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Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

The diet the Valley of 7 days responses and results has the different. Vast majority of the positive. It isn't surprising. Stood her remain are happy. But not at all, in all honesty, it turns out to stand her without the slightest corrections. In power it that who has will power.

As there was a kefiric diet from the Valley

The kefiric diet of Dolina is developed by her psychotherapist. And the famous Russian singer made it popular. Larisa Dolina's diet pursues two purposes: to grow thin, having cleaned intestines, and to unload thereby an organism. Become known, the diet the valley of 7 days yielded responses and results soon. Its popularity didn't keep itself waiting. The vast majority of women reached the desirable.

Features of a diet

The diet the Valley on kefir of 7 days, at implementation of all simple requirements helps to lose in 7 days of 7 kg, and for few weeks — about 9 kg.

Basic element of a diet of Larisa Dolina is kefir. It normalizes intestinal microflora, removes slags, cleans intestines. Considering that this fermented milk product contains very few calories, Larisa Dolina's diet on kefir guarantees gradual weight reduction. It minimizes risk of negative manifestations of loss of extra kilos for short term: wrinkles, skin folds.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

But you shouldn't think that a kefiric diet of Larisa Dolina the simple. To eat dietary 7 days or 14 — are difficult. It is necessary to have for this purpose will power and strong desire to grow thin. Besides, Larisa Dolina's diet on kefir will seem difficult to those who doesn't love fermented milk products. Because in day it will be necessary to use from 500 ml of kefir.

Rules of a diet

So, the main aspects which observance demands a kefiric diet of Larisa Dolina, the following:

  1. Reception of any food stops in the evening after 18-00.
  2. During the day the use of water shouldn't exceed 500 ml. The bigger quantity will slow down burning of fats.
  3. Before any meal the use of grass infusion is recommended.
  4. In addition to clear intestines during a diet, it is recommended to use enemas or laxative preparations.
  5. The number of meals in a day has to make 5 or 6 times. Thus, it is necessary to eat about an every other couple of hours. It will reduce feeling of hunger, and won't give the chance to it to develop.
  6. From products the use of fruit in the fresh and dried-up look is authorized.
  7. Naturally, all baking, farinaceous food are excluded.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

But the diet with the Valley of 7 days recommends to begin with a fasting day. It positively influences the current of a diet.

Pluses and minuses

The diet the Valley for 2 weeks, as well as any other, is allocated by the indisputable advantages and not deprived of shortcomings.

As one of the positive moments which the diet the Valley for fast weight loss gives that the small, but used through short periods meals, promote its fast assimilation acts.

For the same reason, the feeling of hunger is minimized. Already at the beginning reduction of weight is observed. Besides, the diet provides with the Valley of 7 days good clarification of intestines and normalization of its work that conducts to good health.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

There are also small minuses. The diet is based by the Valley on quite strict principles. The result will be very pleasant, however for its achievement it is necessary to work.

The kefiric diet, as well as any other, is a stress for an organism, an exit from a comfort zone. If take place of a problem with health, with a digestive tract, unpleasant feelings in a stomach aren't excluded. For mitigation of transition to a diet in this case the fasting day before a diet and a soft exit from it with transition to a habitual way of life and food makes a reservation.

The young women who tried on themselves that such Larisa Dolina's diet, responses begin with that extra kilos leave really quickly. Some note discomfort in a stomach. However, the kefiric diet of Dolina blocks possible unpleasant feelings feeling of ease and the healthy cleared intestines. And it already conducts to good health and rejuvenation of skin.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

If the diet the Valley is necessary on a hot season or there is still any reason promoting consumption by an organism of the increased amount of liquid (for example, intensive frequent sports activities), half of liter of water can be insufficiently. All responses and results of a diet the Valley about it maintain need of correction of a diet for a similar case.

For the period of a diet the organism receives minerals, vitamins and protein in much smaller quantity. However, diet duration only a week or two. Useful microcells arrive with diet ingredients. When developing this diet this aspect was considered. The diet was developed with knowledge of needs of an organism of women for vitamins, useful substances and calories during starvation. Besides, in an organism there are enough stocks to transfer even week of hunger without any consequences.

You shouldn't be fond of a kefiric diet at a serious illness of a large intestine.

Each person leads a special life, individual for it. Therefore the diet the Valley responses has the different. One transfer it easily, another should train will power. So a lot of things depend on each person. From activity of its way of life, metabolic rate and other features of an organism.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

Exit from dietary food

The correct transition from dietary food to the usual is important. Fixing of result of weight loss depends on it. Those who passed without indulgences for himself everything that Larisa Dolina's diet recommends, responses and results leave, testifying that it is simple to pass to normal food without excess stresses for an organism.

It is natural if to leave a diet and to continue to feed on high-calorific food in a large number, such food for any several days will reduce results which Larisa's diet the Valley of 7 days yielded, on isn't present. As well as at any other diet. In an ideal, after clarification of intestines, optimization of its work and improvement of an organism in general, food is recommended to continue the healthy relation. To limit the use of alcohol, smoking, fat, smoked products, pastries. More fruit, the vegetables which aren't containing a lot of fat of types of meat and fish prepared not by a way of frying and smoking is recommended to the use.

If time in which Larisa's diet was applied by the Valley of 7 kg came to an end, it is recommended:

  • to use water in number of no more than two liters;
  • to continue to include kefir, fruit, vegetables in a diet;
  • to any food it is necessary to drink water or green tea. It is will reduce feeling of hunger a little and then the smaller quantity of food will lead to the fastest saturation.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

Besides food volume in a stomach the most part from which is water, will give to a stomach feeling of filling, its receptors will transmit signals of it to an organism, and the signal of sense of fulness will be the answer.

At those who was influenced that such Larisa Dolina's diet, responses don't contain recommendations to visit previously the nutritionist. However, consultation with such expert before going on a diet will be ideal option. With a big weight and the serious accompanying cardiovascular diseases and pathologies of a gastrointestinal tract it is recommended to people. Larisa Dolina's diet of 7 kg in a week though is useful to an organism, but brings an organism out of a comfort zone habitual to it that isn't desirable for patients with obvious cardiac pathologies.

The menu for 7 days of a diet the Valley

It isn't recommended to change something or to bring the adjustments.

Diet the Valley in details:

The cup of unsweetened coffee isn't excluded. 400 gr potatoes baked in an oven during the whole other day. Salt isn't applied absolutely. And kefir half of liter.

Cup of unsweetened coffee. 400 gr low-fat cottage cheese. Kefir in the same quantities.

Larisa Dolina's diet for 7 days, 7 kg in a week, responses

Coffee. 400 gr fruit. Kefir in the same volume. It is desirable to exclude hothouse fruit because of the low content of vitamins in them. Also any grapes and bananas, as not dietary are excluded.

Coffee. Breast of chicken (400gr). Kefir.

It the most difficult. Only cup of coffee and 1,5 liters of not carbonated mineral water.

Coffee, fruit, one-percentage kefir – all in the proportions applied above.

And one more nuance. The enema will yield every day the best results. It can be replaced with laxative. However here it is necessary to be careful in doses, considering that the food allowance won't promote locks. Responses speak about this moment which the kefiric diet the Valley for 7 days contains, as about the unpleasant.

Larisa's diet the Valley of 7 kg in a week represents option of dietary food which is developed taking into account all requirements of an organism. It isn't recommended to introduce in it an amendment if the promised result is necessary. The kefiric diet the Valley for 7 days positive has responses always at observance of all aspects. And that rare, negative which the diet the Valley has responses and results, are caused by non-compliance with its exact instructions.