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English diet: menu and reviews of results

Hello, our dear readers! Mean alternation of proteinaceous and vegetable food by an English diet. This method of weight loss is one of the most effective – in 21 days it is possible to dump from 10 to 19 kg of excess weight. So, we will consider in more detail that the English diet – responses and results, and also rules, recommendations and the menu represents.

Principle of action

To reach positive result, it is necessary "to keep" to an English diet 21 days. Weight will start leaving due to the use of food with the low content of carbohydrates and fats. The abundance of cellulose promotes normalization of work of intestines and clarification of an organism from harmful substances.

According to responses, in 21 days of observance of an English diet, the organism gets used to changes in food therefore it is possible to keep the received achievements throughout a long time.

That it is necessary to know

First of all, it is necessary to know that the English diet responses about which confirm its efficiency, demands observance of all rules:
  • to adhere to a diet – to observe alternation of days;
  • to eat 4 times a day;
  • after 19.00 to refuse the use of food;
  • after morning awakening to drink a glass of water with a lemon;
  • in a day to drink about two liters of water;
  • it is impossible to change the menu;
  • to limit the salt use;
  • refusal of sugar, sweets, alcohol and aerated water;
  • for three weeks it is necessary to use polyvitamins.

English diet: menu and reviews of results

According to results on a photo and to responses of an English diet to keep effect, follows on the termination of a course (21 day later) to leave this diet gradually, in the next ten days it is recommended to use daily cottage cheese (250 g) and vegetables.

Repeated observance of such diet is allowed only three-four months later. Below the English diet results and the menu will be considered.


Three stages:

  1. dairy and grain (duration first two days);
  2. proteinaceous (1-2 days);
  3. vegetable (1-2 days).

After the 1st stage it is possible to start observing the second or third on a choice. Proteinaceous and vegetable stages should be alternated among themselves for 20 days.

English diet: menu and reviews of results

Approximate menu

The first two days — unloading (a dairy and grain diet)

  • after awakening: milk + bread slice;
  • in one couple of hours: glass of milk;
  • the lunch is similar to a breakfast;
  • evening: milk.

Also it is allowed to add one tomato or tomato juice to a diet.

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Proteinaceous stage (first day):

  • morning: coffee/tea + honey + black bread;
  • lunch: milk + honey or some pieces of nuts;
  • lunch break: meat/fish (no more than hundred grams) + black bread + meat broth (the combination in one reception of meat and fish is undesirable);
  • dinner: cheese slice (no more than fifty grams) + black bread + kefir.

Second day:

  • breakfast: ½ tablespoons of oil + bread + coffee with milk;
  • in one couple of hours: tablespoon of green peas + fish soup + bread;
  • lunch: tea + ½ h. l. honey;
  • dinner: 2 eggs.

Vegetable stage (first day):

  • after awakening: apple;
  • mid-morning snack: fruit (except grapes and bananas);
  • lunch: vegetable soup + vinaigrette (without potato);
  • dinner: salad (carrots + beet + cabbage) + tea.

Second day:

  • morning: two oranges;
  • in an hour: vegetable stew + rye bread + soup (without addition of potatoes);
  • lunch: kiwi/grapefruit/strawberry;
  • till 19.00: salad + tea + ½ h. l. honey.

Below the English diet responses the grown thin and their results will be considered.

English diet: menu and reviews of results


Galina Vladimirovna, 27, city of Voronezh

After the birth of the daughter I recovered on 20 kg. It was necessary to do something with an excess weight as it is inclined to completeness, and to wait until extra kilos leave, I didn't become. What technique of weight loss I chose, to sense wasn't – the arrow on scales remained still on 88 kg.

The acquaintance of the husband recommended an English diet – I read about it responses and looked at results at a photo. I was impressed by a result, decided to resort to this equipment also itself.

Diet quite various (fruit, vegetables, meat/fish, milk) therefore difficulties didn't arise. The only thing what it was difficult to refuse, so it sweets. I could move myself and not use candies, pies, chocolate. Result remained it is happy – minus 10 kg without physical exercises.

Elena Vitalyevna, 33, city of Tyumen

Long I chose a way by means of which it is possible to get rid of extra kilos not to the detriment of an organism. I was defined: an English diet (results, a photo and responses previously I looked). Its main advantage that the feeling of hunger is absent. In 21 days it was succeeded to get rid of 12 kg. Then, within a month 5 more kg left.

Repeatedly I addressed to this technique three months later. It was succeeded to send 8 more kg — I remained result it is happy.

Diana Mikhaelovna, 42, city of Ulan-Ude

I decided to test will power and to grow thin as excess weight started disturbing me. I chose an English diet. The first two days it was very difficult, constantly I felt hunger. But nevertheless it was succeeded to overcome itself, and farther it became already easier. Alternation of proteinaceous and vegetable food was pleasant to me, began to feel ease.

Three weeks later 12 kg imperceptibly left. Later half a year I will surely try to resort to this technique once again.

Oksana Timofeevna 22 years, Feodosiya

Since the childhood I was inclined to completeness. Several times I kept to diets, but all uselessly. If it was possible to dump some kilogram, soon they came back. Once again, choosing technology of weight loss in a world wide web, I stopped on an English diet, to observe which it is necessary 21 days (results on a photo impressed me).

Having sustained all three weeks, the effect really was stunning – minus 20 kg. Such I didn't expect. Still I didn't put on weight.

As you can see – very effective technique. So don't forget to share it with girlfriends, and also to subscribe for updatings of our site. And success in weight loss!