Body care » Press » Exercise the Bicycle for a press as it is correct to twist pedals in air for weight loss of a stomach

Exercise the Bicycle for a press as it is correct to twist pedals in air for weight loss of a stomach

Exercise the Bicycle for a press as it is correct to twist pedals in air for weight loss of a stomach

Exercise the bicycle for a press familiarly practically to everyone since the childhood. At school at a physical education class all carried out it. And it is difficult to think up more effective study of abdominal area in several directions at once. Advantages at this exercise weight: it is not necessary to acquire special stock or to go to special gyms. This movement can execute everyone regardless of level of training.

Besides, work is conducted with a body weight, and therefore other accessories in the course of performance are also not necessary – to twist the imagined pedals of at least 15 minutes in day enough. One more remarkable plus – performance duration. There is enough literally a quarter of hour of torsion of the imagined pedals to receive the best results. Not only straight lines, but also oblique muscles of a stomach are studied in process. That all process took place with the maximum advantage for you, it is necessary to know how to carry out this exercise. Correct execution, and also knowledge of several nuances yields excellent results for a stomach in the shortest terms. Before beginning to master difficult elements, it is necessary to undergo preparatory training in a basic position.

We take a basic position

Exercise "Bicycle" yields excellent results if not only execution, but also basic situation become correctly. SP: to lay down on a floor or a rug so that the waist was most pressed to a surface. To link hands in the lock and to get for the head, having sent elbows to the opposite sides. Muscles of a neck relax as much as possible. "Bicycle" they do not take part in exercise performance. To raise legs at right angle in relation to a body. Shins to arrange parallel to a floor. As much as possible to pull in a stomach so that muscles of a press were straight lines as far as it is possible. It is also a basic position from which "Bicycle" is carried out. Advantage of exercise the bicycle, lying on a back, to weight loss it is invaluable as it allows to work all external muscles of abdominal area, at the same time influencing also a fatty layer. But that the effect was shown quicker – do in parallel and fitness complexes in the same direction.

Performance of exercise by beginners

To understand how it is correct to do exercise the bicycle on a press, it is necessary to learn to do the basic movements for beginners. You begin "to twist pedals", leaving a waist pressed to a floor. If it is carried out correctly, then you can control reduction of muscles. Tension generally has to be felt in abdominal area and in hips (their outer side).

Important! Bystry performance usually conducts to the wrong amplitude. As a result the wrong equipment loads other groups of muscles and can lead to traumatizing lumbar department.

The bicycle do exercise, without tearing off a waist from a floor, without curving a back. Shay and the person have to be relaxed. If it is required, you can present that on the press the brick lies – it helps to concentrate on the studied area.

We recommend video: Exercise "Bicycle": 2 options of performance

Even in the absence of initial preparation this exercise can be carried out several times a week. Ten turns of legs enter one approach. Gradually, in process of accustoming it is possible to bring number to twenty turns. To begin with two approaches, and then to increase their quantity to 4-5. It can be at first very heavy. Some recommend the trainer in the first attempts to put a free leg on a floor. But it is better for canopy to try to hold legs. For beginners as simplification it is possible to raise the lower extremities to a corner in 60 degrees. It will a little lower loading from a press. The below a leg are located – the more the press "is loaded". Loading has to be increased gradually. Amplitude of torsion of pedals has to be carried out on three is a full "circle of a pedal" in air. When the basic option for beginners is mastered, it is possible to pass to additional loadings for more advanced users.

"Advanced" level

It is necessary to twist pedals most slowly, giving under control load of groups of muscles. When the knee of the right leg approaches a breast, it is necessary to begin to do twisting on diagonal, trying to touch an elbow of the left hand a knee. Then gradually to return to SP. Further already an elbow of the right hand to try to touch a knee of the left leg.

Practical advice: In the course of performance concentrate attention on press muscles. You have to feel their work, reduction and relaxation. In parallel you watch that the back did not cave in, and the waist remained densely pressed to a floor

One more nuance, necessary for efficiency, – the correct breath in the course of performance of the complicated exercise the bicycle. When twisting the exhalation becomes, and at return to SP – a breath. The more slowly process – the more press muscles are loaded. This option will help to work as much as possible not only direct muscles of a press, but also slanting. It will make a waist thin.

Main mistakes

There is a number of widespread mistakes which do exercise the bicycle for a press at least inefficient, and sometimes and unhealthy the musculoskeletal device. In some cases reached also pinching of a nerve in lumbar and sacral department.

  • To help to lift by effort of hands the case is impossible.
  • It is impossible to cramp elbows.
  • When changing position of legs the basin should not be shaken.
  • In the course of exercise performance the bicycle muscles, but not endurance have to be studied.

Hands are got strictly for the head and straightened by elbows to the opposite sides. When raising the case and twisting from this situation to rise so that not an elbow, but a shoulder lasted forward. Having involved hands, you can injure a neck that is inadmissible. Only the press and its muscles works. The back is exactly located on a surface. Otherwise load of a press comes down practically to zero, and results do not affect target muscles.

The increased speed and the number of repetitions reduces an involvement into process of muscles of a press because of inertia. Therefore haste can reduce efficiency only. You watch these nuances, and exercise the bicycle will be executed with the maximum advantage for you that first of all will be reflected in press muscles.

Additional councils

If you wish to receive a flat stomach, then performance of one bicycle will be a little. The body quickly adapts to monotonous loadings. It is necessary to diversify a training with other types of exercises which will help to involve not only muscles of a press, but also the next departments. Also it should be taken into account that the aerobics and interval cardioloadings is necessary for weight loss. They are fat-burning complexes which will help to bring a body to the normal state and to receive to what you aspire – to a flat stomach and a beautiful waist.

Important! Pay the attention to healthy nutrition. It is better to give preference to the fractional scheme of meal. For an hour and a half before exercise on a press the bicycle and in an hour after it is not necessary to carry out reception of a meal. If getting very strongly hungry – deceive an organism either apple, or a glass of water.

If to judge by responses practicing this exercise on press muscles, then it is possible to tell with confidence that real results received only those who followed recommendations. This exercise demands systematicity, persistence and patience. Loadings are increased gradually. It is better to make the schedule of occupations – every other day it is quite possible to do this exercise. If in the morning for any reasons you cannot do exercise for press muscles the bicycle, then the training can quite be postponed on the second half of day.