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Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products

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Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products Gout is the disease which is characterized by the broken metabolism. At it salts of uric acid are postponed in joints.

Gout – rather rare disease – is the share of one thousand people three diseased.

Diseases are subject men is more senior than forty years, at women it is shown the climacteric period.

All joints suffer from gout, since joints of hands and finishing with joints standing.

The excess amount of urea in an organism happens for two reasons: healthy kidneys don't maintain large volumes of acid or when urea jumps out in admissible volumes, but kidneys aren't able to bring her.

The increase in number of patients with gout is connected with consumption in food of the products containing purina (meat, fat fish) and abuse of alcohol.

The main symptom of gout – an inflammation of any joint. The attack of an illness happens early in the morning or at night, is expressed as intensive pain in the struck zone. Temperature in a joint rises, skin starts reddening and shining.

Role of healthy nutrition

The healthy nutrition at gout is a question which needs to pay special attention as the main reason for increase of uric acid is covered in the excess use of the products containing purina.

The special part should be assigned to a medical diet at gout standing.

That the illness didn't become aggravated and didn't progress, it is important to build a special power supply system with limited consumption of purin.

The separate attention is paid to a diet at gout in the period of an aggravation. Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products

The menu and recipes of dishes at gout are developed by nutritionists on the basis of a form of a disease and specific features of the patient.

Medical foods allow to reduce doses of the accepted medicines. At the same time it is necessary to consider that only one diet can't relieve completely of an illness though it will make attacks more rare.

Principles of food

The correct diet – the key moment in treatment of a disease.

Specifics of medical foods consist in limited consumption of the products containing purina, salt, oxalic acid and in sufficient consumption of acidifying products (vegetables, fruit and milk).

Thus the main forbidden products which use is excluded at gout:

  • meat,
  • offal (liver, language, kidneys),
  • fish,
  • canned food,
  • caviar.
  • from vegetable food of a purina are a part bean, a peanut, a cauliflower;
  • it is a lot of purin in chocolate.

Purina are practically absent in milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit and many berries.

Diet No. 6

The most widespread power supply system at gout – a diet number 6.

It reduces consumption of proteins due to sharp restriction of fish, meat and beans.

At such diet animal protein has to make no more than 50% of total number of proteins. Also it is necessary to reduce the use of fats: pork, beef and mutton fat, cooking fat.

Rules of food which will accelerate recovery

It is possible to distinguish the following from the basic principles of food:

  1. Fish it is possible to eat not more often than two-three times a week – strictly in a boiled or pair look.
  2. At thermal treatment of meat, fish and mushrooms it is necessary to remember that the most part of the purin which are their part passes into broth. For this reason consumption of any soups, except vegetable isn't allowed.
  3. Every day it is necessary to drink about two liters of simple water. During a diet it is possible to drink vegetable and fruit juice, mineral water, milk, herbal teas, dairy drinks. It is necessary to refuse strong tea or coffee.
  4. During a diet contraindicated salt overconsumption. Its surplus leads to loss of urat in a deposit and to their adjournment in organism fabrics. Salt needs to be reduced to 6 g a day. In an ideal the food has to be light-salted or completely fresh.
  5. It is recommended to enrich a diet with the products including vitamins C and B1.
  6. Well fasting days on dairy products, vegetables and fruit influence an organism. It is contraindicated to starve as the squirrel leads disintegration to increase of level of urea.
  7. It is impossible to overeat. It is better to hold fractional food in the small portions (to five-six times a day).
  8. It is forbidden to use purinosoderzhashchy products and alcohol at the same time.


We offer the table of products which will help to make correctly a diet and the menu at gout.

Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products

The forbidden products:

  • offal;
  • fat meat;
  • all broths, except the vegetable;
  • cubes, instant soups;
  • smoked food;
  • fat fish;
  • canned food;
  • caviar;
  • strong and salty cheeses;
  • the bean;
  • sorrel;
  • raspberry;
  • grapes;
  • fig;
  • seasonings and spices (except bay leaf);
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • chocolates;
  • alcoholic beverages.

The list of products which consumption needs to be limited:

  • salt;
  • the cooked meat and fish (to wring out preference to a low-fat bird, a salmon, a trout, a salmon);
  • sausages (sometimes it is possible to eat milk sausages and doctor's sausage);
  • cauliflower;
  • spinach;
  • tomatoes;
  • garden radish;
  • mushrooms;
  • butter.
Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products Rare anomaly of cervicothoracic department of a backbone Klippel's syndrome — Feylya — dangers and treatment of an illness.

As gout — symptoms and characteristic symptoms of a disease proves at different stages. What approach to treatment is used except food correction.

The list of the resolved products:

  • vegetable soups;
  • rabbit (in small amounts);
  • chicken, turkey (in small amounts);
  • low-fat fish (to three times a week);
  • seafood (shrimps, squids);
  • sour-milk production (kefir, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, it is swept away);
  • eggs;
  • grain;
  • macaroni;
  • bread;
  • vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, potato);
  • onions, garlic;
  • fennel;
  • fruit (pears, apples, citrus);
  • water-melon;
  • berries (cherry, sweet cherry, strawberry);
  • dried fruits (except for raisin);
  • sweet (honey, fruit jelly, zephyr, fruit candy);
  • sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, filbert;
  • natural juice, compotes, fruit drinks, kvass;
  • tea from a dogrose;
  • vegetable oils;
  • mineral water.

In what diet essence

The main essence of a diet at gout – control over production and a conclusion of uric acid. Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products

Such power supply system promotes improvement of health and reduction of pains therefore the illness recedes.

It should be noted that this diet doesn't treat, and only promotes the accelerated release of acid and salts at an exacerbation of arthrosis.

Also it considerably reduces the body weight that plays an important role at restoration of an organism after heavy medicamentous therapy.

Main types of the used diets

Food at gout most often is organized on several main diets.

Number 6

Most often at gout register a medical diet of feet number 6. It are also used for treatment of diseases of an urinary system, diathesis, a tsistinuriya.

The power supply system is based on normalization of production of urea and restoration of the admissible environment of urine.

The advantage of a diet #6 consists in restriction of reception of purinosoderzhashchy food, etandiovy acid and prevalence in a diet of the products promoting restoration of a metabolism.

It is very simple to cook food for such menu: meat and fish need to be cooked or steamed. On the basis of boiled products it is possible to prepare second course. The main thing – to observe frequency of consumption of meat (to two-three times a week).

At gout has to enter the full menu of a diet number 6:

  • daily consumption of proteins – to 90 g;
  • daily consumption of fat – to 90 g;
  • daily consumption of carbohydrates – 400 g;
  • the general daily caloric content – to 2900 kilocalories.

Diet at obesity

One more kind of medical foods at gout – a diet number 8. She registers if the patient suffers from obesity of any degree.

Obesity is result of an overeating, it gives additional load of an organism and aggravates the current illness. The essence of a diet consists in reduction of excessive fat in fabrics.

Caloric content is supported at the expense of proteins and reduction of percent of fats, carbohydrates are practically excluded:

  • to 130 g of proteins;
  • to 80 g of fats;
  • about 120 g of carbohydrates;
  • to 2000 kilocalories per day.

The menu of a diet No. 8 assumes:

  1. Consumption of rye or otrubny bread, vegetable soups, occasionally – low-fat beef, second courses from chicken, low-fat fish.
  2. Fish and meat it is possible to cook, extinguish or bake.
  3. Grain and macaroni are practically excluded. From dairy products it is allowed to use kefir and low-percentage cottage cheese.
  4. In day it is possible to eat no more than two eggs.

The menu at sore hands

The diet at gout on hands assumes normalization of percentage of urea in an organism, and also improvement Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of productsof a metabolism in general.

The food containing many purin is excluded from a daily diet.

Thus consumption of eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese and milk is allowed. At an exacerbation of a disease and severe pain in hands it is necessary to exclude completely meat, fish, broths, smoked products, canned food, spices, pies, chocolate and alcohol.

The everyday menu may contain such products as squids, shrimps, vegetable soups, low-fat cottage cheese, grain, pasta, a citrus and vegetables.

At strict observance of the menu of pain offered by the doctor at the movement by brushes will gradually decrease.

The approximate menu for a week

First day:

  • breakfast: otrubny bread and cheese sandwich, corn flakes, orange juice;
  • lunch: vegetable salad, a slice of low-fat ham, the baked potatoes;
  • dinner: the baked fish, vegetable pilaf.

Second day:

  • breakfast: low-fat milk, oat flakes with yogurt and slices of fruit, otrubny a small loaf;
  • lunch: braised beef with vegetables, vegetable juice, not tinned marrow caviar;
  • dinner: boiled vegetables, low-fat meat, cheese with an otrubny small loaf.

Third day:

  • breakfast: two eggs, otrubny small loaf, low-fat milk;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, tomato juice, salad from vegetables;
  • dinner: 110 g of a salmon, vegetable stew, milk.

Fourth day:

  • breakfast: porridge with fruit, low-fat milk;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice, cheese sandwich;
  • dinner: the baked potatoes, pair fish, vegetable juice.

Fifth day:

  • breakfast: oil and cheese sandwich, fruit juice;
  • lunch: risotto, yogurt, fruit juice;
  • dinner: grain soup, cheese, low-fat milk.

Sixth day:

  • breakfast: oil, cheese sandwich and slice of tomato, slice of low-fat ham, juice;
  • lunch: stewed potato with vegetables, a melon slice, low-fat milk;
  • dinner: vegetable soup with toasts, vegetable stew, kefir.

Seventh day:

  • breakfast: buckwheat cereal, cheese slice, green tea;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish, low-fat milk;
  • dinner: chicken on couple, stewed vegetables, a cheese slice, kefir;
  • it is possible to have a bite nuts, apples, dried fruits (except raisin).

Diet at gout: approximate menu and table of products The medical diet at gout reduces risk of recurrence of a disease, takes off pain, normalizes work of an urinary system.

Besides, such power supply system promotes normalization of body weight and is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

The diet at gout has the all-strengthening effect, rejuvenates an organism.

Non-compliance with a diet threatens with development of a renal failure, defeat of cardiovascular system and internals with education in them gouty knots, formation of erosive arthritis.