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Effective diet "3 days kefir, 3 days apples"

The diet of alternation of apples and kefir, the most popular products for fast weight loss, yields stunning result. Scientists and nutritionists revealed that differentiation of these products is better for health of the person. This results from the fact that their joint use strongly stimulates an intestines vermicular movement. It leads to excessive diarrhea, up to developing of gripes in a stomach. Rational alternation of dietary products on a diet, on condition of a competent combination to others, renders that result which the growing thin want to achieve.

Diet technique "3 days apples, 3 days kefir"

Diet essence: alternation of days in which diet apples or kefir prevail.

The technique of a diet consists in so-called "deception" of the organism. The signal gets to a brain of the person at the subconscious level — that it is hungry. Growing thin takes kefir (300 ml) — the signal that it is necessary to eat vanishes. Respectively, the hydrochloric acid necessary for digestion isn't developed there are no other violations also. And calories which would be transformed to fat, don't arrive. These products "force down" the programs put in an organism. The conclusion — wanted to be eaten, eat fruit. Fruit dampens ardor, but weight doesn't grow.

Food is physiologic — products are useful. But if you can't eat only apples at all, the use of other dietary fruit, after all is allowed, 3 days in a row are identical products very difficult. "3 days fruit, 3 days kefir" — to call a weight loss diet strict it won't turn out, but it is also very effective. You can add to a plum diet, apricots, a water-melon, cherry, a kiwi, orange, grapefruit.

What products can be combined?

Effective diet

To improve mood of the weight loss staying on a three-day diet it is necessary to combine the use of dairy drink and fruit (depending on day of a diet) with the following products:

  • Chicken — is allowed only boiled or the chicken fillet steamed;
  • Rice (boiled, without spices);
  • Buckwheat (without mayonnaise, ketchup);
  • The cottage cheese and cheese (fat-free).

The approximate menu for weight loss

Effective diet

The menu of this diet will look as follows (a breakfast, the second breakfast, a lunch, a mid-morning snack, a dinner):

  • 5-6 apples and 200 g of skim cheese;
  • 2-3 apples;
  • 200 g of rice or buckwheat, 5-6 "simirenka";
  •  200 g of chicken, 2-3 fruit;
  • 5-6 fruit.

Thus the person eats the first three days. Then the cycle of "kefir" follows:

  •  300 ml of dairy product and 200 g of skim cheese;
  •  300 ml of dairy drink;
  • 200 g of rice or buckwheat, 300 ml of the dairy;
  •  200 g of chicken, 300 ml of milk drink;
  • 200 ml of kefir.

After that it is time to begin a cycle of "fruit". And such alternations by rules of a diet has to be not less than 5 for all course of weight loss.

Diet "3 days kefir, 3 days apples, 3 days chicken"

Effective diet

This kind of a diet provides to add to a food allowance 3 more days, at the heart of which — chicken meat. The food allowance is divided into 5 meals: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, mid-morning snack, dinner.

The cycle of "apples" will differ from the chicken meat given above by absence:

  •  5-6 apples, 100 g of rice with raisin and 200 g of skim cheese;
  •  2-3 fruit;
  • 200 g of rice or buckwheat with addition of dried apricots or prunes, 5-6 fruit;
  • 2-3 apples, 100 g of cottage cheese, are a little prunes;
  •  5-6 apples.

Further the cycle of "dairy product" in which also there is no chicken follows:

  • 300 ml of dairy product and 200 g of skim cheese, orange juice;
  • 300 ml of dairy product, 100 g of skim cheese;
  •  200 g of rice or buckwheat, 300 ml of kefir, skim cheese, orange juice;
  • 300 ml of dairy product, skim cheese;
  • 200 ml of milk kefir, orange juice.

But then the so-called cycle "chickens" follows. It is recommended to eat only boiled meat or steamed:

  • 200 g of meat and 1 fruit;
  • 100 g of skim cheese, 100 g of chicken;
  • 200 g of rice or buckwheat, 100 g of chicken;
  • 300 ml of kefir, 100 g of meat;
  • 200 ml of kefir.

The first meal has to be in the 7.00, second — 9.00. To arrange a lunch — at 12.00, a mid-morning snack at 16.00, a dinner at 18.00. The last meal on dietary food for weight loss falls on 18.00. It is forbidden to use food or juice later. By councils of nutritionists for weight loss it is allowed to drink the cleared water.

Advantage of a diet on apples and kefir

In principle, some people prefer to stay on the program of weight loss only 3 days — to complete a course of "Apples", on it to finish the program of weight loss. To be fair it should be noted that such approach is in certain cases also justified, for example, the person should dump 2-3 kg, but during the 3-ekh of days.

Only then the cycle of "apples" has to be more strict, it is necessary to exclude all other products — to use 5 times per day only fruit and to drink a lot of water. On one meal not less than 5-6 apples are recommended. It is much more difficult to take out such dietary food in the psychological plan.

Efficiency of a diet for weight loss:

This dietary food without belonging even to especially strict and rigid, but yields good results, but also, doesn't harm to an organism and doesn't break a metabolism. Nutritionists suggested it to improve as many persons interested can't grow thin to live meatless.

Observing a three-day kefiric or apple monodiet for weight loss it is necessary to accept a rate of vitamins. In dietary food some products which won't be able to provide an organism with all vitamin substances are included.

Results of a diet

Recognizing that to this program of weight loss many stars of domestic and foreign show business follow, it proved from the best party. Especially as the program of weight loss "3 days kefir, 3 days fruit" allows not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to bring all slags, toxins, harmful substances out of an organism that too it is important.

In a type of "physiology", the technique is recommended to be repeated several times a year, thus without causing damage to a metabolism. At frequent repetition of such diet, weight loss will be more effective former each time.

Photo results of a diet "3 days kefir, 3 days apples":

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