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Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

The diet marrow suits those people who wish to get rid of excess weight without hunger strikes and monotonous food. In article this way of weight loss is in detail described. We wish you success in fight for symmetry! Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

General information

About that the diet marrow represents, we will tell a little later. For now let's consider advantage of this culture. The vegetable marrow contains vitamins C, B1 and B3, iron, potassium other substances bringing us benefit. Dishes from it are recommended to be used that who suffers from obesity, cellulitis, gastrointestinal tract diseases and so on.

Rules of a marrow diet and recommendation

  • Use only dark green fruits. They can be baked, prepared in a double boiler and on a grill. But only not to fry.
  • At preparation of dishes it isn't necessary to delete a peel from a vegetable marrow. After all in it there is a maximum of vitamins and microcells.
  • Add other vegetables and fruit to the menu.
  • At your diet there have to be proteinaceous products. Choose fowl and low-fat fish.
  • Exclude such products as bread, sugar, pastries, smoked products, a pickles and sweets.
  • Observe the drinking mode – 1,5-2 l per day.


This system of weight loss doesn't resemble:

  1. To teenagers in the maturing period.
  2. To pregnant women and the feeding women.
  3. To people with chronic diseases of kidneys and an urinary system.


For breakfast we do a vegetable marrow casserole. A serving size – 250 g. We wash down with any liquid.

During the lunchtime on a table have to be: plate of vegetable soup, 150 g of boiled chicken and carrot juice.

For dinner we steam marrow fritters. We eat 3-4 pieces. It is possible to drink a glass of yogurt which fat content is in limits of 0,5-2%.


The breakfast will consist of vegetable marrows (2-3 circles) with a stuffing from cheese and a glass of broth of a dogrose.

During the lunchtime we eat a low-fat small fish with a garnish (only 250-300 g). We wash down with the cleared water.

For dinner we will have a vegetable marrow, stewed with champignons. A portion – 200 g. Also we drink 1% - ny kefir.


For breakfast we use vegetable salad (without potato). We drink dogrose broth.

During the lunchtime we cook mushroom soup with addition of slices of a vegetable marrow. The recommended serving size – 250 g. We drink any liquid.

For dinner at us a tasty and useful dish – the beef stake (200 g) prepared on a grill, and also boiled haricot (100 g). From drinks vegetable juice is allowed.


For breakfast we prepare a useful omelet with vegetable marrow slices. We drink orange juice.

During the lunchtime we eat a 150-gram portion of vegetable stew and 100 g of boiled chicken. We drink carrot juice.

The dinner will include vegetable salad (200 g) and a glass of 1% - a kefir foot.


For breakfast we eat vegetable marrows, stewed with onions. A portion – 250 g. From drinks low-fat yogurt is allowed.

During the lunchtime on a table have to be: fish on couple (150 g) and the broccoli baked with a vegetable marrow (150 g). We drink any juice.

For dinner we eat a plateau of vegetable soup. An hour later we drink a glass of water.


We do fruit salad, using a kiwi, apple, a pear and banana. There we add some slices of a vegetable marrow. We fill with low-fat yogurt. The portion shouldn't be more than 250 g. We choose green tea from drinks.

For lunch we will have a boiled chicken (150 g) and the baked vegetable marrow (150 g). We drink orange juice.

For dinner we eat a 150-gram portion of boiled rice. We wash down with green tea.


For breakfast the marrow fritters steamed or on a grill perfectly will approach. We drink orange juice.

The lunch will consist of the beef (150 g) baked in an oven, and also a garnish (150). It is best of all to boil rice or lentil. We choose 1% from drinks - ny kefir.

Dinner: vegetable salad + dogrose broth.

We do two approaches for 7 days. The marrow diet is how effective? 14 kg in 2 weeks are the maximum result on which you can count. Everything will depend on initial weight. The person is more stout, the more he will grow thin. Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

Short-term option

It is necessary to grow thin a little to an important event, having cleaned 2-3 cm a waist? You don't want to starve and drink laxative? Then you will suit a marrow diet for 3 days. The menu is given below.

Option No. 1

Breakfast: we prepare vegetable marrows (300 g), stewed with vegetables (200 g). We wash down with a glass of green tea.

The second breakfast includes: one apple (unsweetened) + orange juice.

During the lunchtime we bake a vegetable marrow (300 g), we boil chicken fillet (200 g). It is in addition possible to eat one fruit of a kiwi. From drinks we recommend green tea. Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

During a mid-morning snack we do cabbage and carrot salad (150 g). Again we bake a vegetable marrow (250 g). We drink apple juice.

For dinner we eat 100 g of prunes. We wash down with green tea.

Option No. 2

For breakfast we cut apple and cabbage salad (150 g). We have green tea.

The second breakfast will consist of the baked vegetable marrow (300 g) and two fruits of tangerine.

During the lunchtime we prepare a vegetable marrow (200 g), stewed with low-fat fish (200 g). We eat one kiwi. Their drinks green tea is admissible.

For a mid-morning snack we use one apple and 100 g of raisin. We drink orange juice.

For dinner there will be again vegetable marrows (300 g), stewed with vegetables (150 g). We wash down with green tea.

So, we listed dishes and products which are allowed by a marrow diet for 3 days. Results of such short-term weight loss, judging by responses, will be quite good. Weight will be lost on 1-3 kg. The waist will decrease by couple of centimeters.


The diet marrow can quickly bother. That it didn't occur, it is necessary to bring a variety a diet. Recipes are given below. They can be included in the menu of a marrow diet. Distribute these dishes on days of the week. Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

Vegetable marrow, stewed with vegetables

Necessary ingredients:

  • on 1 tablespoon of flour and the refined oil;
  • fresh greens;
  • two tomatoes;
  • small vegetable marrow (200-300 g);
  • flour – will be enough 1 tablespoon;
  • carrots and onions – on 1 piece;
  • spices;
  • one sweet pepper.

Practical part:

  1. We wash out a vegetable marrow. We slice its small, without rinding.
  2. Pepper, bulb and carrot should be chopped straws. We send them to a frying pan. We fry, using oil.
  3. In a pan we place the crushed vegetable marrow. There we put the fried vegetables. We pour in 250 ml of water. We extinguish, having closed a kastryulka a cover. This process will take 5-7 minutes.
  4. Tomatoes should be scalded boiled water. It will allow to husk quickly with them. We crush pulp.
  5. On a dry frying pan we fry flour. As soon as it gets a light yellow shade, we pour in 2 tablespoons of water. We add tomato pulp. We salt. We strew with spices. We spread the received weight in a pan to vegetables. We wait for the beginning of boiling. We disconnect fire. We close a cover. Let the dish will be drawn 8-10 minutes.

Vegetable soup

We take a vegetable marrow (200 g), sweet pepper, one carrot and a celery. We crush all this cubes. We place in a pan with water. We cook to readiness. We decorate vegetable soup with a branch of a basil or parsley. We salt on a minimum.


We cut a vegetable marrow (250 g), sweet pepper and a cucumber in cubes. We spread in a bowl. We do sauce, having taken on 1 tablespoon of yogurt, cottage cheese and chopped parsley. We fill with it salad. It turns out very tasty and it is useful. Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

Marrow fritters on couple

For a start we beat egg white. The vegetable marrow (200 g) together with a peel is grated, we merge juice. What's next? We connect protein and marrow weight. We add 1 tablespoon of flour. We form fritters. In the capacity of a double boiler we pour in a half of a glass of water. We cover a bowl with vegetable oil. We put fritters. As soon as water starts boiling, we mark 1 minute.

Responses of doctors and the growing thin people

The diet kabachkovayazasluzhit approval of many experts. It is possible to distinguish easy shipping, a various diet, lack of hunger and the minimum financial expenses from its advantages. Diet marrow: menu, results, responses

What do those who on it sat think of a diet? Most of people leave positive responses. They remained are happy with both the offered menu, and the received result. As for negative responses, their quantity is insignificant a little. Authors of similar comments usually are people who didn't manage to dump any kilogram. It isn't excluded that they simply didn't observe a diet fully.

In summary

We told that the marrow diet represents. 14 kg in 2 weeks are quite real result. That to achieve it, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the instructions placed in article. Also don't forget about moderate physical activities.