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Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis?

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? Gastritis is a disease at which the mucous membrane of a stomach is surprised. The illness has infectious character and is caused by Helicobacter pylori bacterium. However other factors can promote development of a disease also: frequent stresses, medicamentous therapy, unbalanced food. The diet at gastritis is of very great importance in treatment of a disease. The food has to be simple, house.

One of the most important conditions for successful therapy — correction of a diet of the patient. The person who constantly uses products which irritate mucous can't recover and stimulate growth of bacteria Helikobakter. The food, on the contrary, has to envelop stomach walls, protecting them from excess amount of the acid which is in gastric juice. Today we will make recommendations about drawing up a healthy diet.

Diet at gastritis: general principles of food

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? Food at gastritis of a stomach has to be full and include all components demanded to an organism. The healthy balanced nutrition will allow to reduce manifestation of symptoms of a disease and to reach the fastest recovery. On the other hand, if without attention to treat what and how to eat, the illness can become chronic and develop into stomach ulcer.

The diet at gastritis can be basic and low-calorie. Recipes low-calorie food use when at the patient the aggravation of manifestations of an illness is observed. The fast dietary food is necessary for the patient about a week until the symptomatology smoothes out.

Allocate two types of gastritis: with the increased acidity (giperatsidny) and the lowered acidity (gipoatsidny). Recipes for patients with gastritis of two types differ a little. However there are general recommendations concerning food at treatment of a disease.

  1. Not to eat hot or cold food which can irritate inflamed mucous a stomach. The food has to be warm, in the range from 20 to 50 ° C.
  2. It is necessary to eat fractionally, every 2-3 hour, thus it is better to eat food according to the schedule. Portions have to be small. It will allow to facilitate work of a gastrointestinal tract.
  3. The best food – house. It is necessary to refuse fast food and semi-finished products.

What it is possible to eat at gastritis with the increased acidity?

At this type of a disease at the patient the gastric secret becomes sourer and injures a mucous membrane. The first week after an aggravation it is necessary to feed on fast unsalted food on water and to drink much. Recipes shouldn't include fats, products of an animal origin, fresh vegetables and fruit. Only the porridges and cream soups cooked on water are allowed. After weakening of symptoms about a week later or one and a half it is possible to enter other products.

The food at giperatsidny gastritis has to be fast. It is impossible to eat dishes on the basis of fat broths. It is better to avoid spicy, hot dishes as it in addition stimulates secretion of gastric juice.

The menu at gastritis with the increased acidity:

  1. Soups. Patients are recommended to eat daily the vegetable cream soups prepared on water and without zazharka.
  2. The second is recommended to be cooked, extinguished or steamed. Fast porridges will become the best garnishes. It is useful to eat stewed vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beet, vegetable marrows, eggplants.
  3. Salads. It is necessary to use salads from boiled vegetables. Vegetable oil will be suitable for gas station.
  4. Fruit. A small amount of not sour fresh fruit and berries is authorized. It is possible to eat unlimited number of baked fruit.
  5. For drink it is best of all to choose herbal teas, compotes and kissels from not sour fruit.
  6. From pastries it is possible the bread dried in an oven or unsweetened crackers.
  7. Honey is recommended to be eaten both for treatment of an illness and relief of symptoms, and as sugar substitute.

What it is impossible to eat at gastritis with the increased acidity?

It is necessary to exclude products which stimulate production of a gastric secret, damage mucous or badly are digested.

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? Fresh vegetables and fruit belong to such products, in particular. Cellulose which contains in them, on the one hand improves digestion, but thus mechanically damages mucous, worsening a condition of the patient. For this reason it is necessary to limit their quantity.

To products which increase acidity of a gastric secret and irritate inflamed mucous, all sour-milk production belongs.

It is forbidden at gastritis the food fried or baked with a crust. The food has to be a uniform consistence.

What food isn't recommended?

  1. Fat grades of meat and fish, fat, liver.
  2. Smoked products, sausages.
  3. Canned food from fish and meat.
  4. Some fruit: citrus, kiwi, grapes, melon.
  5. Fresh vegetables, garlic, onions.
  6. Sweets: chocolate, ice cream.
  7. Nuts: cashew, almonds, filbert, peanut
  8. Some porridges: pearl barley, millet, corn, bean.
  9. Pelmeni, vareniki, vermicelli.

What food is useful at gastritis with the lowered acidity?

At this type of a disease contains in a gastric secret insufficiently hydrochloric acid. Thus the acidity indicator in a stomach doesn't meet physiological standard, and digestive enzymes can't fully carry out the function. Digestion of food thus is complicated and takes longer time. The diet thus has to include products which stimulate secretion of hydrochloric acid.

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? At gipoatsidny gastritis it is necessary to follow the general rules of food described above. But there are also some differences. The main difference of a diet that to the patient is recommended to use a few sour products. It will help to make Wednesday in a stomach of sourer, will facilitate work of enzymes and digestion of food.

The menu at gastritis with the increased acidity can include:

  1. Sour fruit and berries including there are some citrus.
  2. Sauerkraut, tomatoes and cucumbers – in small amounts.
  3. The fresh crushed vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots.
  4. As drink juice and compotes and sour still mineral water will approach.

To facilitate digestion of food, it is necessary to chew carefully food or to use food of a uniform consistence: porridges, shabby soups, vegetable purees.

Exacerbation of gastritis. What dishes it is possible?

Chronic gastritis is characterized by emergence of periodic aggravations. Thus the patient has characteristic signs: sharp spasmodic pain, digestion violation (lock or diarrhea), nausea and vomiting. In hard cases internal bleeding can open.

At an exacerbation of a disease put the first or two it is better not to feed on anything. Thus plentiful drink is shown to the patient. Then gradually enter food into a diet, it is necessary to eat in the small portions. The food has to be digested, be easily low-calorie and warm.

Recipes for patients with a sharp form of a disease:

  1. The vegetable wiped cream soups on water. Vegetables which can be used: cabbage, potatoes, carrots, vegetable marrows.
  2. The crushed fast porridges: buckwheat, rice, porridge.
  3. It is possible to drink weak grass broths without sugar or milk.

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis?


Traditional medicine doesn't recommend to eat products of an animal origin in the period of an exacerbation of a disease. However the traditional medicine allows to give to such patients steam fast meat cutlets (cinnamon, rabbit flesh, veal) or low-fat fish without bones, boiled soft-boiled eggs, omelets without crust, sugar or salt. Boiled milk at gastritis can be added to porridges in a week after an aggravation.

It is necessary to adhere to such diet week, won't pass aggravation symptoms yet. Then the patient has to continue to apply to food recipes, according to the main diet.

What fruit and vegetables are resolved at gastritis?

Fruit and vegetables – very important part of the menu of the patient with gastritis as they are almost only source of vitamins necessary for an organism. Because of gastritis recipes of the patient significantly become simpler, many products are forbidden. Therefore it is important to watch that the person received in him enough fruit and vegetables, as the main source of vitamins.

Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? At the same time, many fruit is a sour product which renders an irritant action on mucous and only strengthens symptomatology of the patient. Fresh vegetables, in particular, the cabbage is a rough cellulose which also mechanically irritates stomach walls. Sauerkraut which is considered very useful, is a sour product which can strengthen illness symptomatology.

So what fruit it is possible and what – aren't recommended to be eaten?

It is impossible at gastritis a citrus, peaches, grapes, a melon, cherries, sour berries. All other fruit in small amounts will be useful.


Bananas at gastritis are very useful. This fruit can be an important power source for patients who can't load a stomach with harmful products. Cellulose of this fruit gives to the person feeling of a saturation, and he doesn't hunger because of reduction of a diet.

Bananas at gastritis with the increased acidity as they contain a lot of potassium are useful. This mineral is capable to neutralize surplus of hydrochloric acid in a gastric secret. For the same reason it isn't recommended to use many bananas at gipoatsiodny gastritis.

What apples are useful?

Baked apples are useful at any form of gastritis in unlimited number. Fresh apples can be used in the wiped look. It is possible to add honey. At giperatsiodny gastritis only sweet grades of this fruit are resolved, and at gipoatsidny – sweet and sweet-sour.

What is possible?

It is possible to eat a water-melon, pears, strawberry, raspberry and other sweet and sweet-sour fruit at gastritis, and also to prepare from them juice and compotes. It is useful to eat also boiled thoroughly fruit from compote. They lose part of the vitamins, but keep useful mineral components. Besides it is a source of the cellulose improving digestion. From fresh fruit it is better to cook fruit purees. To taste it is possible to add honey to them.


Diet at stomach gastritis. How to eat at gastritis? It is necessary to eat vegetables boiled, stewed or in the form of cream soups. Cabbage and potato juice – an integral part of therapy. It needs to be drunk twice a day before food.

Many ask, whether is useful at gastritis fresh and sauerkraut. The fresh chopped cabbage at this disease is harmful as it mechanically irritates inflamed mucous, strengthens pain. It is useful at gastritis stewed fresh and sauerkraut which improves a motility of intestines and enriches an organism with minerals: iodine, potassium, magnesium and sulfur. Sauerkraut is useful at gipoatsidny gastritis in small amounts. It contains many pectins which have anti-inflammatory effect on stomach walls.

Products of an animal origin at gastritis

Nonconventional traditional medicine doesn't advise to eat products of an animal origin at this disease. However the diet recommended by traditional medicine at gastritis contains meat, fish dishes, milk and products on its basis.

Low-fat meat and fish is used for preparation of steam cutlets for patients with giperatsidny gastritis. It is possible to use chicken or rabbit broth for preparation of porridges and soups.

At gipoatsidny gastritis recipes can include also rich broths. They can be applied to preparation of soups, porridges, vermicelli. Such broths stimulate secretion of hydrochloric acid and facilitate digestion of food.

Many are interested, whether it is possible to drink kefir at gastritis? Sour sour cream, yogurt, koumiss, kefir at gastritis with the increased acidity aren't recommended. The use of casseroles without crust from not sour cottage cheese is allowed. Milk at gastritis can be added to cocoa.

The traditional medicine allows and even advises to use fermented milk products: yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, koumiss, kefir at gastritis with the lowered acidity. Milk at gipoatsidny gastritis should be replaced with fermented milk products.

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