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Diet at the milkwoman

The diet at the milkwoman in total with medical ointments and tablets will help to accelerate recovery and will prevent possible recurrence. Thanks to healthy nutrition work of intestines will be adjusted, and fungi won't be able to breed so intensively any more.

What it is possible to eat at the milkwoman?

What products should give preference in time and after treatment of the milkwoman? The food allowance of the patient has to include surely:

  • Fresh and stewed vegetables, fish, bean and grain crops, fowl, not really sweet fruit (for example, apples of green color and plum).

  • Lemons and cowberry as these berries interfere with active reproduction of fungi in an organism.

  • Various spices, for example, the cinnamon, bay leaf, garlic, a carnation promoting decrease in number of Candide.

  • Beet, cucumbers, carrots, Brussels sprout, broccoli, parsley and fennel – the fungus simply doesn't take out them.

  • Camomile, plantain, lucerne, marjoram, leaves of a train, berry of blackcurrant and mountain ash, clover which are ready in the form of teas. They are useful on any of candidiasis stages.

  • Natural yogurts, seafood, boiled liver, eggs, bread of a rough grinding, pumpkin sunflower seeds, sesame, linseed and olive oil.

  • Sea cabbage and carrot juice as they create the adverse environment for reproduction of fungi.

Nutritionists recommend

Diet at the milkwoman

Besides use of the products provided by a diet it is also desirable to adhere to the principle of their joint or separate use that will even quicker allow to adjust work of a digestive tract and will accelerate recovery. Concerning a possible combination of products nutritionists make the following recommendations:

  • With carbohydrates it is desirable to use crude or fresh vegetables, as well as with meat as carbohydrates aren't absolutely compatible to meat food.

  • Using simple carbohydrates, and these are all confectionery, white loaf, potatoes - we simply supply our organism with sugar on which Candida and grows. Difficult carbohydrates (grain, fruit, nuts, bean, berries) are acquired not so quickly as simple and don't cause sharp raising of sugar in blood. Sugar very much loves Candida fungus, breeding at its presence is even faster.

  • In day it is necessary to drink from 1,5 to 2 liters of water. However water has to be used not during food, and in 15-20 minutes prior to or in 1 hour after meal.

It is necessary to adhere to the principle of a similar diet at least during treatment and 2-3 more weeks after its termination. Its observance can seem difficult business but if to make over itself small effort, fast treatment of an illness will be result. Don't use constantly same food, try to diversify the diet.  

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What it is impossible to eat at the milkwoman?

That treatment took place more quickly and successfully, from a food allowance for a while it is necessary to clean such products, as:

  • Alcohol, including wine, beer, kvass, sweet drinks with gas, tea and coffee as they contain the yeast and sugar promoting Candide's reproduction.

  • You shouldn't use ice cream, chocolate and all sweet production for the same reason.

  • Vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce. They increase acidity of an organism, than promote progressing of a disease.

  • Also smoked products, fat, fried and marinated dishes, canned food, sweet fruit, fast food, semi-finished products are undesirable. Especially as in the most part of such products there are no substances, useful to your organism, but high content of the "hidden" sugars.

  • Cheese "with a mould" is also not recommended to be used during treatment of candidiasis.

That your organism was always healthy, and it didn't need to struggle constantly with various diseases, limit further, and better in general exclude the most part of the listed above products from the diet.

You watch the list of the best house means from the milkwoman here

Good support to immune system will be given also by infusions from a sage, a camomile, a calendula, a plantain, an eucalyptus which should be spent on drink courses from time to time. When on counters of shops there is no big variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, polyvitaminic preparations can become useful addition to healthy nutrition. We wish you to be healthy always!

Author of article: The dietitian, Kuzmina Vera Valeryevna, especially for the site