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Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Keeping the rigid diet often limit themselves in food. Refuse favourite food, exhaust themselves with exercises. But the exception of a diet of a set of products threatens with serious problems with health.

Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Dietary products the list for weight loss

The list of dietary goods will be pleasant to any. It is rather wide to diversify the diet. The diet will cease to seem the rigid mode bringing sufferings.

The products burning fats

More precisely they help an organism to grow thin quicker. Look narrowly at people who live in places of cultivation of these products. They harmonous, thin. It speaks for itself. Besides they tasty also lighten mood due to bright color.

  • Grapefruit;
  • Pineapple;
  • Hot spices;
  • Ginger.

The acids containing here accelerate process of a metabolism. Result — an organism it is accelerated removes slags, it is cleared. Therefore it is easier to grow thin. These products contain not enough sugar. It is possible to add them to a diet slightly in bigger quantity. But be not overzealous.

Important! To use products from this list it is problematic at whom a problem with a stomach.

Eat products fresh. For example, put a ginger root in tea and main courses. If it seems very ardent, add honey.

Products the containing minimum of calories

It is the huge list. It is possible to list it infinitely. Therefore here we will give the most main products which are easy for finding in shop.

  • Vegetables and fruit. If there is the kitchen garden or giving, summer — it is a high time to shape up. Beet, cabbage, salad, cucumbers and tomatoes are considered as the most low-calorie. Eat apples, pears. The water-melon brings water out of an organism, clearing it.
Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Water-melon to bring water out of an organism

  • Fish. You for certain heard about the Omega-3. It literally in the eyes helps to get rid of fatty deposits. It is optional to buy expensive preparations. Buying, for example, a tuna, a salmon, a herring, you will provide receipt of this element in an organism. These are useful fats. They are included surely in a diet by nutritionists.

But! Remember products which add weight — potato, grapes and bananas. They often lie on shelves and are almost at all families the main components of a dish.

  • Porridge. But not that that is prepared on fat milk, with sugar. Not that that in instant bags. The most effective recipe — to make boiled water and on an empty stomach to eat.
  • Kislomolochka. It is necessary to take a product without sugar, fragrances. Don't react to advertizing where promise a product with unique properties and unique taste. Usual kefir, curdled milk, yogurt — here your assistants.

It is necessary to eat so that to feel saturation. Don't overeat. Use not less than 2 pure liters per day. If you feel weight after a feast — went too far. It will only slow down weight loss process. Eat more often, but it is less.


They tasty, useful also reduce appetite. The main thing — to continue to eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is impossible to exclude even one point. Girls I believe that having cleaned, for example, fats from a diet, they excess weight is quickly sent. This delusion.

Proteins tighten a body when fat leaves. Having had supper the food rich with protein, the feeling of saturation will remain more long.

So, where to look for protein:

  • Cottage cheese fat content of 0-1%;
  • Fowl;
  • Eggs;
  • Nuts;
  • Fish;
  • Eggs.
Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Proteins tighten a body

These products satisfy hunger, provide construction material to an organism. The last is especially important. Kilograms leave, skin starts hanging down. Therefore obligatory to eat protein, it will tighten a body.

Important! Refuse habitual food, a combination of difficult carbohydrates to protein. So us accustomed to eat since the childhood. Cheese with bread, macaroni with cutlets. These are the difficult dishes which are slowing down exchange processes. Your option for a beautiful figure, for example — meat and vegetables.


These products are perfectly combined with proteins. They satisfy hunger and are useful in the general recipe. Thus are low-calorie. Even having eaten bigger quantity for time, won't do much harm to the general process to weight loss.


  • Citrus;
  • Pepper;
  • Broccoli;
  • Artichokes.

Notice! Such combination often occurs in the European movies. Meat with artichokes or broccoli with fish. In IKEA suggests to try their Swiss house specialty — quenelles with a cranberry. Try. Suddenly this your ideal flavoring combination.


These are various nuts and oils (olive, linen, sesame etc.). They contain useful fats which are necessary both for exchange processes, and for work of a brain. Only don't abuse. 30 grams a day enough. These are about 5 nuts. Surplus will play a dirty trick in the form of excess fatty deposits. Nuts will include the increased quantity of calories.

Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Nuts and oils contain useful fats

Replace usual vegetable oil with the olive. It is enough to fill salads and porridges. The olive helps skin to remain young at the expense of the content of vitamin E. It humidifies, protects from the sun, accelerates exchange processes.

Products which have to be in the dietary first-aid kit

The diet deprives of us elements, necessary for health. Reducing a diet, we lose vitamins. Therefore you aren't lazy and try to eat the following products. It is balance of moderate quantity of calories and the maximum quantity of useful substances:

  • Yogurt. Only the natural. Any fragrances, additives, amplifiers of taste. The natural contains phosphorus, selenium, vitamins of group B.
  • Seaweed. Vitamin E, iodine, potassium.
  • The bean. It is cellulose.
  • Garlic. Vitamin C, carotene.
  • Cinnamon. Aroma beats off it appetite, inspires and invigorates. It is included in expensive preparations for weight loss. Don't spend money. Add it as to food, and drinks. In the afternoon during a hunger attack couple of pinches and a glass of yogurt will rescue a diet.
  • Mushrooms. Are easily acquired and sate. But the portion has to be alenky. Are considered as heavy food.
  • Avocado. It is valuable the maintenance of a L-carnitine. It is appreciated by bodybuilders fat splitting. But don't rejoice so quickly. Avocado consists of monononsaturated fats which at the excessive use will strike on a figure.
  • Prunes. It is useful to a gastrointestinal tract. Accelerates process of a conclusion of harmful substances.
  • Pumpkin. Replace usual sunflower seeds with them. It will be unusual, but the result is worth it. They help an organism to get rid fats.
  • Green tea. All know its property to render the rejuvenating effect on a body. It calms and dulls appetite. Add a lemon, honey, mint.
  • Berries. It is natural substitute of sugar.
  • Buckwheat. Many diets on the basis of this product are known. It is considered one of the best elements clearing an organism. Slags leave, so, process of weight loss goes quicker.

We beat off thirst for the sweet

The excessive use of the sweet — a fold, adjournment on all body. More often full refusal leads to a depression. That, to that quietly lives without sugar, it is much less. Failure and a small chocolate lead to despair and as a result, to a set of several kilograms.

How to beat off draft and to continue a diet?

  • To eat honey (3 tsps), dried fruits, sweet fruit and berries in day.
  • To drink green tea with ginger.
  • The fruit candy, zephyr is allowed.
  • Chocolate from 70% the maintenance of cocoa.
  • To drink tea with cinnamon and vanilla. It is considered that their aroma beats off thirst for the sweet.
Dietary products: the list for weight loss

Instead of vanilla it is possible to add ginger and tea it will be even more useful

Arrange fasting days. As a product chocolate can serve even. For example, to steam bitter for one day.

The main thing — don't put a rigid framework if you feel failure. Small cake won't do much harm to a figure. Only if to eat desserts every day several times.

Eat fully. The provided lists of dietary products will make a full-fledged diet without damage to health.

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