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Diet for the lazy

Nutritionists and physicians conduct continuous dispute on daily amount of liquid which we drink. One claim that it is only necessary to drink when you thirst. The opinion of doctors differs, they say that some liters of water need to be divided for day and to drink in the small portions.

Anyway, the daily norm of liquid for the adult makes volume from 2 liters without tea, juice or compote.

If you don't trust, then attend any forum and read responses: the minimum result of weight loss in two weeks makes 6 kilograms. The principle of a diet is that by means of water we deceive the organism during the day. Only 100-200 ml of liquid dull feeling of hunger at some o'clock.

And now let's learn some secrets of a lazy diet on water.

Diet the water lazy: loss from 8 kg in two weeks

Diet for the lazy

It is necessary to drink water to food

During such lazy diet you have to drink a lot of water. Before each meal even if you are going to eat ice cream, drink 200 or 300 ml of warm liquid. Water is acquired not at once, and during a lunch or a dinner you instead of habitual 300 grams of soup will eat only 150 – water fills a stomach, and you are quickly sated.

The daily norm of water during a diet for the lazy makes more than 3 liters, and the amount of liquid directly depends on a portion which you are going to eat.

Plate of porridge with cutlet, and after tea with a roll? Drink 2 glasses! Morning coffee with a toast? One glass of liquid.

Users speak about good health, improvement of appearance and simply prompt weight loss. In a word, the main goal is achieved!

Water is drunk in 20 minutes prior to meal, and thanks to it you are quickly disaccustomed to have a bite. Spontaneously eaten sandwich is much more tasty and if it is necessary to drink water to wait time, perhaps, even appetite will be gone. The diet on water for the lazy will help to cope with uncontrollable flashes of hunger.

You accept liquid as medicine, before food, without forgetting and without postponing for later. At first sight it seems that it is simple, but in some days a water will cloy.

Reviews of result of a proteinaceous lazy diet impress: minus 12 kg in 2 weeks on condition of regular sports jobs.

Simple proteinaceous diet for the lazy

Diet for the lazy

Meat — a protein source

If you love meat, this diet to you very much it will be pleasant. Besides water therapy restriction on the main menu is introduced. You eat a lot of protein, receiving it from chicken meat, pork, a rabbit or veal, eggs and milk. This food very much sates, but demands physical activities.

At consumption of proteins sports occupations are necessary, after all a protein – a basis of muscles.

For effective weight loss eat products which burn fat, ginger, cinnamon, a citrus, have green tea that liquid was removed quicker.

During a simple proteinaceous diet for lazy it will be easy for you to organize food outside the house. The benefit with meat dishes of problems isn't present presently in one cafe or the dining room. Don't forget and about water, it is drunk too in 20 minutes prior to food, and the quantity depends on a serving size.

Improbable weight loss in a combination to sport will help to correct a figure: the stomach and sides will disappear, will become thinner than a hand and a leg.

How to drink water correctly?

Diet for the lazy

Water has to be room temperature

During a lazy water diet it is necessary to force to drink. How to make it?

  1. Sip liquid. Honey water will be sometimes useful: 1 teaspoon of honey on 300 ml of liquid.
  2. Choose optimum water temperature, but liquid shouldn't be very warm, the room temperature or ice water will approach. The matter is that the liquid temperature is lower, the more long our organism "potters" with it.
  3. You drink water – eat less salt and smoked products, seasonings and sauces. If not to limit their consumption, you risk to get hypostases. Water it won't be simple to be brought out of an organism, and weight won't leave.

Diet from Alsou: the truth about weight loss of the singer

Diet for the lazy

It is impossible to wash down with compote food

The singer too adheres to a simple diet for the lazy. She recommends to drink also water, but to reduce consumption of sweet and flour products.

Here some detailed recommendations:

  1. During meal it is impossible to wash down food with drinks, including tea or compote.
  2. After food you can drink two hours later.
  3. Observe the habitual menu, but without rolls, macaroni, candies, mayonnaise etc.
  4. Have a bite how many you want, but in 10-20 minutes drink a glass of water.
  5. It is necessary to drink water within two weeks, and after the termination of a diet to make a break for 3 months.

It is necessary to tell that the improbable diet will relieve you from 6 to 8 kg, it is good result which it is possible to call healthy weight loss. Such way of disposal of excess weight is used by many stars, beginning from Alla Pugacheva and finishing girls from backup dancers.

Elena Malysheva's system: we grow thin it is lazy, but it is very expensive

Diet for the lazy

Products from Malysheva are low-calorie

The famous doctor and the nutritionist, the adherent of healthy weight loss and traditional medicine Elena Malysheva offers the option of a diet. But for this power supply system it is necessary to give a lump sum of money. Malysheva will make for you the menu of food for a month, it will bring together with products and the list of recommendations. On the site you can see the photo which grew thin read reviews of efficiency.

All dishes frozen or concentrated and every week of a diet assumes 1 fasting day.

The author of a diet guarantees goodness of all products, and you receive release from preparation of dishes. Perhaps, free time will be spent on fitness. In responses the diet was christened at once "a diet for rich and lazy" because the power supply system from Malysheva costs very much and it is too expensive for the simple woman.

Besides products from the author make only 1000 calories of a diet, and the rest should be nayedat independently. Nuts, muesli are resolved. Food innutritious and besides expensive.

The simple diet for very lazy is an easy system of weight loss which doesn't demand special expenses of money and time. You need to drink norm of water and to grow thin, but not to try to discover on the Internet in the slightest degree the appetizing useful recipe. If you have enough will power to refuse farinaceous food, the result of a diet will reach 12 kg.