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Diet for the second blood type a Rhesus factor positive and negative. Menu.

According to D'Adamo this type arose upon transition of hunters / the first group of blood / to a settled way of life and introduction to a food allowance of a large number of vegetable food. 37,8% of the population of the earth concern to her. The main characteristic of people with this group - constancy, organization, good adaptation in to work in collective.At transfusion the type A suits its group and type 0 (the I group). The type A suits only the type. / you watch the summary table of a diet for a Rhesus factor positive, a Rhesus factor negative blood types /

The main recommendations about food and diet for the second blood type - type A (the II group) - "Farmer"


Well adapts for change of a diet and environment.

Immune and digestive systems are effective if the corresponding diet is kept (vegetarian)


Gentle (sensitive) digestive tract

Weak immune system open for all infections.

Hypersensibility of nervous system

Groups of risk

1. Heart diseases

2. Oncology

3. Anemia

4. Diseases of a liver and gall bladder

5. Diabetes of the I type

Dietary recommendations.

The main diet - full vegetarianism.

Dairy products – it is limited (low-fat cheese, fermented milk products). Replacement – soy products: soy milk, tofu – soy cottage cheese.
Grain: Bean
Fruit (except the sharp – orange, tangerine, a rhubarb, a papaya, bananas, cocoes). Pineapples!
Fish (to exclude a flounder, a halibut, herring, caviar, and also seafood)
Sugar – it is moderate.

It is recommended: coffee, green tea, red wine. Juice – carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry. Water with lemon juice. To avoid: orange juice, black tea, all soda drinks

Program of control of weight

To avoid:Meat (it is a little a chicken and a turkey); Dairy products; Products from wheat; Pepper (any); Ice cream; Sugar; Oils – corn and peanut.

Helps: Vegetable oils – olive, linen, the channel (rape); Products from soy;
Vegetables; Pineapples

Vitamins and food additives

Vitamins B, With, E. Kaltsy Iron Zinc Selenium Chrome of the Bifidobacterium. Grass additives and teas from them Ekhinatsey Astragalus's Ginseng of Valerian Boyaryshnik the Thistle (tatarnik)
Bromelayn Kvartsetin

To limit:Vitamin A reception, is better to receive V-carotene from food

Physical exercises

Quiet and focusing – yoga, thaw-tszy

Special recommendations for type A

1. As this type has the gastrointestinal tract which is adjusted on vegetarianism (that is has the lowered acidity of gastric juice), it has serious problems with digestion of meat for which high acidity of gastric juice is required as at type). It is recommended to avoid some meat (a little chicken or turkeys is admissible). It will allow to keep normal weight. At people of this type, unlike type 0, meat slows down a metabolism and promotes fat adjournment. The vegetarianism will also promote addition of energy and protection of an organism against diseases – the weak immune system is suppressed at improper feeding.

2. Because mucous a digestive tract very gentle, it is necessary to avoid: all types of a spicy food (pepper of all types, vinegar, ketchup (and in general tomatoes), sour fruit and berries, mayonnaise and spices); the fermented and salty food (salty fish, herring, cucumbers, cabbage (both salty, and fresh, except broccoli), potatoes. It is good to eat garlic and onions, carrots.

3. Dairy products – it is limited, it is better sour-milk and low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, sheep cheese. A protein source – soy products in any kind. Eggs are also necessary, as a source of protein, vitamins and microcells (Zn, Ca, B, B-carotene).

4. There are no special recommendations for the program of control of weight. Keep to the corresponding diet and the mode of physical activity. Limit sugar and chocolate.

Diet for the second blood type a Rhesus factor positive and negative. Menu.

Recommendations about selection of products for the second blood type

Diet for a blood type of A (II)
The products promoting accumulation of weight
MEAT. Badly is digested. It is postponed in the form of fat. Raises the content of food toxins.
DAIRY FOOD. Slows down a metabolism.
ORDINARY VEGETABLE HARICOT. Interacts with digestive enzymes, slowing down a metabolism.
LIMA HARICOT. Interacts with digestive enzymes, slowing down a metabolism.
WHEAT Weakens effect of insulin. Worsens utilization of calories.
The products promoting dropping excess weight
VEGETABLE OILS. Help effective digestion. Interfere with hypostases.
SOY PRODUCTS. Help effective digestion. Are quickly acquired by an organism.
VEGETABLES. Help an effective metabolism. Stimulate mobility of intestines.
PINEAPPLES. Improve utilization of calories. Stimulate mobility of intestines.
Meat and poultry
Especially useful products
Neutral products
Chicken meat of meat breeds. Meat of a turkey. Meat of a chicken.
To avoid
Mutton. Pork. Beef. Goose meat. Rabbit flesh. Buffalo meat. Meat of a partridge. Pheasant meat. Meat of a lamb. Venison. Liver. Heart. Veal. Duck's flesh.
Sea products
Especially useful products
Gruper. Yellow perch. Carp. Red beriks. Bull-trout (salmon taimen). Sea angel (fish). Iridescent trout. Ronka (silvery perch). Whitefish. Mackerel. Edible snail. Cod. Shchuryata. Southern African sardine.
Neutral products
Shark. Croaker. Dlinnopery tuna. Iglobryukh. Stone perch. Smelts. Sword fish. Morone. Sea ear (mollusk). Grouper. Sturgeon. Porg. Fish sailing vessel. Light lucian. Seriola (fish). Pike.
To avoid
Anchovy. Barracuda. (sea pike). Belokory halibut. Beluga. Venerka, or Clem (mollusk). Comb (mollusk). Long flounder. European horse-mackerel. Caviar. Squid. Flounder. Crab. Shrimp. Salmon (smoked). Lofolatilus. Lufar. Mussel (mollusk). Mollusks others. Sole. Lobster. Octopus. Haddock. Striped catfish. Striped perch. Crawfish. Herring fresh, salty or marinated. Solar fish. Edible frog. Eel. Oyster (mollusk). Turtle sea. Shed (fish).
Dairy products and eggs
Especially useful products
Soy milk and cheese.
Neutral products
Cottage cheese (grade "Farmer"). Yogurt. Kefir. Goat milk. Processed cheese. Cheese from goat milk. Mozzarella cheese (low-fat, from milk of a buffalo cow). Ricotta cheese (low-fat). Feta cheese (Greek, from milk of a white goat).
To avoid
Blue cheese. Casein (food). Butter. Ice cream. Munster cheese. Fat-free (2%) milk. Buttermilk. The pressed cottage cheese. Cream cheese. Whey. Cheeses: American "Brie" of "Gouda" "Gruyere" "Camembert" of "Colby" "Monterrey soft" "Neuchatel" "Parmesan" to "Provolona" "Cheddar" "Yarlsburg", Swiss, Edamsky, Emmentalsky. Whole milk. Water-ice dairy.
Oils and fats
Especially useful products
Linseed oil. Olive oil.
Neutral products
Cod liver fat. Raspovy oil.
To avoid
The peanut. Corn. Sesame. Saflorovoye. Cotton.
Nuts and seeds
Especially useful products
Peanut. Peanut paste. Pumpkin sunflower seeds.
Neutral products
Walnuts. Pine nuts. Poppy seed. Almonds and paste. Bitternut nuts. Litcha nuts (Chinese plum). Nuts macadamia (kindalx). Paste from seeds of sesame (sezam) or a takhina. Paste from sunflower seeds. Sesame seeds. Sunflower seeds. Sweet (edible chestnuts). Filbert.
To avoid
American nuts. Cashew. Pistachios.
Fruits of the bean
Especially useful products
Adzuki beans (angular, or radiant haricot). Beans of red soy. Cow peas. Vegetable green and siliculose haricot. Pint haricot (spotty). Black beans. Lentil.
Neutral products
White beans. White peas. Beans of "zhikam". "Kannelina" beans. Beans of "fav". Green peas. Fodder beans. Peas pods. Siliculose haricot with fiber. Haricot of shelling grades.
To avoid
Beans copper. Beans tamarindovy. Beans dark ("naval"). Red beans. Lima haricot. Chick-pea (mutton peas). Ordinary haricot.
Cereals and grain
Especially useful products
Amaranth (shchiritsa). Buckwheat. Hasidic "porridge".
Neutral products
Kanut. Cornflakes (corn flakes). Cornmeal (coarse grinding). Grits or flour (oat flour). Oat bran. Millet air (blown up). Rice air (blown up). Rice bran (rice muchka). Spelled (type of wheat). Barley.
To avoid
The sprouted wheat. Wheat.
Bread and fancy bread
Especially useful products
Rice flat cakes. Bread from germinated wheat. Bread from soy flour. Essene bread. Ezechiel bread.
Neutral products
Bread from rice. Bread from corn. Bread without gluten. Bread from spelled wheat. Bread rye. Crispbread.
To avoid
High-protein fancy bread. Grain bread from several cereals. Matzo wheat. White bread. Bread from the rye. meal
Especially useful products
Artichoke house. Bamiya (hibiscus edible). Earth pear (girasol). Cabbage "braunkolx". Cabbage sheet. Cabbage asparagus (broccoli). Kohlrabi. Sheet vegetables. Beet leaves. Onions yellow. Onions Spanish. Onions red. Leek. Mangold (sheet beet). Carrots. Parsnip. Parsley. Escapes of a lucerne. Rykhlokochanny salad romaine. Tempekh (soy product). Tofu (soy product). Turnip (fodder turnip). Pepo's pumpkin. Horse-radish. Chicory. Garlic. Spinach. Eskariol (salad).
Neutral products
Avocado. "Bock-choy". Swede. Brussels sprout. Water nut (chily). Mushrooms of "Portobello". Daikon (Japanese radish). Mushroom oyster mushroom. Green onions. Italian chicory. Chervil (beakchervil). Coriander. Cress water. Corn white and zheltozerny. Luk Biezlukovichny. Onions shallot (Charlotte). Olives green. Young leaves of mustard. Sea ear (mushroom). Sea vegetable (alga). Cucumbers. Fern (curls). Escapes of a bamboo. Escapes of golden haricot (mash). Escapes of a radish. Colza. Radish. Roket-salat. Lettuce. Beet. Celery. Asparagus. Caraway seeds. Pumpkin. Fennel. Cauliflower. Tsukini. Endivy (salad chicory).
To avoid
Eggplants. Sweet potato. Mushrooms hothouse. Mushrooms to "shiitaka". Yellow pepper. Green pepper. Cabbage: White, Chinese, Red. "White" and "red" potatoes. Red hot (burning) siliculose pepper. Lima haricot (Lima haricot). Olives: Greek, Spanish, Black. Pepper "halapeno". Tomatoes. Yam.
Fruit and berries
Especially useful products
Apricots. Pineapples. Cowberry. Cherries. Blueberry. Blackberry. Grapefruits. Raisin. Fig fresh and dried. Cranberry. Lemons. Plums. Bilberry. Prunes.
Neutral products
Water-melons. Concorde grapes. Grenades. Pears. Guava. Melon of "Kanan". Melon of "Crenshaw". Zvezdoplodnik. Green grapes. Wild strawberry (strawberry). Spanish melon. Carambolas. Kasab (winter melon). Kiwi. Red currant. Red grapes. Gooseberry. Cumquat. Lime. Loganova berry. Raspberry. Musky melon. Nectarine. Peaches. Prickly pear fruits (Indian fig). Christmas melon. Dates. Persimmon. Blackcurrant. Black grapes. Apples. Elder berries.
To avoid
Oranges. Bananas. Melons "Cantaloupe" and "Medvyanaya dew" (muscat). Coconuts. Mango. Tangerines. Papaya. Rhubarb.
Juice and liquids
Especially useful products

Water with lemon juice. Juice: apricot, ananasny, grapefruit, carrot, seldereyny, plum, black cherry.
Neutral products
Juice: grape, cabbage, cranberry, cucumber and from other recommended vegetables, apple. Apple cider.
To avoid
Orange juice. Papaya juice. Tomato juice.
Spices and spices
Especially useful products
Ginger. Miso. Soy sauce. Tamari. Black molasses. Garlic. Barley malt.
Neutral products
Agar. Anise. Basil. Bergamot. Brown seaweed. Vanilla. Carnation. Mustard. Fragrant (gvozdichny) pepper. Marjoram. Cardamom. Curry. Chervil (beakchervil). Maple syrup. Coriander. Cinnamon. Red seaweed. Kremortartar (wine stone). Corn starch. Corn syrup. Turmeric. Bay leaf. Marjoram. Arrowroot (arrowroot). Medical. Nutmeg. Mint. Mint eared (curly). Peppermint. Paprika (siliculose red pepper). Parsley. Pimiyento (Spanish paprika). Fruits (beans) of a carob tree. Rice syrup. Rosemary. White sugar. Sugar brown. Syrup the rice brown. Salt. Tamarind (Indian date). Tapioca. Thyme (thyme). Caraway seeds. Fennel. Horse-radish. Chaber garden. Sage. Shnitt-luk. Chocolate. Almonds extract. Tarragon (type of a wormwood).
To avoid
Balsam vinegar. White vinegar. The dried-up pepper grains. Wintergreen. Edible gelatin. Kayensky pepper. Capers. Red grape (wine) vinegar. Pepper white. Ground black pepper. Scales (flakes) of red pepper. Apple cider vinegar.
Especially useful products
Neutral products
Jam and jelly from the acceptable fruit. Kosher pickles and marinades. Pickles (small vegetables) in sour or sweet marinade or ukropny vinegar. Relish (a sharp garnish from marinated vegetables of, as a rule, very small cut; it is usually offered instead of mustard to sausage in a roll). Salad gas station (from the acceptable ingredients, with the small content of fats).
To avoid
Ketchup. Mayonnaise. Juicy soy sauce.
Herbal teas (infusions)
Especially useful products
Aloe. Hawthorn. Valerian. Smooth elm. Ginseng. St. John's Wort. Green tea. Ginger. Burdock. Lucerne. Fenugreek hay. Thistle spotty. Camomile. Ekhinatsey. Dogrose berries.
Neutral products
Alzina. Elder. Verbena. Gidrastis ("the gold press", zheltokorenx Canadian). Gentian. Cassia (Senna's leaf). Bark of a white oak. Feltwort. Linden. Wild strawberry leaves. Raspberry leaves. Coltsfoot. Peppermint. Dandelion. Shepherd's bag. Parsley. Kidneys of a silver birch. Sarsaparil. Solodkovy (lakrichny) root. Thyme (thyme). Mulberry berries. Yarrow. Hop. Sage. Shandra. Shlemnik.
To avoid
Cayenne pepper. Kotovnik cat's. Red clover (meadow). Kukruzny "silk" (rylets). Rhubarb. Sorrel curly.
Other drinks
Especially useful products
Green tea. Coffee dekofeinizirovanny ("dekaf") and standard. Red wine.
Neutral products
White wine.
To avoid
The drinks containing the overtaken ethyl alcohol. Beer. Seltzer water. Soda Coca and soda drinks. Tea black ("dekaf" and standard).

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