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Dietary dishes at gastritis: the best recipes

To use dietary dishes at gastritis – an important condition of treatment of a disease or reduction of manifestation of its symptomatology. Irrespective of a form of gastritis, the patient has to observe to five - or a six times diet. The food needs to be used in the small portions and to wash down with water.

Dietary dishes at gastritis: the best recipes

General information about food at a disease

Correctly picked up and balanced food at gastritis normalizes acidity level in a stomach, without rendering on an internal cover of this body negative mechanical or chemical impact. Unlike a popular belief, the dietary menu at gastritis not simply can, it has to be tasty. After all quite often at this disease people feel nausea, and the food has to be really appetizing not to cause disgust in the person.

Principle of preparation of dishes

There are three basic rules which need to be considered by drawing up the suitable menu and preparation of healthy food for the patient with gastritis of the person.

  • Chemical requirements. In a diet of the patient there shouldn't be dishes and products which can aggressively influence the digestive environment. In detail it is possible to study the list of the forbidden products below.
  • Mechanical requirements. At gastritis recipes shouldn't have the high content of rough fibrous cellulose. It is, for example, in a garden radish and a swede. And particles of food have to be soft.
  • Thermal requirements. Under any pretext it is impossible to consume in food will lead hot and very cold dishes as it is guaranteed to irritation or even an inflammation of a cover mucous a digestive tract. Average temperature has to be in limits of 20-50 degrees.
Some products can be transformed to soft mashed potatoes by means of the blender that does them admissible to the use at a disease of gastritis. If the product too firm, fibrous, sinewy or has rough structure which is difficult for changing or transforming – better to refuse it.

The list of the resolved products at gastritis

Add the digestible products with zhelchegonny action stimulating sekretorny glands to food. The menu has to be various, and food – delicious smelling and in bright color scale to cause the strengthened release of gastric acid prior to the beginning of a meal. It is better if temperature of the used food is neutral (at the level with room temperature).

The diet at gastritis of a stomach has to include:

  • the fine-grained or processed grain, high-quality pasta;
  • natural yogurts, ferments, kefir, unsalted firm cheese, curdled milk, cheese baked puddings;
  • the eggs cooked soft-boiled, the omelets (prepared by means of a double boiler), yolks of house eggs;
  • tasty meat and fish dishes without fat, and also in the form of quenelles or schnitzels to make food particles extremely small;
  • potatoes (but not fried);
  • the boiled vegetables passed through a grater for additional mitigation and crushing – a cauliflower, beet, pumpkin, an asparagus, carrots;
  • fruit, fruit juice.

Along with useful products, exist and forbidden. Carry fancy bread and recently prepared pastries, a garden radish, onions, garlic, a sorrel to them, and also:

Read also:

  • tinned tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage, marinades;
  • spices, ketchup, mayonnaise, hot sauce;
  • chocolate products;
  • wine, vodka, cognac, beer (smoking is also forbidden).

Drawing up a diet for every day: list of recipes

The day menu for the person having gastritis looks as follows:

  • Breakfast 1: porridge from whole porridge or an omelet, a small loaf with firm cheese, a glass of carrot juice (tea or coffee too it is possible).
  • Breakfast 2: yogurt (it is desirable, prepared independently by means of natural ferment).
  • Lunch: Mushroom cream soup, chicken fillet or low-fat beef quenelles with mashed potatoes, boiled beet cubes, jelly, a fruit drink (at will).
  • With recipes for a dinner at gastritis it is necessary to be careful – it is impossible to tire a stomach of days in the evening. The low-fat fish steamed or in an oven, brown rice (it is possible also white), stewed vegetables, tea is recommended. Shortly before a dream it is recommended to drink 0,3–0,5 liters of kefir.
It is important to remember! Observing these principles of food, at the patient enough will pass unpleasant symptoms of gastritis soon. And as a result the list of admissible products and dishes will significantly extend.

Children's gastritis: features of the menu

Dietary recipes at gastritis at children have the specific features as the growing-up organism needs to receive enough vitamins, microcells, protein for growth of muscles and all organism. Therefore, the percent of low-fat meat and fish in the children's menu needs to be increased. The main ways the same preparations – cooking, baking, steam processing. Exceptions concern only crude vegetable and fruit fruits – for children with the diagnosis "gastritis" they are forbidden. If it is difficult to child to cope with food slices, and he isn't able to chew qualitatively them, best of all to pass products via the meat grinder, the blender, the coffee grinder or a grater.

Councils for every day

Recipes of dietary dishes at gastritis can be universal, that is approach in both cases irrespective of, acidity of a stomach is raised or lowered at you. Moreover, they can be tasty, nourishing and useful. We will consider a little from them.

Lazy cottage cheese dumplings

It is required to you: 150 grams of not sour cottage cheese, tablespoon of wheat flour, 1 egg, 1,5 h. l. sugar. Pass cottage cheese through a sieve and add to it the remained products. Mix all products to a condition of homogeneous mass and give to dough the oblong form, round in section and with a diameter of 4-6 centimeters (approximately).

Cut the turned-out "sausage" on a diagonal on small slices and boil them in the boiling water of 3-4 minutes to readiness. Get them in a plate, add a small amount of low-fat sour cream.


The universal and simple recipe for every day. It is required: 1 beet, 1 carrot, 2 potatoes, bank of tinned peas, fennel. Boil and crush vegetables – beet, carrot and potatoes. Small cut greens. Mix all ingredients, including peas, fill salad with a small amount of salt and vegetable oil.

Cauliflower cream soup

For preparation it is necessary to have such products: one cauliflower, 1 hens. egg, 1 tablespoon of wheat flour, 0,25 l of milk, 2–3 teaspoons of sour cream, 0,25 l of water.

  • Divide a cauliflower into separate parts, wash them under flowing water and weld.
  • Pour out flour on previously heated frying pan and add broth which remained with you after cooking of cabbage.
  • The prepared cabbage is wiped through a sieve and crushed by the blender to a condition of gruel.
  • In total substance pour boiled milk and add a small amount of sugar to taste (1–2 teaspoons).
  • Bring the future cream soup to boiling and fasten fire.
  • Mix egg with sour cream of low fat content and stir slowly, maintaining a dish on slow fire.
  • Before giving of soup it has to cool down not to make negative impact on a mucous membrane of a digestive tract.

The list of dishes at gastritis can be expanded at discretion. The presented menu suits patients with gastritis both with raised, and with the lowered acidity of a stomach. Moreover, it is useful to use them also to healthy people as they are tasty and improve the general state of health.