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Diet at psoriasis

Psoriasis ─ a chronic disease, which main symptom ─ education on a surface of skin of papular rashes of red-silvery color. The main objective of therapy ─ to get rid of skin educations and to achieve a resistant condition of remission. In the course of treatment the diet at psoriasis plays huge role. Doctors recommend to adhere to it constantly.

Healthy nutrition

The correct power supply system doesn't replace treatment, but promotes fast healing and improves a state. If the patient uses the recommended products and completely will exclude from a diet the forbidden products, unpleasant symptoms will disappear in 7-12 days.

Diet at psoriasis
However a universal diet which in each case will bring the maximum benefit, no. It is important to consider shipping of certain products. Therefore the diet for patients with psoriasis is selected individually. The doctor, on the basis of diagnostic data has to develop it. Testing for shipping of different types of food are carried out only to the remission period. Products on which there is an exacerbation of psoriasis, should be excluded from a diet completely. If reaction wasn't, is them it is possible very seldom and in strictly moderate quantity.

What it is possible to eat at psoriasis?

Dietary food at psoriasis has to promote maintenance of acid-base balance and harmonious functioning of all systems of an organism.

We will consider in detail what use of products provides treatment of psoriasis:

  • Fruit and berries ─ they in a digestive tract create the necessary alkaline environment. Harmfully to eat only prunes, currant, a cranberry, plums and bilberry. Bananas, a melon and apples (only baked) from other products are used separately. Pineapples, cherry, grapes and raisin, a nectarine, mango are especially useful.
  • Vegetables ─ in moderate quantities it is necessary to use pumpkin, bean, a rhubarb, cabbage (Bruxelles). Important to exclude potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and paprika from a diet. Other vegetables can be eaten during each meal. They have to be fresh, boiled or stewed. Cucumbers, carrots, beet, broccoli, sweet potato, a garden cress, a celery, haricot are especially useful (siliculose).
  • Fowl ─ the preference should be given to chicken meat and meat of a turkey. It is necessary to include in a diet them several times a week (to 3 times).
  • Fish ─ the trout, a tuna, a sturgeon, a halibut, a sole, sardines, a salmon, a herring, a mackerel are especially useful. Fish it is possible to cook, and also to steam. It is impossible to fry it. It is recommended to use fish at least 4 times a week. This product is useful as enriches an organism with useful fatty acids.
  • Cereals ─ a basis of a diet have to make porridges of rice, barley, wheat, corn, buckwheat, porridge.
  • Mutton ─ before preparation it is important to clean fat. To use it is admissible twice a week.
  • Dairy products ─ the main source of calcium, is especially useful cottage cheese, fermented milk products.
  • Eggs ─ are at most 4 times are possible only boiled, in a week.
  • Vegetable oils ─ are a source of polynonsaturated fatty acids. They are necessary for education in an organism of the active agents having anti-inflammatory, antiallergic effect. Are recommended sunflower, olive, corn, cotton, almond oil. They can be drunk on a spoon three times a day.
  • Natural greens ─ fennel, salads, parsley, green onions.

It is very useful to drink enough water. Approximate norm ─ 7-10 glasses daily. It is also desirable to add a diet with juice (only freshly squeezed). Juice from spinach, parsley is recommended, to carrots, a celery, beet. Tea at psoriasis can be had, especially grassy. It is impossible to add sugar to it.

Diet at psoriasis

The diet has to be vitamin-rich, especially And (butter, a liver), E (vegetable oil), About (dogrose), About (fish), In (buckwheat, beef liver), RR, bioflavonoids (currant), zinc (fruit, vegetables, meat) and aminobenzoyny acid (fruit, vegetables).

Will help to clear an organism during a diet starvation. It is desirable to practice every week one "hungry day". It is the general recommendation for women and men.

What it is impossible to eat at psoriasis?

Diet at psoriasis
Treatment and prevention of development of psoriasis provides an exception of a diet of products as a part of which are present cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Treat their number:

  • The bread and all grain products containing gluten.
  • Fat meat ─ it provokes inflammatory processes on skin.
  • Smoked, salty, sharp, and also fried dishes.
  • Nuts ─ provoke development of an allergy. It is impossible to use in pure form, as additives, and also peanut butter.
  • Spices ─ the aromatic substances containing in their structure have toxic effect that will see off to irritation of skin and development of psoriasis. The carnation, pepper, a nutmeg are recognized especially harmful. An exception (in very moderate doses) are garlic, onions and a horse-radish.
  • Citrus.
  • Alcoholic beverages, especially on the basis of grapes. Beer is impossible even.
  • Cheese with a mold.
  • The products containing preservatives, emulsifiers, baking powder, stabilizers, dyes.
  • Digestible carbohydrates, especially sweets and carbonated drinks.
  • Canned food and sausages.
  • Semi-finished products, instant products.
  • Margarine and spread.
  • ─ it it is desirable to replace sugar with fructose.

If the diet of the person suffering from psoriasis doesn't contain above-mentioned products, it will be possible to accelerate recovery and to achieve a resistant condition of remission.

Diets at psoriasis

It is simplest to pick up the correct diet for every day if to adhere to accurately developed diets. And effective as confirm responses of many people, Pegano and Svetlana Ogneva's diets are the most popular.

Pegano's diet at psoriasis

The diet on John Pegano's system consists in a certain principle of food. Its basis — the consumed food has to promote strict maintenance in an organism of acid-base balance. For this purpose 70% of a diet have to make shchelocheobrazuyushchy products, and 30% ─ the acid-forming.

According to Pegano, prevalence in an organism of alkaline reaction leads to treatment from psoriasis. If it is correct to adjust food, medicines won't be required. It is a basis of its concept.

The table the shchelocheobrazuyushchikh and acid-forming products is given below.

Diet at psoriasis

Pegano's method provides passing of 5 stages:

  1. Clarification of an organism ─ for this purpose for 5 days it is necessary to sustain a diet (multifruit), the next 3 days exclusively apple diet is recommended. In addition the use of enterosorbents is required.
  2. The special diet ─ a diet is formed by the acid-base principle. Duration of a diet isn't limited to a certain period. It is lifelong system.
  3. Physical activities ─ especially it is important to pay attention to exercises for a backbone.
  4. The cosmetology procedures directed on restoration of epidermis (sauna, bath).
  5. Positive mood, avoiding of stresses.

The main principles of food across Pegano:

  • The wholegrain and dairy food can't be mixed with citrus and freshly squeezed juice from them.
  • Meat and starch-containing products don't mix up.
  • It is impossible to use at one time food flour products, cereals and fruit.
  • For clarification of an organism it is necessary to drink regularly grass infusions and teas (without sugar).
  • Products should be used crude, stewed, steamed.
  • It is important not to overeat.

If to adhere to Pegano's diet, the general condition of an organism improves, the skin itch is eliminated, rate of dying off of cages is slowed down, psoriasis ceases to develop.

Svetlana Ogneva's diet

Diet at psoriasis

S. M. Ogneva's book "Medical foods at psoriasis".

The diet at psoriasis on doctor Ogneva's method also provides creation in an organism of optimum acid-base balance. Division of products into the shchelocheobrazuyushchy and acid-forming coincides with division according to Pegano. It is necessary to use more shchelocheobrazuyushchikh of products. The diet needs to be combined with other methods of treatment.

Features of a diet Fire:

  1. It is important to exclude all forbidden products from a diet completely. Plums, blackcurrant, prunes, pomegranates, fat meat, chocolate, cane sugar, proteins, canned food, alcohol, a shiver, starch, vinegar belong to their number.
  2. The cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, garlic, onions, spinach, broccoli, vegetable marrows, grain have to make a basis of a diet.
  3. Every week it is necessary to do a fasting day. On its extent it is possible to use only one product: apples, vegetables, sour-milk. It is necessary for clarification of an organism.

The scheme of a ratio of quantity of products in a diet on Fire.

The approximate menu, recommended for patients with psoriasis

We will consider the menu for a week which completely corresponds to needs of the person having psoriasis:

Day of the weekBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayWheat porridge, apple, herbal teaBorsch, boiled mutton, compote from dried fruitsVegetable salad, stewed mushrooms, pear juice
TuesdayPorridge, glass of juiceVegetable soup, salmon on couple, green teaSalad from the Beijing cabbage, low-fat fish, camomile tea
WednesdayVegetable cream soup, apple juiceVegetable salad, the baked trout, low-fat cheese, black teaPearl-barley porridge, cucumber, dogrose broth
ThursdayRice porridge, dried apricots, herbal teaBeetroot soup, meat of a turkey, juiceBoiled silver carp, salad from cabbage, lime tea
FridayVegetable salad, boiled egg, juiceBuckwheat cereal, the baked fish, green teaVegetarian borsch, stewed mushrooms, herbal tea
SaturdayPorridge, black teaBroccoli puree, fish cutlets (steam), apple juiceVegetable soup, boiled fish, broth from dried fruits
SundayOmelet (steam), vegetable salad, compoteVegetable soup, the fillet of a salmon (baked) herbal teaCabbage salad, boiled fish, broth from a dogrose

Between meals it is desirable to drink mineral water (the alkaline – Yessentuki No. 4 and No. 17, Borjomi, Kislovodsk narzan).

Recipes of the dishes useful at psoriasis

1. The salmon with vegetables baked in a foil

Diet at psoriasisThe demanded ingredients:

  • Stake of a salmon (2 pieces).
  • Lemon juice (2 h. l.).
  • Fennel (30 g).
  • Mixed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, vegetable marrow).

Way of preparation:
Vegetables small to cut, bring to semi-readiness in a double boiler. Then to lay out them on a foil (from it to create court shoes). To put from above the fish stakes watered with lemon juice. To bake 10-15 minutes at 160 °. Before giving to pritrusit fish fennel (chopped).

2. Steam cutlets

Diet at psoriasisIngredients:

  • Meat of a turkey (300 g).
  • Carrots (1 piece).
  • Egg (1 piece).
  • Fennel (50 g).
  • Pepper sweet (1 piece).
  • Salt.

Way of preparation:

To prepare forcemeat (the processed meat, egg, salt to mix). To create from it cutlets, to fill them with pepper slices, and then to roll in in grated carrots and fennel. To steam 15-20 minutes. As a garnish porridge or vegetable salad will approach.


Adhering to the correct diet, keeping to the diet recommended at psoriasis it is possible to correct violations of functioning of systems of an organism, to remove an inflammation of integuments. It leads to reduction of manifestation of pathology, and also allows to achieve a condition of long and steady remission.

The diet at psoriasis has to be various, balanced and full. It is important that it contained many vitamins. Physicians note that in the period of an exacerbation of an illness the strict diet needs to be combined with drug treatment and physical therapy. Integrated approach ─ success basis.

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