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Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

Statistically every 100-th person on the planet has arthritis, and about 2% of the population are more senior than 40 years are already familiar with gout symptoms not by hearsay. These diseases deliver a great deal of trouble: pain, constraint of movements. They can lead even to an invalidization. The main component in therapy of arthritis and gout is a diet. Its observance guarantees decrease in intensity of symptoms of these diseases and normalization of the general condition of an organism. Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

What is arthritis

Arthritis is a disease which is characterized by inflammatory processes in joints. It is shown by the pain, a swelling increased by sensitivity, reddening and temperature increase of a site of skin over the struck zone, constraint of movements. In order that the illness didn't progress, it is necessary to conduct correct and active lifestyle. The diet at arthritis and arthrosis which observance conducts to reduction of manifestation of symptoms of a disease is very important.

Usually the illness affects joints of hands and feet. But treatment and a diet at arthritis of a knee joint, elbow or any other remain invariable.

Gout is not only joint pain

The special type of arthritis connected with a metabolic disorder is gout. It was called earlier "an illness of aristocrats" who were able to afford excesses in food. The correct diet at gout and arthritis is the first and main step to recovery.

Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

The illness arises against the increased formation of uric acid in an organism or decrease in its removal. Gout is shown by pains, a giperemiya and a hyperthermia of a site of skin over a joint, and also constraint of movements. Over time on unhealthy bones there are educations from crystals of salts of uric acid – a tofusa. They deform feet, toes, hands, auricles and so forth, causing intolerable pains at the movements and touches.

Reason for everything of an urata

Uric acid belongs to chemical compounds - purina. At the people having gout, the content of these substances in blood can increase in 2-3, time unlike norm, and in case of existence of tofus - at 15-26 times. Such state is called as a giperurikemiya. Therefore the main component of treatment is the antipurinovy diet at gout.

The reasons for which there is an increase of concentration of urat in blood:

  • Prevalence in a diet of the food rich with uric acid.
  • Disintegration purinovykh of nucleotides (chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases).
  • Violation of work of kidneys.
  • The increased development of purin (alcoholism, shock, etc.).

Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

In the presence of a giperurikemiya uric acid or monourata of sodium are postponed in an organism. These crystals very sharp, they injure fabrics, causing thereby pain and an inflammation.

What it is necessary to refuse?

The diet at gout and arthritis is directed on decrease in consumption of products which contain purina. To food which it is necessary to refuse, belong:

  • meat in any kind (especially pork, veal);
  • offal (liver, kidneys, lungs and so forth);
  • meat and fish broths;
  • fat;
  • sausage;
  • fat seafood;
  • coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate;
  • smoked products;
  • hot spices and spices;
  • the bean;
  • barmy pastries;
  • alcohol (especially beer).

Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

Consumption of products in which the content of oxalic acid is raised (spinach and sorrel) is also undesirable. Eestx food which it is possible to refuse not completely, and it is simple to limit its consumption:

  • salt;
  • oil;
  • low-fat boiled fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • parsley and green onions;
  • shrimps and squids;
  • meat of a rabbit, turkey, chicken.

Sometimes such food leads to decrease in daily norm of caloric content of food. That the diet at gout and arthritis brought only benefit, but not harm, it is necessary to balance the diet, having entered into it products which are allowed for the use.

So it is possible to eat?

The ideal option of food is a vegetarian diet, but absolutely to refuse favourite products very hardly. There is a list of products which can be used at violation of a metabolism of uric acid. The diet No. 6 at gout is optimum option of the balanced food. It is directed on decrease in concentration of urat in blood and increase of alkalinity of urine.

Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

At this diet it is necessary to refuse products which contain purina. A food basis - dairy products, grain, vegetables and fruit. All food is recommended to be boiled, steamed, baked or extinguished. A small amount of meat, a bird and fish is authorized. Frequency rate of meal – 4-5 times a day in the small portions. It is desirable to drink 1,5–2 l of water.

Detailed description of a diet No. 6

Food at a gouty diet has to include:

  • 70 g of protein (35 g of an animal origin - are better dairy products).
  • 80 g of fats (about 3% vegetable).
  • About 400 g of carbohydrates (from them to 80 g of sugar).
  • Purinov of 100-150 mg.
  • To 10 g of salt.

Products which includes a diet No. 6 at gout:

  • Bread and flour products of a rough grinding (grain, bezdrozhzhevy).
  • Soups on fast broth: dairy, vegetable, fruit.
  • Meat, bird, fish in a boiled look no more than 150-160 g, isn't more often than 3 times a week.
  • Creamy, vegetable oil.
  • Dairy and fermented milk products, except salty cheeses.
  • Boiled eggs (no more than 1 in day).
  • Any grain, except the bean.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fruit and berries (except a sea-buckthorn).
  • Nuts (except a peanut).
  • Some sweets (a fruit candy, fruit jelly, honey, jam, candies without cocoa, kissel, dairy creams, meringues).
  • Sauces (tomato, swept away, dairy) and seasonings: bay leaf, fennel, parsley, lemon acid, vanillin, cinnamon.
  • Drinks: rather weak tea and coffee with milk, fruit drinks, compotes, kvass, juice, broth from a dogrose and wheat bran, alkaline mineral waters.

Such diet at gout and arthritis will surely yield positive result and will reduce quantity of urat in blood and urine. It is recommended to arrange at least once in a week to himself vegetable and dairy fasting days.

That will help to get rid of uric acid

The diet at arthritis of joints and gout includes all products of a table No. 6. But there is a food which not only doesn't harm at these diseases, and and improves a condition of the patient:

  • Berries and fruit of blue and red color: blackcurrant, cherry, strawberry, wild strawberry, water-melon.
  • Fruit of yellow and orange flowers: pears and a melon (remove uric acid).
  • Fresh pineapple. Bromelayn has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Potatoes, vegetable marrows, cucumbers and eggplants. Increase diuresis.
  • Pumpkin. Limits formation of crystals of monourat, renders diuretic effect.
  • Celery. Reduces education the uratnykh of stones and promotes removal of uric acid.
  • Soy. Removes uric acid.
  • Sulfur-containing food (asparagus, eggs, garlic and onions). Helps with restoration of bone and cartilaginous fabrics.
  • Cellulose (flax seed, various bran).
  • Vegetables and fruit with the high content of vitamins of group C (a citrus, a dogrose, paprika, apples, garlic) and To (green leaves of plants).

Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

The diet at arthritis and arthrosis, and also at gout has to exclude products on which the patient has an allergy not to aggravate his state.

Such special Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are polynonsaturated lipids which part the acids having anti-inflammatory effect are. They contain in olive and linseed oil, the holodolyubivykh fishes (a pollock, a trout, a tuna and so forth), soy, nuts. If to add to listed vegetables and fruit, the diet which called Mediterranean will turn out. The use of these products well affects an organism at gout, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Usually on our table it is possible to meet vegetable oils and fish which contain Omega-6 fatty acids which negatively influence an organism and in large numbers cause oncology and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore transition from the Omega-6 to the Omega-3 - very rational decision. The Mediterranean diet at gout and arthritis is a worthy replacement to a diet No. 6.

The approximate menu at gout

Whatever the diet No. 6 seemed strict, at gout of the menu can be rather various:

BreakfastLunchLunchMid-morning snackDinner

Kissel from fruit with sweet cottage cheese, coffee with milk

Tomato juiceVegetable rice soup and slice of bread, compoteApple, is a little fruit jellyKartofelniki, green tea
WPorridge on milk, a slice of rye bread, pineapple juiceThe pear, is a little walnutsStewed rabbit about ragout, compoteOrange juiceCheese and vegetables sandwich, tea with milk
SrCarrot cutlets with sour cream, a fruit drinkBananaFast borsch with sour cream, dogrose brothGrapefruit, fruit candyPumpkin baked pudding, dogrose broth
ChtEgg boiled, cheese sandwich, tea with a lemonCherry juiceThe baked trout with potatoes and salad from vegetables with oil, kvassKefir, fruit candy sliceMuesli with nuts and dried fruits, a fruit drink
PtBuckwheat cereal on milk, green teaThe baked apple with honey and nutsVegetable salad, rice, bread slice, orange juiceTomato juiceStewed potatoes, fresh vegetables, skim milk
SbFried eggs, bread slice, kisselPeach juice, almonds handfulRussian cabbage soup on fast meat, dogrose brothBananaOat soup, cheese sticks, tea with milk
VsCorn porridge on milk, coffee with milkKefir, 2 candies without chocolateVinaigrette, sausage slice with bread, a fruit drinkAppleBoiled tuna with fresh vegetables

It is important to learn to combine correctly products from the list presented in a diet No. 6 that the daily need for calories, minerals and vitamins met standard. Diet at gout and arthritis: menu

Gout and arthritis is diseases which are directly connected with a metabolism in a human body. Therefore so important not only to carry out the drug treatment appointed by the doctor but also to keep to the corresponding diet, to try to lead active lifestyle, to watch weight and to refuse addictions.