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Diet "Fuzz" for weight loss: responses, menu, results and efficiency

If it is necessary to dump many kilograms, the diet "Fuzz" can help with it. Adhering to the offered diet, in one and a half-three months really to lose to 35 kg of excess weight.


The diet "Fuzz" - that it represents?

Many women dream to find an ideal figure. There is a set of ways to achieve good results. But main and the most effective is a diet. The Internet was blown up literally by the diet which made a noise once "Fuzz".

The diet at it is based on pearl barley. It was developed not by the professional doctor therefore causes fears still. But, despite it, the diet is the effective tool for weight loss.

We will consider in what the principles of food consist:

  • salt has to be excluded from products completely;
  • throughout the day it is necessary to drink more liquid (simple or mineral still water);
  • the monodiet assumes very limited quantity of products — it is cabbage white, low-fat fish, kefir and, the main thing, pearl barley, and from drinks is allowed tea without sugar addition.

Keep to a diet about three months, depending on goals.


Who thought up a diet?

The diet was thought up by the girl by the name of Irina who had big problems with an excess weight.

It stretched 48 dietary days for three months:

  • 20 days in the first month;
  • 21 days — in the second month;
  • and only 7 days in the third.

It should be noted that the author of a diet had an allergy to fruit. Therefore they are also not present at the menu. However and likes them to eat with that who can, it is also desirable to include them in food, thereby raznoobraziv a diet and having enriched an organism for this time with necessary vitamins and microcells.



The main course on a table during this time - pearl barley - is prepared according to the special recipe.

Since evening of 100 grams of grain presoak and next morning receive 4 times more pearl barley. It should be cooked within 30 minutes without spices, salt and sugar. It is possible to add a small slice of oil only. Porridge is divided into five parts. The main part of a day diet is ready.

We will consider the approximate menu of a diet "Fuzz" per day.

The breakfast consists of porridge and the fat-free kefir.

Further on having a snack the portion of porridge is eaten.

For lunch the baked or boiled fish is added to it.

The mid-morning snack consists of porridge with addition of cabbage (the last can be eaten so much, how many there is a wish).


For dinner - one more portion of pearl barley.

At any time it is possible to drink one more glass of tea.


The diet belongs to the low-calorie. Therefore, despite prompt and very desired loss of weight, it can lead to negative consequences for health. To avoid it it is necessary to be guided by the following recommendations.

  1. In day not less than one and a half liters of water have to be drunk, otherwise dehydration can be observed.
  2. Some prefer to compensate the vitamins lacking in food by special complexes.
  3. Observe a diet and eat five times a day.
  4. Play sports: swim, run or you go to a gym and to fitness.
  5. You shouldn't change considerably the diet, having at once gone on a diet. "Fuzz" belongs to the category of radical methods of weight loss. Therefore it is necessary to prepare the organism for it in advance. For example, reduce at least in 7-10 days consumption of calories, get used to simple water. Then to an organism shock, and a diet will be easier to transfer "Fuzz" will pass without negative consequences. It must be kept in mind that it is suitable not for all. Therefore if it is ailed, it is necessary to pass to normal food.



Many noted efficiency which the diet "Fuzz" has. Responses and results can be seen at numerous forums where comments quite often are followed by very eloquent pictures taken before weight loss. Here what pluses of this diet.

  1. The diet is not bad balanced.
  2. Hunger will hardly torment as almost all products are nourishing.
  3. All products are vitamin-rich also microcells. For example, pearl barley promotes production of collagen thanks to what skin takes an elastic and well-groomed form. Besides, it well influences system of a gastrointestinal tract at the expense of what slags and toxins are removed from an organism much quicker. Kefir, in turn, restores microflora in intestines, the cabbage sates an organism with vitamins, minerals and, of course, cellulose, and fish contains many useful fats and amino acids.
  4. For the first week of a diet the organism is fine cleared of a zashlakovannost.

Tea, coffee and carbonated drinks at a diet aren't drunk. Instead simple clear water will help an organism to be in a tone and with success to transfer this difficult mode.



Experts note a number of shortcomings of the offered diet. Treat their number:

  • scarcity of a diet when the organism receives less necessary for it useful veshtestav and microcells;
  • very heavy to sustain such mode, the probability of failure is great;
  • loss of a large number of kilograms for a short period also belongs to shortcomings as an organism endures the strongest stress at this time;
  • there can be extensions on skin, and it will start drooping — the only effective way of fight against it are sports occupations;
  • also it is necessary to know that the organism leaves fatty deposits in the latest turn, and at first muscle bulk leaves; therefore only physical activities will be able to hype up fatty deposits and to force them to leave an organism.

"Fuzz" can have an adverse effect on health, especially in case it is already undermined by any diseases. For example, at diabetes or avitaminosis it is extremely undesirable, otherwise can aggravate a state.


If you nevertheless manage to stay successfully on a diet, in three months you will forget about tens kilograms of excess weight. Of course, each organism has the features, and it can't but affect loss of kilograms. However average result which the diet "Fuzz" yields (responses confirm it) — from 30 to 35 kg.

Thus it is necessary to consider that the biggest loss of weight will be observed in the first days. Then every day you will lose on kilogram. Further the result will improve, but already not so quickly. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for such features and not to be upset if loss of weight stops for some time.


That a diet "Fuzz" yields results very good, confirm as the women sitting on it, and experts, and also fitness trainers. However the last note also the shortcomings of this mode which are, in their opinion, that only 4 products for such long period of time for preservation of health - aren't enough. Therefore that the girl during a diet periodically came back to the usual food, maybe, even helped it to keep health.

She assures that the lost kilograms didn't return. However experts suggest otherwise: fat will return with high probability as fast weight loss conceals in itself such dangers.


Thus the diet "Fuzz" is arranged. Menu, rules its strict, but effective. However before deciding to try this food allowance, it is necessary to consult surely with the nutritionist, and in the course of her observance it is necessary to watch the health constantly.