only symptoms, but also to cure gastritis.

The principles of food at gastritis:

  1. 1) The food has to be various. Caloric content – about 2500-300 kcal a day.
  2. 2) Products should be baked, prepared in an oven or on couple. First, thus, in it the bigger amount of useful substances remains. Secondly, it is easier for sore stomach to digest it.
  3. 3) The food shouldn't be strongly cold or hot. Room temperature of food doesn't leave burns, doesn't stimulate an organism to spend the resources on having warmed. Once yogis went on about it, today this hypothesis was confirmed by physicians.
  4. 4) It is necessary to limit the use of salt and spices. Salt detains water in our organism and the stomach irritates.
  5. 5) It is necessary to refuse the use of the heavy food irritating mucous a stomach. These are smoked products, salinity, mushrooms, canned food, marinades, hot, fat dishes. Also it isn't recommended to take sweet carbonated drinks, sour juice, alcohol.
  6. 6) It is necessary to eat often, but gradually. Fractional food several times a day will help a stomach to cope with food quicker.
  7. 7) At each type of gastritis the diet is appointed. At the reduced acidity – food, stimulating formation of gastric juice, and at raised - reducing.
  8. 8) To improve functioning of a stomach, eat liquid and firm separately.
  9. 9) It is heavy to stomach to cope with cellulose. There is a lot of it in cabbage, black bread, prunes.
  10. 10) You shouldn't eat at the same time proteins and carbohydrates.
  11. 11) The liquid type of food moves to intestines, than firm easier.

Diet at gastritis with the lowered acidity

At the initial stage during the sharp period of a disease the doctor writes out the limited diet helping to eliminate inflammatory process. After it, later time appoint the diet stimulating release of gastric juice.

What products and drinks are admissible at gastritis?

  1. 1) Teas, not whole milk, kissels, berry broths, juice from not sour fruit, water with a lemon and sugar.
  2. 2) The chicken boiled cutlets on couple, soups from vegetables and peas, low-fat fish and boiled beef.
  3. 3) Macaroni, white loaf (it is better croutons), vegetables and greens in the form of mashed potatoes.
  4. 4) Dry type of cookies, egg in an omelet, soft-boiled, natural cottage cheese, insignificant amount of butter, not spicy and not really salty cheese
  5. 5) Sweet types of jam, sweet fruit and berries.
Such type of food has to be observed about two-three weeks. Term is established by the doctor or you, depending on a state. Thanks to such food inflammatory process will decrease, will take place pain. After the inflammation leaves, it is necessary to start stimulating formation of hydrochloric acid gradually. It is necessary to do it accurately.

It is possible to begin with rich meat broths, herring, red caviar. To improve release of gastric juice, for half an hour to food drink lemon juice or a half of a glass of water with the divorced lemon.

A small amount of fried dishes is admissible, however roasting has to be without breading. Bitter herbs will help to improve appetite.
The food has to be carefully prepared, well wiped. It is worth trying to treat this illness koumiss. Perfectly kvass improves secretion of a stomach, however they don't need to abuse. You can have coffee, but it is no more than cup every day.

It is impossible to eat and drink at gastritis

  • fancy bread, fresh pastries, bread.
  • sinewy, fat meat.
  • integral type of milk.
  • sour cream.
  • smoked products.
  • marinades.
  • sausages.
  • strongly hot dishes.
  • mushrooms.
  • the cellulose containing in products in excessive quantity – prunes, raisin, cabbage.
Salt has to be limited in food. In the subsequent diet listen to yourself, what products suit you more. It is allowed to have tea more strong, kefir and cocoa.
Approximately in two-three months the diet extends, it is possible to feed on almost all products. The exception is made: any kinds of smoked meat and fish, fat pork, fat, grapes, cabbage. Without fail it is necessary to feed on hot dishes. The dinner has to be limited.

Diet at gastritis with the increased acidity of a stomach

At once after an exacerbation of a disease the diet is kept in the same way, as well as at gastritis with low acidity. However it is worth drinking more milk. It perfectly normalizes the increased release of acid.

If you have a bad digestion of whole milk, it isn't necessary to refuse it completely. It is better to add it to tea. It is necessary to drink milk small drinks and in a warm look.

When the use of dairy products doesn't yield results, it is expedient to replace it with special mucous soups.
How to cook such soup? In half of liter of water to add 30 gr. grits. After water on fire boils away to a half, soup needs to be ground through a sieve. Further there put a boiled yolk, it is possible to put a little cream. Before a tax on a table, add butter.
Such mucous soup is very useful, it perfectly removes the increased acidity!
Food at this type of a disease has to be warm, crushed, wiped. In few weeks it is possible to add the food which aren't strongly influencing release of gastric juice to a diet. It is better to refuse meat dishes, broths. Well steam cutlets and quenelles approach.

What products and drinks are admissible?

In a sharp phase are admissible:

  • mucous grain soups, small loafs from white loaf, low-fat grades of fish, meat.
  • porridge on water and milk. Perfectly envelops a stomach.
  • coddled eggs and soft-boiled, omelets.
  • bananas. Will help to zazhivit mucous if to wash down banana with a small amount of warm water.
  • dogrose broths, tea with a camomile, tea with cream, juice from sweet types of berries and fruit.
  • it is good to drink milk, kissel, the use of honey, sugar, jelly is allowed.
  • cutlets, quenelles, egg and dairy mix.
  • milk porridge from the wiped grain.
  • potatoes or carrots puree.
  • fresh cottage cheese and cottage cheese casseroles.
The food allowance has to be based on proteins as they perfectly restore cells of a stomach. Eggs will help to regenerate problem bodies of an organism, egg white on structure is close to organism fabrics.
Fresh black bread stimulates production of acid therefore it is better to choose a white type of bread, to dry it in an oven. Perfectly various vegetable fats help to heal the damaged stomach cover. Therefore safely add olive and sunflower oil in a small amount.
It is very useful to drink on an empty stomach a little olive oil (it can be replaced sesame). One teaspoon will improve digestion and will help to begin to live quicker the damaged mucous.

It is impossible to eat and drink:

  • smoked products.
  • marinades.
  • fried and fat meat.
  • fermented milk products.
  • meat broths and suras from fish.
  • pepper and other seasonings.
  • mushrooms.
  • cucumbers.
  • sorrel.
  • pickles and tomatoes.
  • carbonated drinks.
  • black bread.
  • coffee.
  • alcohol.
It is also recommended to limit salt in the diet. Both in the period of an aggravation, and during remission it is very important to eat several times a day. Thus, gastric juice won't be emitted in excessive quantity, won't irritate the mucous. Eat properly! It is useful as for your health, and for appearance!

To what doctor to address for treatment?

If after reading of article you assume that at you symptoms, characteristic for this disease, you should address for consultation to the gastroenterologist.
Diet at gastritis: the approximate menu for a week with recipes
Diet at gastritis: the approximate menu for a week with recipes