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Diet At Oxalates In Urine: 11 Basic Principles, Recipes

In urine of oxalates very seriously influences emergence features of meal. If these salts were found in a human body once, it can be explained as a result of the use of cocoa, beet or a sorrel. In cases when by means of the repeated analysis existence of oxalates was confirmed, the attending physician makes the diagnosis deterioration of processes of an exchange.

Diet At Oxalates In Urine: 11 Basic Principles, Recipes

The general principles of a diet at the oksalatnykh educations

For process of dissolution and a conclusion the oksalatnykh of concrements or sand from an organism, it is necessary to adhere to the following 11 basic principles:

  1. the size of a diet has to be an average, you shouldn't overeat;
  2. plentiful drinking mode. The recommended number of consumption of liquid daily has to be not less than 2,5 l;
  3. fractional meal (not less than 5 times a day in the small portions);
  4. reduction in a sugar diet to 25 g per day;
  5. exception of food of meat of fat types;
  6. salt reception restriction;
  7. the use of products with high content of calcium, phytin, and also vitamins D and B2;
  8. complete elimination from a diet of tinned products and hot spices;
  9. refusal of alcoholic beverages;
  10. periodic use of diuretic broths;
  11. day caloric content of all dishes has to be in range of 2800-3000 kcal.

The recommended products in the presence oxalates

To patients, at detection in an organism the oksalatnykh of educations is recommended to use in the diet all types of grain and lenten soups from them.

Such fruit as apples, pears and grapes most all promote a conclusion of oxalic acid.

To patients with oxalates in kidneys appoint special mineral waters with the small content of alkali, and the most effective drink at this diet is considered cucumber juice.

The resolved food

The medical diet allows reception in food of the following food:

  • cabbage, carrot, cucumbers, eggplants, potatoes;
  • grapes, apples, pears, water-melons, melons, peaches, nuts, dried fruits;
  • the rye and white bread baked from flour of the 2nd grade, and also bran;
  • sour cream, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, but no more than 300 g a day;
  • boiled eggs, but no more than 2 pieces a day;
  • meat not of fat grades or a bird to 200 g a day. All meat is consumed in a boiled look or fried if it was previously boiled;
  • unsalted and low-fat fish;
  • pasta or grain.

Treat products which can't be eaten:

  • all fried dishes;
  • various sausages, meat of fat types, meat offal;
  • canned and fish meat;
  • salty and smoked fish, caviar;
  • all bean cultures, tomatoes, beet, radish, paprika, asparagus haricot, peas;
  • completely all types of citruses, cranberry, currant;
  • chocolate, ice cream, jam, sweets from dough;
  • strong coffee, cocoa, kvass, tomato juice.

Way of cooking in the presence of oxalates

The correct dietetics in the presence the oksalatnykh of educations in kidneys or urinary tract includes also the correct way of preparation of dishes. Boiling and cooking on couple is allowed. It isn't forbidden to fry low-fat meat, chicken or fish, previously having boiled them.

But you shouldn't forget that processing the ferry can't reduce concentration the oksalatnykh of microcells in greens.

You shouldn't fry products with high content of oxalates as when cooking in this way only the quantity of microcells necessary for an organism decreases that, in turn reduces quality of a diet.

Menu example at the oksalatnykh educations

At the initial level of use of a diet it will be much simpler to patient to adhere to recommendations of the menu which is already developed by the expert. Ready tables of dietetics will allow to apply all norms of the correct diet without waste of time on studying of large volume of information. One of such diets developed for 3 days is given below

Day 1

  • As a breakfast the porridge of an average portion prepared on milk and diluted with dried fruits, a mix from the resolved fruit and green tea perfectly will approach.
  • For the second breakfast it is possible to use apple juice and banana.
  • For lunch the lenten soup filled with sour cream, a slice of rye bread and a small piece of boiled beef is recommended.
  • As a mid-morning snack it is possible to use low-fat cottage cheese with kefir to 1% of fat content.
  • The dinner represents paste of firm grades of wheat with chicken fillet and cabbage salad.

Day 2

  • The breakfast includes 100 g a piece of the soaked herring and the vinaigrette filled with sour cream, and also a cup not of strong coffee or tea.
  • For the second breakfast — fruit salad.
  • Lunch it is possible to steam vegetable broth and cutlet. To wash down all with fresh cucumber juice.
  • For a mid-morning snack — salad from fresh carrot and cabbage and a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • The dinner is included rice by porridge, welded on milk and stewed vegetables.

Day 3

  • To have breakfast in the small portion of muesli with milk, apple and a cup not of strong coffee or tea.
  • For the second breakfast it is possible to satisfy feeling of hunger with cabbage salad.
  • As a lunch to prepare the fish baked in an oven with potatoes and light vegetable salad.
  • For a mid-morning snack – a glass of milk and a small portion of pie with apples.
  • It is possible to have supper fish cutlets on couple and a vegetable lasagna.

The patient with the found oksalatny educations shouldn't limit liquid reception in the evening as it assists delay of process of formation of new concrements in kidneys. However, if at the person besides oxalates puffiness or problems with cardiovascular system is observed, the amount of the consumed liquid shouldn't exceed 1,5 l per day.

Observance of a similar food allowance isn't strict and is recommended for use on a long or constant basis. Health represents very important resource promoting long and full-fledged life. Manifestation not of big efforts in the field of food will help to restore and keep excellent health.