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Diet for lazy minus 12 kg in 2 weeks: response and results.

In a pursuit of a beautiful figure the woman is ready on any, even the strangest diets. Instead of passing to healthy nutrition, beauties look for on the Internet ways to grow thin for 10 kg in a week or to dump 5 kg in three days without effort. But whether it is possible? Whether there is a diet for lazy, and in what its essence? Whether there is an efficiency from a water diet for the lazy?

Diet for lazy minus 12 kg in 2 weeks: response and results. diet for the lazy

Menu of a diet minus 12 kg.

This method of weight loss is considered one of the most effective because it is subject even to the laziest people liking to eat well.

On it it is possible to dump at most 12 kg in 2 weeks at strict observance of rules.

The lazy diet on water to you will be pleasant to that:

  • It is possible to eat any food;
  • It is possible to eat at any time and unlimited number of times;
  • Sweets and other delicacies aren't excluded;
  • The volume of a portion is unlimited.

I think, having read it, you are already ready to start a diet for the laziest? But wait to rejoice, not everything is so simple!

Rules of a water diet.

  1. In 20 minutes prior to food it is necessary to drink 400-500 pure ml. The filtered or bottled liquid without gases and additives will approach. It is impossible to add lemon juice, circles of a cucumber and, especially, sugar - only a tasteless, cool water.
  2. After a twenty-minute break you can have breakfast or dinner. But during food it is impossible to drink! Also it is impossible to drink liquid within 2 hours after a meal!

Here also the dirty trick is covered. Then that adhering to a diet for lazy, in 2 weeks you won't be able:

  • There are thin soups;
  • To have coffee or tea with candies and cookies - only empty unsweetened drink. You will be able to eat candies - but you have to wash down sweet only in 2 hours.
  • To take all drinks without sugar and milk;
  • To drink clear water during a meal.

At first it sounds not too ustrashayushche, but only try at least day to follow this diet!

Why the diet minus 12 kg in 2 weeks works?

  • Meal at the growing thin is associated with expectation and reception of 400-500 ml of water. And already there is no wish to eat a candy at all, knowing that before it it is necessary to make the whole ritual, and besides it will be impossible to wash down sweet!
  • Drinking liquid in large volume before a meal we help ourselves to be defined: whether really I want to eat. Thirst and hunger - very similar feelings, and sometimes is enough to drink and understand that is and there was no wish.
  • By means of water before food it is possible not to worry for excess calories from juice or cocktail - we simply won't drink them because of the appearing weight in a stomach!
  • Thanks to a water diet work of a digestive tract is normalized, the chair is normalized, the condition of skin and hair improves.

How it is correct to drink water?

  • It is necessary to drink "a live voditsa" - not boiled and not aerated.
  • Liquid of room temperature from bottles or the filter perfectly will approach!
  • It is necessary to drink small drinks, enjoying process.

Diet for lazy minus 12 kg in 2 weeks: response and results. Diet minus 12 kg in 2 weeks a response

My response on a diet for idlers.

I decided to try a lazy technique of weight loss to dump those 2-3 kg which to me prevented to live quietly. Also it was a peculiar experiment for the sake of experiment, but not result.

Parameters for the beginning of weight loss:

  • Weight - 53 kg
  • Growth - 175 cm
  • Stomach volume - 65 cm.
The detailed menu of a diet (the photo before and after won't be - results aren't noticeable!)

Day the first.

After awakening I drink 2 glasses of the filtered water, and about half an hour I go about the own business. During this time porridge with fruit is worn out and coffee is made.

I remember that 2 more hours at least to me not to take pleasure in coffee and obediently I eat porridge.

From porridge with sweet fruit getting thirsty, but I courageously suffer and I wait, nervously glancing for hours...

Having drunk coffee later the put time, I want to have a bite, but I understand that for this purpose I need to drink 400 pure ml, and I postpone having a snack.

The lunch passes also sadly: instead of soup - buckwheat with vegetables and chicken which dryness demand at least a water drink. But the diet for lazy doesn't resolve it, therefore - we suffer!

After 2 hours of expectation I drink nearly a liter of water and tea, at the same time cooking also coffee. Then I remember that milk and cookies can't be added to them, and again I forget about drink.

After this ban to have a bite, there is no wish to have supper any more. Having drunk kefir for dinner in 2 minutes after two glasses of water, I decide to stop eating till next morning.

Day the second, third and fourth as twins were similar to the first. No, the menu of a diet minus 12 kg differed, but the principles remained the same.

  1. On a diet I couldn't hold on and weeks: it too difficult for the person which values the health and tranquillity.
  2. For lazy I didn't see any advantage of a method:
  3. Food remains unbalanced and chaotic.
  4. Portions have no restriction only in words, and in practice it is impossible to eat and a half of what is wanted after all it is impossible to wash down food.
  5. There is a big loss of time: to have dinner, it is necessary to drink water, to note time, and then to wait for 2 hours to take pleasure in tea. Besides on the first, second and compote precisely it isn't necessary to count, after all during food it is impossible to drink!
  6. All thoughts concentrate on acceptance of food therefore the diet for the lazy is definitely not intended for the people wishing to pass to intuitive food.

Result of a diet for the laziest.

I lost 1 kg in 4 days - and how not to lose the weight if almost you eat nothing? But what works dumped these kilograms? Constant thoughts of food, control and desire to drink... This definitely not healthy food!

Besides this principle of food for every day won't approach!

Contraindications for a water diet.

  1. Diseases of a gastrointestinal tract;
  2. Problems with cardiovascular system and kidneys;
  3. Pathologies of nervous system.
  4. The diet also doesn't suit pregnant women because of risk of emergence of hypostases.
  5. Also you shouldn't keep to a diet for lazy after 50 years: there is a washing away of salts of calcium, sodium and minerals, which in an imbalance at elderly women.

Diet minus 12 kg only healthy people can observe not more often than once a year. A large amount of the liquid provided in the menu of this technique can harmful affect work of bodies and systems.

You remember before going on any diet, think: whether it is necessary to you? It is much simpler to observe the principles of healthy nutrition or to pass to intuitive food which precisely will help to find to you a dream figure!

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