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Diet at gout and the raised uric acid: the table of products, the menu for a week

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Food at the raised uric acid

Diet at gout and the raised uric acid: the table of products, the menu for a week It is necessary to keep to a diet at gout all life.

Level of uric acid in blood is increased at patients with gout, and leads to adjournment of its crystals in joints. The norm makes 6 mg/dl for women and 7 mg/dl for men. More often at gout the lower extremities are surprised. Therefore the patient at gout of feet even if still there is no adjournment of salts, appoint a diet.

The principles and tasks which are pursued by a diet:

  1. To reduce the uses of proteins which metabolism leads to the raised maintenance of urat in fabrics. At obesity it is also necessary to reduce consumption of carbohydrates, but quickly it is impossible to lose weight. Normal it is considered weight reduction on 2–4 kg a month.
  2. The diet has to provide enough, the water coming to an organism. It removes uric acid and promotes dissolution of its salts. In day it is necessary to drink not less than 1,5-2 l of liquid.
  3. To limit receipt in a salt organism, no more than 5 gr in day, it is better to exclude it. The food is added some salt only during meal.
  4. The diet has to be high-calorie and not cause feeling of hunger as it increases disintegration of proteins of an organism and increases amount of uric acid.

    Important! It is forbidden to starve, but once a week it is useful to arrange fruit, vegetable or kefiric fasting days. It is possible to use no more than 2 kg of vegetables and fruit. It allows to unload certain ways of a metabolism.

  5. The diet at gout practices throughout all life therefore it is necessary to remember well, what products can be eaten and what need to be cleaned from a diet.

Diet at gout and the raised uric acid

Diet at gout and the raised uric acid: the table of products, the menu for a week It is important to know what products it is possible to eat at gout and what aren't present.

At a diet it is important to observe the mode and to eat regularly. Except a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, during a mid-morning snack it is possible to have a bite, having drunk a glass of juice with oatmeal cookies. And before going to bed it is useful to drink kefir, fermented baked milk or oat flakes decoction. If you have a gout and the diet is appointed, it is necessary to know that is useful and what it is impossible?

What products can be eaten?

There are products which need to be cleaned from a diet of the patient with gout, and also what can be eaten in limited quantity. Therefore adhere to recommendations, making the menu. In the table below products which are authorized for using for cooking are specified.

Products from meat and fishMeat of birds (chicken, turkey), rabbit flesh. Every day it is possible to eat on 1 egg. Seafood, shrimps, lobsters. Low-fat meat and fish, only in the boiled look, broth needs to be merged. Not more often than 3 times a week on 100–160 gr. It is possibleto prepare forcemeatfromthe boiled meat and to make cutlets.
FatsVegetable fats and butter. From vegetable oils it is useful olive. Butter is better to limit and use only yes seasonings of porridge.
GrainAny grain, except bean, pasta. Porridge, buckwheat is useful.
Vegetables and greensAny vegetables and greens, consumption of parsley, a garden radish celery is better to limit. Cucumbers as remove urata are useful.
FruitAny fruit, except forbidden, juice and compotes.
Dairy productsThe milk better fat-free or divorced, fermented milk products, the cottage cheese better fat-free and sour cream, unsalted cheese (sheep cheese).
SpicesBay leaf, vanilla, cinnamon, vinegar, lemon juice.
The sweetJam, honey, nuts, fruit jelly.
AlcoholIt is authorized to drink in rare instances 100 gr. vodka.
DrinksFruit (apple) and vegetable (carrot, cucumber) juice. Broth from hips, compotes, weak or green tea. Coffee from chicory, mineral waters, fruit drinks, kissels.

Bread isn't forbidden patients with gout at a diet, but it is better to take grain products from flour of 1-2 grades or rye, it is useful and will help to send weight at obesity.

What it is impossible to eat?

The table of products which patients are forbidden to use with gout.

Products from meat and fishFat meat, fish, veal, semi-finished products, internals. Tinned fish, smoked products, salty fish, caviar. Broths, including mushroom. Only the vegetable are resolved.
FatsBeef or mutton fat, fat.
GrainBean cultures (haricot, peas, lentil etc.)
Vegetables and greensSorrel, fresh spinach, mushrooms, siliculose haricot, peas, cauliflower.
FruitFig, raspberry, raisin.
Dairy productsCheese salty.
Spicy substancesHot pepper, horse-radish, mustard.
The sweetRich products with a cream stuffing.
AlcoholAll types of alcoholic beverages, wine, beer.
DrinksCoffee, chocolate.

Don't forget! The diet at gout in the period of an aggravation differs: meat or fish products are excluded, the water consumption, juice, mineral water if there are no hypostases increases. At hypostases the water-melon and broths of medicinal herbs having diuretic effect is useful. At patients with gout they dissolve and remove urata.

Approximate menu per day

So, what diet at gout is necessary? From above-mentioned products which are resolved, it is possible to make the tasty and useful menu. It can be such:

  1. For breakfast: cheesecakes with sour cream, salad from vegetables, tea.
  2. For lunch: vegetables soup or dairy, porridge or mashed potatoes, juice, compote. Every other day it is possible to add meat or fish.
  3. For dinner: vegetables casserole or vegetable stuffed cabbage, cutlets. Juice or broth of a dogrose.
  4. For an hour to a dream the patient with gout can drink kefir, fermented baked milk.

Week version of the menu

To keep to a diet at gout doesn't mean that your food shouldn't stimulate appetite and give pleasure. Therefore for a week it is possible to include tasty and various dishes in the menu.


breakfastPorridge from porridge, toasts from black bread

tea with a lemon.

lunchVegetarian borsch, fried potato, kefir.
dinnerCarrot cutlets, sour cream, pancakes with jam, juice.


breakfastOmelet with vegetables (tomatoes, onions, fennel greens), a roll with jam juice or compote.
lunchMilk noodles, rice porridge with the baked, previously boiled chicken meat, compote from dried fruits.
dinnerVegetable cutlets, mashed potatoes, juice fruit.


breakfastVinaigrette, cottage cheese with sour cream, green tea.
lunchBeetroot soup or other vegetable soup, vermicelli with cheese, fruit juice.
dinnerVegetable stuffed cabbage, tvorozhnik with sour cream, dogrose broth.


breakfastSalad from vegetables, boiled egg, tea or coffee from chicory with milk.
lunchVermicelli soup on vegetables broth, mashed potatoes and the boiled, then baked fish, compote from fresh fruit.
dinnerCottage cheese or cherries dumplings, carrot baked pudding, juice fruit or vegetable.


breakfastCheesecakes with sour cream, fried eggs, tea or compote.
lunchOkroshka, buckwheat cereal with vegetable salad, compote from dried fruits.
dinnerBaked pudding with cottage cheese, dried fruits, kefir.


Day of unloading of an organismVegetable or fruit, it is possible to eat fruit and vegetables which are resolved in quantity to 2 kg.
Kefiric and cottage cheese, includes 0.4 kg of cottage cheese and 0.5 kefirs in the fractional portions.
Kefiric or dairy, it is possible to drink to 2 l.


breakfastFritters with jam or sour cream, gerkulesovy porridge, tea or broth of a dogrose.
lunchVermishelevy milk soup, stewed cabbage with slices of the boiled meat, fruit mousse.
dinnerBaked pudding vegetable, filled in with egg, tea with jam and toasts.


Patients with gout and the increased level of uric acid have to keep to a diet all life, it is impossible to cure such disease, but to adhere to a useful diet – really. From the resolved products, prepare many tasty and rich dishes which will help to reduce the level of uric acid at gout.