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Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results

If the problem of excess weight isn't connected with some or problems with health, for its elimination it is possible to resort to a strict diet "Kefir and apples". Similar food is applied in case it is necessary in short terms will get rid from couple of kilograms of excess weight.

Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results

Principle of work

There are separate diets at which kefir and apples is used separately. Connecting 2 of these products, food turns out more nourishing and useful. Besides, similar food helps to clear intestines of slags, and promotes normalization of a metabolism.

The use only of one fruit can lead to irritation of a mucous membrane of a stomach. But if it is with kefir, this action will be softened.

The kefiric and apple diet is directed not only on weight reduction, but also for clarification of an organism.

Basic rules

Therefore it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations about a choice of products:

  1. Kefir has to be not fresh and not old – one or two-day. As the too fresh is a purgative, and three-day the stomach fixes.
  2. Fat content of drink has to be 1%. This recommendation is necessary only if the diet is directed on weight reduction. For clarification of an organism it is allowed to take fatter drink.
  3. Apples it is better to choose the sour.
  4. It is necessary to eat fruit completely with a peel and even with seeds, also it can be baked.
  5. At similar food it is possible to drink unsweetened drinks, such as water, tea, occasionally coffee without sugar.

Diet options

Many options of diets with application of kefir and apples are developed.

But nevertheless, many people suffering from excess weight use 3 most popular methods.

  1. The first. The diet lasts 7 days. During this period it is necessary to drink 1 liter of dairy drink and to eat 1,5 kg of fruit. It is necessary to eat on slightly 5-7 once a day.
  2. The second. This type of food is distributed for 9 days. In the first 3 days it is necessary to drink only one kefir on 1, 5 liters a day. The next 3 days – apples to 1, 5 kg a day. The last 3 days are devoted to the use to boiled chicken fillet without salt.
  3. The third. Products are calculated on 9 days in three stages. The first and last 3 days only dairy drink on 1, 5 liters a day is drunk. And between them 3 days are eaten only apples on 1,5 kg a day.

Duration and menu

Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of resultsThe diet kefir and apples is calculated on 3, 5, 7 and 9 days. For those who the first time will blow similar food better to resort to a fasting day or a three-day diet.

After weight loss it isn't recommended to lean on harmful products, it is better to use healthy food that extra kilos didn't come back.

The menu for a fasting day:

  1. Breakfast: kefir – 200 gr.
  2. Breakfast of the second: apple – 1 piece.
  3. Lunch: boiled fish – 200 gr.
  4. Mid-morning snack: dairy drink – 200 gr.
  5. Dinner: apple puree – 100 gr.
  6. For the night: dairy drink – 200gr.

The menu for three days:

TimeFirst daySecond dayThird day
BreakfastCocktail from kefir and grated appleIs fresher or the baked appleGlass of kefir with honey
Second breakfastKefir – 100 grApple pureeApple juice
LunchOne appleCottage cheese from 0% of fat contentCocktail from kefir, grated apple and a spoon of oat flakes
Mid-morning snackKefir – 100 grApple and handful of nutsOne apple in any kind
DinnerApple pureeApple is fresherOne apple grated with honey addition
Before going to bedKefirKefirGlass of kefir

Preparation of apples

Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results

Similar diet very monotonous, but it can be diversified with the use of apples which can be used not only fresh, but also baked:

  1. First way. From a fruit to take a core and to wrap up them in a foil. To bake in an oven of 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
  2. Second way. To cut fruit in half, to cut out cores. At will it is possible to add a honey teaspoon. To bake in an oven of 15 minutes.
  3. Third way. To clear a fruit of a peel and to cut on segments. To lay on a plate and to powder with cinnamon. After that they should be sent to the microwave oven for 1,5 minutes.


  1. Salad. The peeled apple from a peel is cut on small slices and filled in with the fat-free drink.
  2. Cocktail. On 200 gr. kefir the crushed apple and a tablespoon of grits is added.
  3. Salad. To cut fruit on cubes, to add a little fresh currant, and to fill with kefir.

Pluses and minuses

Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results

The advantage of this diet is that products not expensive and available always. There is no need to prepare various dishes. Weight leaves after the first day. Besides that the kefiric and apple diet helps to get rid of importunate kilograms, it promotes natural clarification to an organism.

As shortcoming it is possible to consider only that menus monotonous and therefore this diet call hungry. In fasting days in a stomach the discomfort is felt. If not to adhere to healthy nutrition after a diet, weight quickly enough comes back.

This diet provides the big use of apples therefore it is necessary to pay attention to a dental health. Even if there are no problems with teeth, it is all the same best of all to rinse an oral cavity after the use of fresh apples. The acids containing in fruits negatively influence enamel. Sometimes this fruit leads to an exacerbation of gastritis or ulcer, causes colitis.

Kefir of three-day prescription, as a rule, contains in alcohol – 0,9%. Therefore it is better not to use it if there are problems with kidneys or a liver.


Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results Using products which rich with useful and vitamin substances, the organism without special problems says goodbye to extra kilos, toxins and slags.

The effect is reached thanks to kefir which positively influences work of digestive bodies and cardiovascular system. It should be noted that this drink is useful at a breakdown and an anemia. The condition of nails and hair after its use improves.

As for apples, they sate an organism with the whole well of mineral substances. Many diets contain this product in the menu. Thanks to cellulose, efficiency of weight loss increases. After all it promotes increase in work of intestines.

Therefore, having connected 2 of these products efficiency of weight loss comes several times quicker.

In dependence what purpose is pursued by the person, having passed to food kefir with apples – weight loss or clarification, also its weight reduction depends.

If to carry out a fasting day, it is impossible to lose much, will leave from 1,5 to 2 kilograms of weight. In case of a diet which is calculated on 3, 5, 7 or 9 days, here results will be already more solid. If to adhere to the schedule of the menu and not to break the mode, then it is possible to dump from 5 to 8 kilograms.

The obligatory rule is the correct exit from similar food. That excess weight didn't come back in a week, it is necessary to adhere to the balanced food and continuous physical activities.


Diet on kefir and apples - the menu for 3 days, reviews of results

Svetlana, 32:

"At my daughter I was outlined final in kindergarten. Under the law of meanness, I didn't get into the elegant dress. I re-read a set of various diets and incidentally I came across the kefiric and apple.

I decided to try for 5 days. I alternated kefir to apples, that is day that, day another. I will tell honestly, it was very heavy, constantly to exchange pursued feeling of hunger. But the desire to look on final won an excellent form. As a result, after 5 days I lost 4, 5 kilograms. The dress the village is ideal."

Irina, 28:

"I started itself putting in order after winter in the spring. For a cold season I gathered excess 8 kg. The girlfriend advised this diet and told that it for strong in spirit. At first there was at me a fasting day which I carried out simply perfectly. In the morning on scales I saw minus of 1,3 kg. It encouraged me and I decided to continue further. I passed for 3 days – I held on.

After these days, at me 2,4 more kg left. And that already was minus 3,7. Well I also finished it everything a five-day course. On the Internet I read that more than 9 days it is impossible to keep to this diet.

Just at me these days also turned out. Means so, I for all this time lost 7,2 kg. Complexion improved, the general state was normalized. In spite of the fact that it isn't enough products, I perfectly transferred such clarification, the main thing not to go in cycles that there is a wish to eat. I distracted myself different work."

Olya, 24:

"The diet not really was pleasant to me. Monotonous, there aren't enough products. I read that it useful, can do it and so, but not everyone seems to me will be able to stand her. I held on 2 days, for the 3rd day I awfully wanted sweet. I broke, I don't want to try to eat so any more."