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Dietary food for children: recipes and recommendations

Dietary food for children: recipes and recommendations Children are put more often on a diet not for the purpose of weight loss, and for prevention or treatment the gastroenterologicheskikh of diseases. Though obesity at children's age too takes place to be. We will tell what dietary food for children, recipes of some dishes and their advantage for kids happens.



Why children grow stout


If the child for the age weighs more norm, and this tendency remains for half a year, it is possible to speak about the begun process of obesity. The reasons for that can be a little:


  • wrong diet (suppers, lack of a breakfast, etc.);
  • uncontrolled consumption of sweets, and also is a lot of fried and fat in a diet;
  • frequentation of fast food;
  • stresses which quite often tempt appetite.


The main dietary courses for children


As soon as you noticed that the child started gaining quickly weight, it is necessary to change right there its diet, having stopped on dietary food. We will consider some simple and useful recipes which any child won't refuse.



Gentle chicken teftelk


400 g of chicken breast;
100 g of round rice;
medium-sized bulb;
crude egg;
1 tablespoons of sour cream;
salt sea.


Preparation: the breast is passed via the meat grinder, all products are added there. We salt to taste and we mold round meatballs. To steam.



Fish pudig


Children who love fish, will like this dish. Ingredients:


750 g of fillet of any low-fat fish;
3 medium-sized tomatoes;
3 eggs;
2 tablespoons of olive oil;
sea salt.
We cut slices fish and we extinguish in a high frying pan. At this time we husk with tomatoes and it is small cut. We add tomato pulp to fish, we fill in with the shaken-up eggs, we salt. Then we pour out everything in the crock-pot and we put on the pudding mode.


Dietary food for children: recipes and recommendations


Haricot soup


Not to do without the first in dietary food of children. Therefore it is possible to prepare bean soup.
1 Art. of white beans;
2 small carrots;
2 stalks of a celery;
medium-sized bulb;
2 tablespoons are swept away;
glass of vegetable or chicken broth;
2 tablespoons of olive oil;
jar of tinned cherry tomatoes;
sea salt.


We cut all vegetables, we fry them on butter. There we add all other ingredients, except broth, and we extinguish 2 minutes. Now we move everything to the crock-pot, we fill in with broth and we put on the soup mode. The dish has to prepare under pressure. To serve soup with sour cream and greens.



Dessert dietary recipes for children


All above-mentioned dishes can be prepared for children not only at their excess weight but also if the child has stomach diseases. But except soups and second courses, the kid wants something tasty. We won't buy harmful candies and pies, after all our task to provide dietary food for children. Recipes of house sweets are very simple, and they turn out useful and tasty.



Warm cottage cheese


2 bananas;
bank of tinned oranges or tangerines;
200 g of skim cheese.


We cut bananas ringlets, we mix with tinned fruit (juice too we use). We put weight on slow fire and we wait until all water boils away. It is possible to add vanillin or cinnamon to taste. We cool fruit, we mix with cottage cheese and we give in ice-cream bowls. It is possible to decorate a dish with segments of tangerine or banana. Caloric contents in such cottage cheese at least, but it very nourishing at the expense of bananas.


Dietary food for children: recipes and recommendations


Dietary cakes without pastries


glass of oat flakes;
almonds handful;
1 banana;
1 carrot;
half of lemon;
1 tsps of liquid honey.


We crush banana and almonds in the blender. We grate carrots on a small grater and we mix with the first weight. Here we add oat flakes, honey and juice of a half of a lemon. We fill with mix small molds, and we put them in the freezer. In 2 hours we move cakes to the refrigerator for an hour. We give to children to tea.



Attention! You watch that in the prepared dishes there were no ingredients on which the child can have an allergy. Otherwise replace them or use other recipe, it is possible to pick up, for example, one of original salads for children.



Consultation of the expert


Before appointing to the child dietary food, consult with the doctor. After all that to the kid to lose weight or to cure gastroenterologichesky a disease, it isn't enough only one change of a diet. The doctor can appoint drugs or a course of procedures, and also to recommend the recipes of food.